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Dark Souls II

Dark Souls II is an action role-playing video game meticulously crafted by the esteemed developers at FromSoftware. Serving as the second main installment in the illustrious Dark Souls series, this masterpiece made its debut in March 2014, skillfully brought forth by FromSoftware in Japan and Bandai Namco Games worldwide for Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 platforms.

Set within the enchanting realm of Drangleic, Dark Souls II presents a captivating blend of player versus environment (PvE) and player versus player (PvP) gameplay, offering an immersive experience like no other. Despite some initial delays, the game’s release in March 2014 was met with critical acclaim and garnered resounding success in the commercial realm.

Such was the impact of Dark Souls II’s brilliance that a remastered version titled Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin graced the gaming community in April 2015. This refined iteration, available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Windows platforms, boasts upgraded graphics, expanded online multiplayer capacity, and a myriad of other enhancements. Indeed, it stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of this awe-inspiring game.

In the wake of its triumphs, the legacy of Dark Souls II continues to reverberate, paving the way for its sequel, the esteemed Dark Souls III, which mesmerized gamers worldwide upon its release in 2016.

Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough



Things Betwixt




Forest of Fallen Giants

Last Giant, The Pursuer

Heides Tower of Flame


Cathedral of Blue

Old Dragonslayer

No-Mans Wharf

Flexile Sentry

The Lost Bastille

Ruin Sentinel

Sinners Rise

Lost Sinner

Belfry Luna

Belfry Gargoyle

Huntsmans Copse

Skeleton Lord

Undead Purgatory

Executioners Chariot

Harvest Valley


Earthen Peak

Covetous Demon, Baneful Queen Mytha

Iron Keep

Old Iron King, Smelter Demon

Belfry Sol


Shaded Woods

Scorpioness Najka

Doors of Pharros

Royal Rat Authority

Brightstone Cove Tseldora


Grave of Saints

Royal Rat Vanguard

The Gutter


Black Gulch

The Rotten

Drangleic Castle

The Dragonriders

Kings Passage

Looking Glass Knight

Shrine of Amana

Demon of Song

Undead Crypt

Velstadt, Vendrick

Aldias Keep

Guardian Dragon

Dragon Shrine

Ancient Dragon


Giant Lord

Throne Room

Throne Defender & Watcher, Nashandra




Elana Squalid Queen, Sinh Slumbering Dragon


Dark Souls II Guide

“Dark Souls II in 10 Easy Steps – Introduction” is a comprehensive guide that endeavors to aid players in their quest through the formidable realms of Dark Souls II, an enthralling video game belonging to the RPG genre.

Developed by the esteemed creators at From Software and published by Bandai Namco Games, this gaming masterpiece is available on multiple platforms, including PC, XBOX360, and PS3. Notably, the game has been deemed suitable for players aged 16 and above by PEGI (Pan European Game Information), while the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) assigns it a Teen rating.

With this guide, we endeavor to furnish players with invaluable insights, simplifying the complexities of Dark Souls II through a series of ten easily navigable steps. Each step delves into crucial aspects of the game, serving as a beacon of guidance to brave adventurers venturing forth in this enigmatic world. From mastering the intricacies of character development and combat techniques to uncovering hidden treasures and overcoming daunting foes, this guide aims to empower players and foster a gratifying gaming experience.

Embark on this journey with resolute determination, for the trials that await are as perilous as they are rewarding. May this guide serve as an unwavering companion, illuminating the path to triumph in the treacherous realms of Dark Souls II.

Dark Souls II Plot

The epic saga of Dark Souls II commences with the tale of an afflicted human, tragically turned Undead, sentenced to eternal existence devoid of death, inevitably condemned to transform into a purposeless Hollow, a ghastly entity bereft of memories or direction.

This formidable protagonist bears the title of the “Bearer of the Curse.” To shatter this dire affliction, the Undead embarks on a profound quest to the fallen kingdom of Drangleic, where the Emerald Herald tasks them with acquiring four Great Souls from ancient and enigmatic entities long lost to memory and prohibition. Once these elusive Souls are secured, the Emerald Herald impels the Undead to “Seek the King” in the heart of the capital.

Having confronted the remnants of the royal guard, the player crosses paths with Queen Nashandra, who unveils the king’s dereliction of duty and his subsequent flight from the realm many moons ago. Bereft of any remorse, she implores the protagonist to vanquish the king.

As the tale unfolds, the player delves deeper into the Queen’s motives and discovers that it was, in truth, Nashandra herself who orchestrated the ruin of the kingdom. Through treacherous manipulation, she ensnared the king into a doomed invasion across the vast ocean, a reckless endeavor to seize the souls of the powerful Giants and harness their formidable might.

Though they succeeded in acquiring the Giants’ enigmatic power, the wrathful Giants retaliated and launched a devastating counter-invasion upon Drangleic, culminating in the kingdom’s utter destruction. Faced with the ruins of his once-great domain, the king eventually came to realize Nashandra’s malevolent intent and sought solace within the confines of the Undead Crypt.

To confront Nashandra, the player embarks on a daring expedition to Aldia’s keep, the domain of the king’s brother. There, the Ashen Mist Heart, an enigmatic artifact permitting a unique form of temporal travel through the “memories” of deceased beings, must be obtained.

