All Pokemon Gym Leaders Tier List – Gym Leaders Ranked

List of all Pokemon gym leader levels

Creating a comprehensive tier list for all Pokémon Gym Leaders in different games can be subjective due to a variety of factors such as personal opinion, battle difficulty, team composition, and other subjective criteria.

Nonetheless, here is a general tier list based on overall impact and difficulty:

S level:

  1. Giovanni (red/blue/green)
  2. blue(gold/silver)
  3. Raihan (sword/shield)
  4. Collapser Awakening (Diamond/Pearl)
  5. Jasmine (gold/silver)
  6. Roxy (Black 2/White 2)
  7. Flannery (Ruby/Sapphire)
  8. Byron (Diamond/Pearl)
  9. Lime (scarlet/violet)

Grade A:

  1. Norman (Ruby/Sapphire)
  2. Opal (Sword/Shield)
  3. Alessa (black/white)
  4. Collina(X/Y)
  5. Brian (Red/Blue)
  6. Iris (white)
  7. Dock (Sword/Shield)
  8. Sabrina (Red/Blue)
  9. Drayden (black)
  10. Nessa (sword/shield)
  11. Clermont(X/Y)
  12. Lieutenant Surge (Red/Blue)
  13. Skylar (black/white)
  14. Claire (gold/silver)
  15. Brock (red/blue)
  16. Alister (shield)
  17. Valerie(X/Y)
  18. Mist (red/blue)
  19. Lenora (black/white)
  20. Gardenia (Diamond/Pearl)

Grade B:

  1. Winona (Ruby/Sapphire)
  2. Viola(X/Y)
  3. Erica (red/blue)
  4. Marlene (Diamond/Pearl)
  5. Volkner (Diamond/Pearl)
  6. Meloni (shield)
  7. Jenny (gold/silver)
  8. Watson (Ruby/Sapphire)
  9. Cheren (Black 2/White 2)
  10. Fantina (Diamond/Pearl)
  11. Chuck (gold/silver)
  12. Locke (Diamond/Pearl)
  13. Clara (sword)
  14. Bea (sword)
  15. Brasius (Scarlet/Violet)
  16. Kofu (scarlet/violet)
  17. Juan (Emerald)
  18. Morty (Gold/Silver)
  19. Tate and Lisa (Ruby/Sapphire)
  20. Kabu (sword/shield)

C grade:

  1. Candice (Diamond/Pearl)
  2. Ulfric(X/Y)
  3. Faulkner (Gold/Silver)
  4. Wallace (Ruby/Sapphire)
  5. Berg (black/white)
  6. Tulips (scarlet/purple)
  7. Bugsy (gold/silver)
  8. Olympia(X/Y)
  9. Gordy (sword)
  10. Price (gold/silver)
  11. Roxanne (Ruby/Sapphire)
  12. Ramos(X/Y)
  13. Katie (Scarlet/Violet)
  14. Ci Lan/Chili/Cress (Black/White)
  15. Milo (sword/shield)
  16. Clay(Black/White)
  17. Bryson (black/white)
  18. Avery (shield)

Please note that this tier list is general and may vary based on personal gaming experience, team composition, and strategies used. The difficulty and impact of Gym Leaders vary from player to player.

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