Danger Lurks Everywhere in Fontaine Quest Guide

Danger lurks everywhere in Fontaine

Danger lurks everywhere in Fontaine is a simple and fun game world quest that invites players to interact with mysterious characters found near the lines of the Aquabus. In this short but fun journey, players will accompany the eccentric Guijarrar, known for his imaginative quirks, on a series of quests.

From escorting her aboard the water bus to experiencing her vivid fears at the Fontaine Palace, the entire exploration is filled with humor and curiosity. The final stop takes players to a café, where Guijarrar finds inspiration to pen down her unique ideas. The guide, written by SoraHoshina, provides step-by-step instructions for accomplishing this task and promises a rewarding experience with Hero’s Wit x3 and Mora x21500 as tokens of achievement.

Danger abounds in “Fontaine’s Exploration Guide”

In this mission, players will embark on a short but fun adventure centered around an eccentric character located near the aquabus line. The mission involves guiding that special person to a specific destination to successfully complete the mission and earn valuable rewards.

Mission details:

mission name

Danger lurks everywhere in Fontaine

Task type

short humor

task giver

Guijarrar, a strange character near the Aquabus line

mission rewards

Heroic Wisdom x3 & Mora x21500

Task steps

From Marcotte Station:

  • Teleport to the Marcotte Station waypoint.
  • Head west from the waypoint to find Guijarrar near Garde. Despite her paranoia, your dialogue choices will not affect the progression of the mission.

Aquatic imagination:

  • Guijarrar’s vivid imagination guides you through your first mission.
  • Escort her to the water bus to the palace of Fontaine.
  • Enjoy the quirky commentary she provides during the ride.

Fear of Gadmek:

  • Arriving at Fontaine’s court, Guijaro was anxious about Gadmec’s presence.
  • Assure her that Gardemaker’s company won’t hurt, and feel comfortable listening to her concerns.

Cafe inspiration:

  • To complete the mission, guide Guijarrar to a nearby cafe.
  • She plans to jot down her inspiration for future endeavors.
  • Once you arrive, talk to her one last time to complete the quest.

mission completed:

By successfully guiding Guijarrar through her imaginative journey and guiding her to the café, you will complete the “Danger lurks throughout Fontaine” mission. As thanks, you’ll receive three “Hero Wisdom” items that may help with character experience or leveling up, as well as 21,500 Mora, a valuable in-game currency.


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