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“Coming Home” is a powerful 1978 American romantic war drama film directed by Hal Ashby and starring Waldo Salt and Robert C. Jones. Robert C. Jones’s well-written script and Nancy Dowd’s story weave a compelling narrative. The film features an impressive cast, including Jane Fonda, Jon Voight, Bruce Dern, Penelope Milford, Robert Carradine and Robert Ginty.

The heart of the story revolves around a conflicted woman, her Marine husband, and a Vietnam veteran who is now a paraplegic. When the woman’s husband is deployed to Vietnam, an unexpected and touching romance develops between her and the wounded veteran.

“Coming Home” was released in theaters on February 15, 1978, to critical acclaim and commercial success. Critics praised the film’s masterful direction, well-crafted script, and stellar performances from the cast. It resonated with audiences and grossed $36 million worldwide, an impressive feat given its $3 million budget, making it the 15th highest-grossing film of 1978.

The film’s success wasn’t just at the box office. “Coming Home” caused a stir at the 1978 Cannes Film Festival and competed for the prestigious Palme d’Or. Jon Voight’s performance earned him a Best Actor award, further cementing the film’s impact.

“Coming Home” received numerous awards and nominations and earned critical acclaim. The film received six nominations including Best Drama Film at the 36th Golden Globe Awards, and ultimately went to Jon Voight and Jane Fonda for Best Actor and Best Actress respectively.

The 51st Academy Awards awarded the film eight nominations, including the prestigious Best Picture award. Ultimately, Homecoming was a well-deserved winner of three awards, earning recognition for its outstanding original screenplay and earning Jon Voight and Jane Fonda Oscar accolades for Best Actor and Best Actress.

“Coming Home” is a cinematic masterpiece that explores themes of love, war and the human spirit. Its emotional depth and powerful performances continue to resonate with audiences, making it a timeless and unforgettable film.

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In a poignant finale, Sally and Luke embrace their feelings, share an intimate moment, and bravely face Luke’s disability together. Sally’s newfound joy becomes an important milestone in their journey. Despite their strong relationship, Sally decided not to seek a divorce from her husband, admitting that her relationship with Luke would inevitably end once Bob came home.

Bob returns earlier than expected, suffering from the physical and emotional scars of combat. After learning of Sally’s affair through Army Intelligence’s surveillance of Luke, tensions rise, and Sally and Luke decide it’s time for Sally to try to reconcile with Bob.

In the heartbreaking incident, Bob confronted the two lovers with a loaded rifle. However, he eventually gave up violence. In the final clip, Luke shares his experience in Vietnam with the young man, while Bob symbolically takes off his wedding ring and leaves his Marine uniform on shore. With a heavy heart, he swam naked into the sea, contemplating a tragic decision.

This riveting ending depicts the complexities of love, sacrifice, and the profound impact of war, leaving viewers with complex emotions and reflections on the human condition.


Go home plot

Set in California in 1968, “Coming Home” follows the life of Sally (Jane Fonda), a devoted military wife married to Bob Hyde, a U.S. Marine Corps officer bound for Vietnam. Captain (played by Bruce Dern). Sally was initially apprehensive about his deployment, but found new freedom when she moved to a beachfront apartment and began volunteering at the local Veterans Administration hospital.

At the hospital, she reconnects with Luke Martin (Jon Voight), her former classmate and Vietnam War veteran who was seriously injured in the war and changed her life. Over time, a deep bond forms between Sally and Luke, as they overcome pain and share transformative experiences. Their love grows, but they realize their relationship is fleeting as Sally remains committed to her husband’s return.

When Bob returns earlier than expected, battling the physical and mental scars of combat, he discovers Sally’s affair through Army intelligence. Sally and Luke decide to put aside their love to repair their marriage. However, Bob’s pain leads to a tense confrontation that leaves everyone emotionally shattered.

In a poignant ending, Luke shares his Vietnam experience with the young man, while Bob sinks into despair, symbolically leaving his old life behind and preparing to make a heartbreaking decision .

Homecoming delves into the complexities of love, war, and personal transformation, leaving a lasting impact on both its characters and its audience. Jane Fonda, Jon Voight and Bruce Dern deliver stellar performances in this emotionally charged story, which won critical acclaim and accolades at the 1978 Cannes Film Festival and the Academy Awards .The film remains a powerful exploration of the human spirit and the consequences of war’s profound impact on individuals and relationships

Go Home Cast



Jane Fonda

Sally Hyde

Jon Voight

Luke Martin

Bruce Dern

Captain Bob Hyde

Penelope Milford

Vee Munson

Robert Carradine

bill monson

Robert Ginty

Sergeant Dink Mobley

mary gregory

Martha Vickery

Katherine Miller

Kathy Delis

Beeson Carroll

Captain Earl DeLis

Willie Taylor


Lou Carrillo


charles severs

Pee Wee

Olivia Cole


Teresa Hughes

nurse degroot

Bruce French

Dr. Lincoln

mary jackson

Flata Wilson

Tim Peart


Richard Lawson


Rita Taggart


Claudie Watson


Sally Frey


Tony Santoro

Porsche Salesman

Pat Curley


Gwen Van Dam

Mrs. Harris

Jim Klein

willy malone

Tokyo Ernie

Tokyo Ernie

Raul Bayardo

Mechanic in wheelchair

Stacey Picklen


James Kindlon

Marines at the door

Joey Forstein

Marines at the door

Arthur Rosenberg


David Clennon


Kimberly Bining

Waiters stop and go

Kirk Raymond

Monitoring personnel

bill hare

Monitoring personnel

Danny Tucker


Ned Van Zandt

Marine Corps party

Dennis Rucker

Marine Corps party

Jonathan Banks

Marine Corps party

james richardson

Marine Corps party

Gary Downey

intelligence officer

george roberts

FBI agent

Bob Ott

FBI agent

Gary Lee Davis

marine corps recruiter

Mark McClure

high school monitor

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