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Forspoken is an action RPG that has taken the gaming world by storm since its release in 2023. Developed by Luminous Productions, known for its visually stunning games, and published by gaming industry giant Square Enix, the game promises an immersive and immersive experience for players. and a captivating experience. It launches on January 24, 2023, debuting on PlayStation 5 and Windows platforms, attracting players eager to embark on an epic adventure.

Despite being highly anticipated, the game received mixed reviews from critics and sparked heated discussions within the gaming community. Unfortunately, Forspoken became bittersweet news for fans, as it marked the final creation of Luminous Productions. The company faced unexpected challenges and made the difficult decision to close its doors on May 1, 2023, leaving behind a legacy of stunning visuals and unforgettable storytelling in the form of Forspoken.

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  • Begin the chapter where your character receives a mysterious package or letter.
  • Examine packages/letters to reveal clues about the sender and their contents.
  • Interact with other characters to gather information about senders and their intentions.
  • Follow clues to reach new locations or meet people related to the package/letter.
  • Encounter a small challenge or problem that needs to be solved in order to move forward.
  • End the chapter with a big revelation or discovery that sets the stage for the next chapter.


  • Begin the chapter in a challenging situation, with your character trapped somewhere.
  • Survey your surroundings to find a way out or ask other characters for help.
  • Encounter obstacles and puzzles that need to be solved to advance.
  • Reveal more information about the senders from Chapter 1 and their connection to the current predicament.
  • Uncover the mystery behind being trapped and find a way to escape or solve your dilemma.
  • End the chapter with a thrilling escape or the arrival of unexpected help.


  • First, your character notices the presence of an unknown and suspicious person or entity.
  • Gather information about intruders by interacting with other characters or investigating their actions.
  • Since the intruder’s motivations are unclear, a feeling of tension and suspicion arises.
  • Confrontation or conflict with interlopers or their allies.
  • Discover the intruders’ intentions and how they relate to the events of previous chapters.
  • End the chapter with a dramatic encounter or cliffhanger that puts your character’s safety into question.

What must be done:

  • At the beginning of the chapter, your character faces a moral dilemma or critical mission.
  • Weigh the consequences of potential actions by seeking advice from other characters or internal reflection.
  • Make decisions that will have a significant impact on the storyline or other characters.
  • Explore the consequences of the choices made in the previous chapters and how they unfold in the narrative.
  • Demonstrate character development and growth through tough decisions.
  • End the chapter by resolving the dilemma, leading to further consequences.

Power and Main:

  • At the beginning of the chapter, your character is preparing for an upcoming challenge or conflict.
  • Train or acquire the necessary skills and resources to respond to imminent threats.
  • Encounter and overcome obstacles or opponents to prepare for the main event.
  • Deepen the connections between your character and other supporting characters.
  • Build suspense and anticipation as the climax of the story approaches.
  • The chapter ends with a powerful moment of preparation, foreshadowing the final battle to come.

You’ll be damned if you do:

  • Begin the chapter with the long-awaited confrontation or challenge your character has been preparing for.
  • Let characters face difficult choices and dilemmas in conflict.
  • Explore the consequences of each decision, emphasizing the complexity of the situation.
  • Raise the stakes and introduce unexpected twists and turns during the confrontation.
  • Show the inner struggle your character faces when making these tough choices.
  • End the chapter with a major event that changes the course of the story.

Shades of blue:

  • As the chapter begins, your character deals with the aftermath of previous events.
  • Explore the emotional impact of choices made and their consequences.
  • Introduce new circumstances or circumstances that pose unique challenges.
  • Uncover more information about the world’s lore and history, deepening the story’s background.
  • Encounter characters or factions related to the choices made in previous chapters.
  • The chapter ends with a revelation that reveals the overarching plot.

