All Lunchbox Locations in Alan Wake 2, Gameplay and Trailer

The lunch box in Alan Wake 2

In Alan Wake 2, the Lunch Box is an important item in the game, containing manuscript fragments that are crucial for weapon upgrades. There are 21 lunchboxes scattered across different maps. While not mandatory, these lunchboxes are valuable collectibles and their contents play a key role in enhancing your weapons.

To access all of these, players must obtain the Bolt Cutters in specific chapters. These lunchboxes provide additional depth to the game, encouraging exploration and providing tangible rewards to players who seek them out.

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All lunchbox locations in Alan Wake 2

Buhu Lunch Box Location:

  • Look near the fence south of the Mortar Falls sign.
  • You can also find one near the makeshift tent near the fence.
  • Go north from the FBC station and climb the ledge on the right to find this lunch box.
  • Go through the campsite just west of the Witch’s Hut and turn right to find a lunchbox on the ground surrounded by colorful rocks.
  • Follow the path east of the grocery store as far north as you can to find a lunch box on the ground.
  • From the Witcher Station in Alan Wake 2, move northeast to find a lunchbox on the ground in the woods.
  • Follow the path east of the Witch’s Hut to the south side of the stream. Head north to find the Lunchbox on the west bank of the waterway.
  • There’s one on top of the dresser in Cabin 2, but you’ll need a bolt cutter to access it.

Coffee World Lunch Box Locations:

  • You can find a lunchbox on the ground next to the cliff just north of the radio tower.
  • Look for one next to the tent at the small campsite.
  • Located on the ground north of the lounge near the water lighthouse in Alan Wake 2.
  • Next to the shed north of the Kalevala Knight’s Workshop.
  • As you walk through the playground at the Lighthouse Trailer Park, look for the Lunch Box in the northwest corner.
  • Inside the percolator on the east side of the south entrance to Coffee World.

Bright Falls Lunch Box Locations:

  • Next to the big tree near the gazebo.
  • On a hill southwest of Billie’s Boatyard.
  • On the grass overlooking the beach.
  • Start at the fork southwest of Bunker Woods Lounge. The Lunchbox can be reached by following the path behind the signs pointing to the Alan Wake 2 Ranger Hut and Valhalla Sanatorium.
  • On the ground, there are colorful rocks all around.
  • Look at the ground southwest of Valhalla Sanatorium.
  • Find one in the corner of the estate management office.

These locations will help you find all of Alex Casey’s Lunchboxes in Alan Wake 2. Remember to get bolt cutters so you have access to them all. Not only are these lunchboxes fun collectibles, but they also provide important manuscript fragments that can be used to enhance weapons in the game.


Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 is a survival horror video game developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Epic Games Publishing. As a sequel to the original Alan Wake, it continues the story of best-selling thriller novelist Alan Wake. In this gripping narrative, Alan Wake finds himself trapped in another dimension for 13 years.

To escape this nightmarish realm, he takes an unconventional approach: writing a horror story featuring FBI agent Saga Anderson. The game’s storyline is bound to be intense and psychologically compelling, delving into the horror genre with Remedy Entertainment’s signature storytelling abilities. Players can expect a mix of psychological thrills, supernatural elements, and challenging puzzles.

Alan Wake 2 promises an engaging, immersive gaming experience that blends narrative-driven gameplay with eerie atmosphere and intense psychological horror. It has generated a lot of excitement among fans of the original and horror game enthusiasts, who are looking forward to uncovering its mysteries and facing the unknown.

Alan Wake 2 gameplay

Compared with its predecessor, “Alan Killer 2” has undergone a change in gameplay. Now it’s a survival horror game played from a third-person perspective. Players alternately control titular character Alan Wake and FBI agent Saga Anderson in two separate single-player stories, which can be played in any order. The game offers the flexibility to choose the order of these stories, but some orders are fixed.

Both Alan and Saga explore eerie environments and fight various supernatural enemies. Their main tools are guns and flashlights. Flashlight focus weakens enemies, making them vulnerable to gun attacks. However, this strategy drains the flashlight battery and requires strategic resource management.

A unique extra is “Mind Place,” a special pause feature when playing as a Saga. In this tranquil spiritual world, players piece together the main mystery by connecting clues on the board and analyzing characters. This detective element adds depth to the game.

Players will also find manuscript pages that provide foreshadowing for the story. It is worth noting that “Alan Killer 2” introduces a dialogue tree system to provide players with more choices and interactions. This new direction for the game promises to deliver an immersive and engaging survival horror experience.

“Alan Alan 2” trailer

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