Within the essence of a departed Giant’s memory, the player faces the Giant Lord, the very being whose power was pilfered during the ill-fated invasion. Only by defeating the Giant Lord and claiming this potent energy as their own can the player prepare to confront Nashandra.

The tale reaches its climactic point as the Emerald Herald reveals Nashandra’s true nature as a shard of Manus, the ultimate adversary in the Dark Souls’ Artorias of the Abyss expansion. With unwavering resolve, the Emerald Herald beseeches the protagonist to lay Nashandra to rest and to seize the Throne of Want.

In the extraordinary version known as Scholar of the First Sin, subtle alterations grace the fundamental narrative, prominently featuring the inclusion of Aldia after Nashandra’s defeat. Should the player have vanquished King Vendrick, Aldia endeavors to illuminate the possibility of breaking free from the ceaseless cycle of death and rebirth.

Here, the player faces a profound choice, standing at the crossroads of destiny. They can either ascend the throne, perpetuating the perpetual cycle of the Age of Fire and Dark, or they may eschew the throne, defying the grasp of Hollowing, and chart a mysterious, unprecedented path transcending the realms of light and darkness.

Dark Souls II Gameplay

Dark Souls II, a prominent entry within the revered Dark Souls series, has earned renown for its formidable level of challenge, wherein both bosses and standard adversaries possess the capacity to swiftly overpower the player with merely a few strikes. The game adopts a stern stance towards any lapses in skill, imposing severe penalties for ill-fated actions.

Opportunities for health recovery remain limited, and with each unfortunate demise, the player’s maximum health undergoes reduction, a process known as “hollowing,” until rectified through the consumption of scarce restorative items.

At the core of Dark Souls II’s mechanics lies a unique form of shared currency referred to as “souls.” These souls serve a dual purpose, functioning as experience points to facilitate character leveling and acting as a medium for procuring various goods from merchants.

Upon succumbing to death, the player relinquishes their entire accumulation of souls, prompting the need to reclaim them by returning to the location of their demise. Failure to do so before encountering yet another unfortunate demise results in the irretrievable loss of those souls.

Multiplayer interactions in Dark Souls II follow the established format of its predecessors, offering players the choice between co-operative engagements by being “summoned” into another player’s world via soapstone or in-game covenant, and player-versus-player confrontations through invasions or structured arena duels. The alignment of these multiplayer interactions occurs with a semblance of randomness, albeit employing matchmaking algorithms to pair characters of comparable levels.

Enabling a tailored gameplay experience, Dark Souls II incorporates built-in mechanics for adjusting the game’s difficulty. By strategically placing specific items throughout the game, novice players receive augmented basic damage and defense, granting them a modicum of advantage.

Conversely, more seasoned players encounter higher skill cap items that promise enhanced damage if executed with precision. Furthermore, certain items effectively mitigate penalties like health reduction upon death, allowing players to calibrate the game’s challenge based on their personal proficiency, rather than relying on conventional menu options.

Dark Souls II further extends its allure with the introduction of a new game plus mode, granting players the privilege of retaining their hard-earned levels, souls, and most possessions during subsequent playthroughs.

In summary, Dark Souls II epitomises a realm of formidable trials, exquisitely balanced with opportunities for growth and adaptability, serving as a testament to its status as an esteemed entry in the esteemed Dark Souls series.

Dark Souls II Wiki

The Dark Souls 2 Wiki on Fextralife offers an extensive and meticulously compiled compendium, serving as a comprehensive guide to the game’s intricate lore. Imbued with a narrative presentation that demands players to discern and assemble fragments of the story through discerning NPC dialogues, scrutinising item descriptions, observing appearances, and deciphering geographic clues, the wiki adeptly navigates players through an insightful overview of the game’s narrative tapestry.

This overview encompasses the game’s introduction, a succinct Dark Souls 1 summary, an exposition of DSII’s main story, accounts of notable NPCs and their questlines, elucidations of multiple endings, as well as thought-provoking theories and speculations, further enriching the players’ immersion and comprehension of the game’s intricate plot.

Additionally, aspiring adventurers are presented with a plethora of valuable resources beyond the realm of lore, catering to their quest for a successful Dark Souls 2 walkthrough. Prima Games, renowned for their expertise in the domain of gaming guides, provides a walkthrough and tips guide replete with essential insights.

Embracing an encompassing approach, the guide delves into diverse facets such as elucidating various areas within the game, illuminating the art of kindling bonfires, and disclosing the concealed locations of coveted treasures.

Equally comprehensive is the Dark Souls 2 walkthrough furnished by Eurogamer, affording a thorough exploration of the game’s entirety, encapsulating tactics for vanquishing every formidable boss and divulging the secrets of each coveted item. It is important to exercise caution while utilizing this walkthrough, as it divulges significant plot details and hence is best consulted only when truly confounded.

For further aid and enlightenment, the Dark Souls 2 Wiki on Fextralife offers a plethora of other indispensable guides and walkthroughs, catering to multifarious aspects of the game’s journey. With an array of weapon guides, armor compendiums, and comprehensive strategies for surmounting every boss encounter, players can avail themselves of the knowledge necessary to hone their prowess and surmount the challenges that lie ahead.

In conclusion, the Dark Souls 2 Wiki on Fextralife emerges as an invaluable repository of knowledge, fostering an elevated and profound experience for players delving into the enigmatic realms of this revered game.

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