Deinocheirus in Paleo Pines, Paleo Pines Deinocheirus Guide

Deinocheirus among ancient pine trees

Among the old pine trees you can find Deinocheirus, a large dinosaur that loved to eat just about anything. They are omnivores, which means they enjoy both plants and meat. These social dinosaurs lived in forests, where they collected large amounts of food to provide them with the energy to sprint quickly. You can ride them and even teach them skills like sprinting and watering. Just make sure they are happy and comfortable in the forest biome and they will become your friends in no time.

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Guide to Ancient Pine Tree Deinocheirus

Among the old pine trees, you’ll encounter Deinocheirus, a large dinosaur that loved to chew on anything! They are omnivores and are versatile, meaning they enjoy both plants and meat. These social dinosaurs preferred forests as their home. Here they collect food and convert it into energy for lightning-fast sprints.

Key details:

  • Rideable: Yes, you can ride the Deinocheirus.
  • Skill:
    • Farm Skill: Drinking Fountain
    • Wild Skill: Sprinter
  • Diet: Omnivorous
  • Favorite food: spicy
  • Social Behavior: They like to hang out in groups.
  • Minimum comfortable area: 50 square meters
  • Friend Calls: There are several calls of different lengths.

Colors and Patterns:

Deinocheirus come in different colors and patterns. Here are some of them:


  • Mint: teal with dark stripes and accents and a light green underbelly.
  • Ocean Blue: Greenish blue with dark greenish blue stripes and accents, mint underbelly.


  • Juniper: grey-green with yellow stripes and white underbelly.
  • Leaves: The body is light green with dark green stripes and the lower abdomen is light yellow.
  • Sky Blue: The body is light blue with dark blue stripes, and the underbelly is light yellow.


  • Espresso: Light brown with cream stripes and accents, dark brown underbelly.
  • Noble: Purple with dark purple stripes and accents, white underbelly.
  • Peach Color: Pale yellow with peach stripes and accents, off-white underbelly.
  • Marine: Dark teal body with yellow stripes and light underbelly.

Ultra rare:

  • Albino: Pure white, pink/red eyes.
  • Melanin: pure black, green eyes.
  • Cherry: Light red with dark red stripes and accents, off-white underbelly.
  • Pearl: Light blue body with light blue stripes and accents.
  • Sunshine streaks: The body is bright yellow with dark stripes and embellishments, and the lower abdomen is light yellow.


ancient pine

“Paleo Pines” is a really cool game where you explore dinosaurs and run a farm. It is made by a company called Italic Pig. In the game, you make friends with these ancient creatures while repairing and making your ranch better. You plant plants to make your place a cozy home for dinosaurs. Plus, you can make your farm look the way you want it to match your preferences and goals you want to achieve.

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Honka Trailer

Honka game play

In the game “Paleo Pines” you will experience an exciting adventure. It’s a combination of discovering dinosaurs and taking care of a farm. The game is developed by a company called Italic Pig. In this game, you’ll embark on a magical journey, befriending dinosaurs and bringing a neglected ranch back to life.

The main focus of the game is to care for these ancient creatures, making sure they are happy, and growing crops to feed them. As you advance in the game, you can make your ranch bigger and better. You can customize it to suit your style and dreams. This means repairing buildings, creating spaces for dinosaurs, and adding your own special touches to create the ultimate dinosaur paradise.

That’s not all – you can also explore the island where the ranch is located. There are secrets to be uncovered and things to be collected that are important to the development of the ranch. Because you’re juggling caring for dinosaurs, farming, and adventuring around the island, Paleo Pines is a magical, ever-changing game that’s a lot of fun.

Overview of Honka Pine

First published date

June 19, 2023


Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, Linux, Microsoft Windows


italic pig


RPG, Indie, Life Sim, Adventure, Casual, Simulation, Adventure




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