Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Rave: How to Unlock Rave in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk?

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In Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, the fun character Rave waits to be discovered in Verdum Hills. To unlock her as a valuable addition to your crew, a series of dynamic challenges must be overcome. Initially, after meeting Rave, the player is faced with the task of overcoming three different challenges presented by her. The journey begins when she completes the initial challenge, marking the first step in earning her trust. As the story unfolds, Rave moves to the bustling Bazaar District, where players must beat her impressive score and once again deal with the situation. Rave is clearly impressed by your skills and moves to a new location, calling you to the hideout. Here, the challenge becomes more intense as you compete against her in a thrilling race that pushes your parkour abilities to the limit.

Achieving a win will not only solidify your reputation but also get her attention. This sets the stage for a critical conversation in which Rave recognizes your extraordinary abilities and expresses a desire to join your team. The pinnacle of perseverance, skill and camaraderie leads to gratifying moments when Rave becomes a part of your journey, contributing her unique talents to the vibrant world of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

How to unlock Rave in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk?

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a vibrant and stylish game set in a futuristic urban environment. In the vibrant world, Rave is a dynamic character that players can unlock and interact with. Rave is located in the subway station in Verdum Hills, on the left side of the road when approaching from the hideout. To unlock Rave and her unique challenges, follow these steps:

Find Mount Vidum:

First, head to the Verdum Hills in the game. The area is marked by a metro station. The station is on the left side of the road as you emerge from the hideout.

Complete Rave’s Challenge:

Once you find Rave at the subway station, she will challenge you. Successfully complete this challenge to progress her storyline further.

Visit the market:

After successfully completing Rave’s challenge, she will head to the Bazaar area. To find the Bazaar, head west from the main square area. However, to enter the bazaar, you need to have at least 100 reputation with the old man.

Defeat Rave’s Challenge in the Bazaar:

Inside the marketplace, Rave will issue new challenges to beat her score. Show your skills and surpass her to progress in the game.

Participate in the competition:

After winning the Bazaar Challenge, Rave will challenge you to a tournament. Use your parkour and skills to defeat her in this game.

Invite Rave to join:

After winning a match against Rave, she will express her admiration for your skills and ask to join your team.

By following the steps below, you will successfully unlock Rave as a character in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. This exciting progression system not only adds depth to the game world, but also provides players with the opportunity to participate in unique challenges and interact with interesting characters like Rave.


bomb dash cyberpunk

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a groundbreaking video game that cleverly blends parkour, roller skating and graffiti art for a truly innovative experience. There are several noteworthy features in this game worth highlighting:

At its core, players are immersed in a dynamic cityscape where agility, jumping, and grinding movements are essential to navigating the futuristic environment. The visual style of the game is deeply influenced by graffiti and hip-hop culture, giving it a unique artistic flavor.

Further enhancing the experience, players have the freedom to extensively customize their avatar and create personalized graffiti designs. The game offers an engaging single-player narrative mode and an exciting multiplayer mode that allows players to engage in competitive showdowns.

Regarding its availability and release details, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is currently available on Nintendo Switch and Steam platforms. Excitingly, the game is expected to expand its reach to include PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One on September 1, 2023.

Bomb Rush Cyberpunk Gameplay

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk offers a fast-paced, dynamic gaming experience that draws inspiration from classic games like Jet Set Radio while adding its own unique elements. Gameplay revolves around city exploration, graffiti art, and performing stylish stunts in a futuristic urban environment. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the game’s elements:

Movement and Exploration: Players combine parkour, rail grinding, skateboarding, and BMX-style biking to navigate the bustling metropolis of New Amsterdam. The movement is fluid and acrobatic, allowing players to traverse the city’s boroughs, rooftops, and streets with ease.

Trick System and Combos: Performing tricks is a core part of the gameplay. Players can perform a variety of tricks and stunts while grinding on rails, jumping off ramps, and gliding through the air. Stringing tricks together in quick succession creates combos that help increase your total score.

Skill Boosts and Expanded Combos: Skill Boosts are a unique mechanic that enhances your skills. By incorporating speed-up techniques into your combos, you can expand your combos and get higher scores. These tricks add an extra layer of creativity to your gameplay and allow you to try out various skill combinations.

Graffiti Art: Similar to Jet Set Radio, graffiti plays an important role in the game. As you explore the city, you can leave your mark on various surfaces by spray-painting graffiti art. Not only will this increase your score, but it will also enhance the sense of rebellious self-expression that defines the game’s aesthetic.

Challenges and Objectives: The game presents a variety of challenges and objectives to test your skills. These challenges may involve completing specific sequences of tricks, reaching certain areas within a time limit, or achieving a high score. Completing these challenges advances the story and unlocks new areas to explore.

Enforcement and Evasion: While the city is the playground for your artistic and acrobatic careers, law enforcement seeks to hinder your progress. Evading the authorities while maintaining your skills and combos adds an element of tension and excitement to the game.

Atmosphere and Music: Gameplay is closely tied to the atmosphere and music of the game. The city’s vibrant visuals, neon lights and futuristic architecture create an immersive environment. The soundtrack composed by Hideki Naganuma complements the gameplay with its funky and energetic tunes.

Customization and Progression: Players can customize their character’s appearance and equipment for personalization. As you progress and complete challenges, you may unlock new equipment, abilities, and areas to explore.

bomb dash cyberpunk plot

In Bomb Rush Cyberfunk’s engaging narrative, players assume the role of graffiti artist Red, who finds themselves in a surreal future world. Set in a sprawling cyberpunk city, Red’s story blends mystery, self-discovery, and artistic rebellion. Here’s a closer look at the game’s interesting story:

The protagonist Red undergoes a unique transformation. Now he is no longer accompanied by the original human head, but an artificial intelligence robot head. This unique situation prompted Red to begin searching for his true identity and origins. Driven by a desire to uncover the truth, Red’s journey leads him to make a decision: to become a member of the famed Bomb Charge team, consisting of members Tris and Bell.

The trio’s shared desire is to achieve the coveted “All-City” status. This prestigious title marks the pinnacle of graffiti art, and their works will adorn every corner of the city. However, their goals went beyond artistic recognition. Red’s personal mission also involves solving the mystery of who beheaded him and rediscovering the human side that connects him to the world of graffiti.

As Red navigates the vibrant and bustling cityscape, he encounters a variety of characters who join his team. Each new member contributes their own unique skills, story, and perspective to the overarching narrative. Their friendship not only deepens the storyline, but also demonstrates the power of unity in the face of adversity.

The city itself is divided into different boroughs, each with its own unique atmosphere and challenges. These boroughs are platforms for exploration, artistic expression, and interaction with the environment. Throughout Red’s journey, players will experience a variety of experiences, from painting intricate graffiti to performing gravity-defying tricks while evading law enforcement.

As the story unfolds, Red’s quest to uncover her true self becomes intertwined with the larger struggle for artistic freedom and self-expression. The game perfectly captures the essence of urban culture, artistic rebellion, and the human desire to rediscover one’s identity.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk’s narrative invites players to delve deeper into a world of mystery, creativity, and self-discovery, all set in a cyberpunk universe full of character. With engaging characters, engaging mysteries, and vibrant cityscapes, the game delivers a compelling, immersive story that unfolds as players travel through the different boroughs and unlock their secrets.

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