The truth will eventually come out:

  • At the beginning of the chapter, your character is actively searching for the central mystery, or the truth behind the mystery.
  • Discover hidden clues and information through exploration and interaction.
  • Encounter obstacles and opponents who try to prevent your characters from discovering the truth.
  • Create moments of tension and suspense as the truth gets closer.
  • Develop in your character determination and perseverance in the face of adversity.
  • End the chapter with a big revelation that changes the character’s understanding of the world.

breaking point:

  • At the beginning of the chapter, the characters are brought to breaking point by increasing pressures and challenges.
  • Develop the character’s inner struggles and emotional turmoil.
  • Present a pivotal moment that tests a character’s resolve and values.
  • Show the impact of your character’s actions and decisions on those around them.
  • Introduce a mentor or ally to help the character regain power and purpose.
  • By the end of the chapter, the characters have found new determination and direction.

Nothing wiser:

  • At the beginning of the chapter, your character enters a stage of uncertainty and confusion.
  • Encounter new mysteries and plot twists that increase the complexity of the story.
  • Revisit past events and decisions that may have had unintended consequences.
  • Have conversations with different characters to gain different perspectives.
  • Create a sense of doubt and disbelief as the character questions his or her own judgment.
  • The end of the chapter hints at a larger conspiracy afoot.

Last words:

  • At the beginning of the chapter, your character encounters an ancient prophecy or mysterious text.
  • Interpret prophecies to understand their meaning in current events.
  • Embark on a journey to fulfill or prevent prophesied events.
  • Encounter challenges and opponents related to the prophecies.
  • Show the growth and development of a character as they embrace their destiny.
  • The chapter ends with a major event related to the prophecy that shapes the final chapters.


  • When this chapter begins, your character is on the verge of a major realization or transformation.
  • Experience the character’s inner journey as he confronts his deepest fears and desires.
  • Confront the main antagonist or source of the overall conflict.
  • Take part in a high-stakes, high-emotion climactic showdown.
  • Resolve major plot and character arcs to bring the story to a close.
  • Ending the chapter with the aftermath of the final confrontation and setting the stage for potential future adventures.


How many chapters are there in “Forspoken”?

Overall, Forspoken’s thrilling narrative unfolds over 12 engaging chapters, each filled with twists and turns that will keep players on the edge of their seats. However, for those seeking a darker path or wishing to explore alternative outcomes, a challenging bad ending is available, shortening the journey to 11 chapters.

Deciding which ending to choose can be a crucial decision, and to help players make an informed choice, our Forspoken Endings Expanded guide provides valuable insight and context to guide their path. Explore the consequences of each ending and reveal the impact of your decisions, making the journey in For Spoken an unforgettable adventure filled with tough choices and exciting discoveries.

Speaking Guide

The guidelines are as follows:


Beginnings and Mysteries The beginning of a story is crucial, introducing your characters and the mysterious package or letter that moves the plot forward. Generate curiosity and wonder in the reader’s mind.

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Clues and riddles delve into the details of a package or letter, leaving subtle clues that hint at the sender and contents. Consider using cryptic messages or symbols to add to the mystery.

Interact with others:

The power of dialogue introduces other characters to add depth to the narrative. Through dialogue and interaction, they can provide information, create plot twists, and reveal the sender’s intentions.

Follow the clues:

Path Unfolding Build anticipation as your characters follow clues that lead them to new locations or important encounters. Every step should bring them closer to solving the mystery.

A little challenge:

Puzzles and Suspense Incorporate small challenges or puzzles to keep readers engaged. These obstacles add to the tension and provide opportunities for character growth.

An important revelation:

An impactful twist ends the chapter with an important revelation that leaves the reader eager to discover more. This revelation should move the story forward and set the stage for future developments.

Forgotten gameplay

According to director Takeshi Aramaki, Forspoken’s gameplay has been carefully designed to prioritize smooth and fast traversal of different terrains. The game’s publisher, Square Enix, describes it as a narrative-driven adventure game. In this open world format, players are free to explore anywhere they want, anytime.

As the player character Frey, you will have access to a variety of magical spells. After each battle, you gain experience points to help you become stronger. Frey’s cape can be upgraded to enhance her combat abilities and statistics, while nail polish can grant her special abilities. Additionally, players can craft new items and find safe locations to rest and recuperate during their journey.

While exploring the game world, players may encounter something called a “Destruction Storm”, which is similar to Horde Mode. In these scenes, waves of demonic creatures will spawn and attack Frey, leading to intense and challenging battles. The storm of destruction culminates in a showdown with a powerful boss character.

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