Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Ending and Aerith’s Fate Explained

final fantasy 7 reborn

Square Enix develops and publishes Final Fantasy VII Reborn, an action role-playing game. The game is part of a trilogy that includes Final Fantasy VII (1997), and was originally released on the PlayStation in 2005.Also the second part of Final Fantasy VII Remake

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Like its sequel, Rebirth combines real-time action strategy with RPG elements. Set shortly after the events of Remastered, players control mercenary Cloud Strife and a group of mostly eco-friendly characters. The terrorist organization Avalanche consists of characters who continue to carry out their mission. Travel across the planet to stop the giant corporate Shinra from exploiting it.

The fundamental nature of life, the flow of existence. Life as energy. Find and defeat Sephiroth, a former elite soldier who seeks to fuse with the planet to gain greater power. “Rebirth” began production in November 2019 before the remake was released, and it was announced that it would be released in June 2022.

All of the main characters from the previous game are back in the same roles, but Tetsuya Nomura serves as creative director rather than director, and Naoki Hamaguchi serves as assistant director. Rebirth will be released on PlayStation 5 on February 29, 2024. The game was critically acclaimed upon release.

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Final Fantasy 7 Reborn ending and Aerith’s fate explained

The game still follows the original events, with Sephiroth struggling to use the black magic stone to worship, and Aerith being the only one stopping him from using the white magic stone. Alice is followed by the group and is found praying at the same altar in the Forgotten Capital. Even when Cloud tried to stop him, Sephiroth swooped in and killed him.

Things are not as simple as they seem. Players will also see Aerith wake up after this, “Claude, it’s okay,” she says. The scene changes due to several events: some show blood, some don’t. Alice seems to have accepted her fate. Maybe she is not dead and still exists in another world.

Sephiroth’s final encounter occurs at a unique and unclear intersection of multiple interconnected realms. It was as if all order in the world depended on this one event. Zack becomes part of Cloud’s battleground between universes. Later, Aerith and Cloud teamed up to fight against Sephiroth. Later, everyone expressed their condolences for Alice’s death. However, he is still alive and visible to Cloud. This is a story involving multiple worlds and timelines, which explains that.

Although Claude and Aerith come back together in one scene to say goodbye, that’s not quite what we’re left with. Claude is the only one who gets to see Aerith, while the rest of the team mourns her. Syd repaired the young Mustang in preparation for Sephiroth to continue, while Cloud and Aerith shared a moment.

In addition to the white material previously present in the cloud, black material is visible. He melted the black matter with the Sword of Destruction and told everyone that they must go north to find Sephiroth. Claude enters the young Mustang and then takes off into the sky again after the final scene with Aerith.

Alice was left to guard the land and was no longer an important member of the team. It seems that the prophecy has finally been confirmed, and Aerith’s fate will be rewritten in “Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth”. Still, strange things happened. Flashing back to when Cloud was struggling with his memories, we see Aerith’s blood pooling in Masamune’s body, as if Sephiroth’s efforts had succeeded.

Alice’s bow is lost when the white material covering her slowly falls from a height and recovers, falling into the water. The jump cuts continue, showing different versions of the same scene. One of the photos showed Alice unconscious but looking normal, while another showed blood on her clothes and wrists.

In one scene, Claude holds Aerith and cries, while in another, Claude kisses her with words he has never heard before. Meanwhile, there are only white whispers between the two, suggesting that fate is back on track. As Sephiroth points out, the merging of worlds and emotions has begun, suggesting that the universe where Alice disappeared is now permeated by the word… Despite Cloud’s best efforts, neither the others nor Alice seem to be able to succeed .

Final Fantasy 7 Reborn gameplay

As the events of Final Fantasy 7 Remake (2020) unfold, the group’s escape from the metropolis of Midgar is just the beginning. Similar to the story of Remastered, Rebirth replays the original game with alternate storylines and diverse character development. Unlike Midgar Progress, the game offers an open-world overworld, real-time exploration, and combat.

Beyond that, this version of the game is more experimental than the original. “Rebirth” expands on the combination of action-oriented melee combat and Active Time Battle (ATB) systems introduced in the remake, allowing players to change characters at will without any restrictions during the game.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Downloadable Content (DLC) “Integration” (2021) The “Coordinated” campaign mechanic first introduced in the “Episode Break” section returns, allowing team members to synchronize their attacks and attack at a slower pace. ATB strip refill speed This is one of its drawbacks.

Final Fantasy 7 Reborn Overview

game name

final fantasy 7 reborn


Square Enix Creative Division 1


Square Enix


Kitase Yoshinori


final fantasy


Unreal Engine 4


Playstation 5


February 29, 2024


Action RPG


single player

Final Fantasy 7 Reborn system requirements


Minimum requirements

Recommended specifications




graphics card

AMD Radeon RX 480 or GeForce GTX 780

AMD Radeon RX 5700 or GeForce GTX 1080


AMD FX-8350 or Core i5-3330

AMD Ryzen 3 3100 or Core i7-3770

File size



operating system



Final Fantasy 7 Reborn trailer

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