Genshin Impact Characters Tier List, Gameplay, and More

About Genshin Impact

On this page we will see a game called Genshin Impact, which is based on the action genre. So we’re going to talk about the game in more detail, how to play it and where you can play it, all of that will be covered. MiHoYo created and published the action RPG Genshin Impact. It launched in 2020 for Android, iOS, and PlayStation 4.

Also launching on Windows, followed by PlayStation 5 in 2021 and Nintendo Switch in 2022. The game features an open-world anime-style landscape and an action-based combat system using elemental magic and character switching. The game is free and commercialized using gacha game mechanics, allowing users to acquire new characters and weapons.

Using a games-as-a-service concept, the base game is continuously enhanced through patches.

Genshin Impact character level list

Zleague has it all, from the must-have SS-class characters to D-class warriors with low combat effectiveness. Understanding levels can help players make informed decisions when building a team, improving their gaming experience.


S-level list

In “Genshin Impact”, S level refers to the highest level of the character ranking in the game level list. S-class characters are considered the most powerful and versatile characters in the game, capable of excelling in almost any situation and excelling in a variety of roles. These characters typically have excellent combat abilities, such as high damage output, excellent survivability, and strong crowd control.

A-level list

A level in Genshin Impact refers to one of the highest levels in the game’s character level list. A-level characters are considered exceptionally powerful and versatile, possessing a wide range of useful talents and excellent combat abilities. A-level characters typically deal a lot of damage and can fill a variety of roles. They may also possess special abilities or mechanics that make them ideal for certain activities.

B-level list

In Genshin Impact, B Tier refers to the character level list level. B-level characters are considered competent characters with sufficient strength and fighting abilities, but they may have some drawbacks or limitations compared to higher-level characters. B-tier characters have high damage output and may excel in certain roles or situations while suffering in others.

C-level list

C-level is the lower level in the Genshin Impact character level list. Characters in Tier C are considered weaker than characters in tiers above, and may have additional limitations or drawbacks. C-level characters may have lower damage output or weaker abilities than higher-level characters, and may have difficulty performing successfully in certain situations.

They may also lack unique mechanics or skills that differentiate them from other characters. C-tier characters, despite being lower ranked, may still be effective in certain situations or for players who prefer their play style. However, they may require more commitment and support from other roles to perform well than higher-level roles.

Genshin Impact gameplay

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game in which players assume the role of a traveler in Teyvat, a mysterious region filled with stunning landscapes, diverse cultures, and mysterious animals. The game is played from a third-person perspective and contains a vast open-world landscape that can be explored on foot or through various movement methods such as gliding and swimming.

Players can command up to four characters simultaneously, each with their own set of abilities and elemental powers. Combat in the game is based on an elemental reaction system, where different elements can be mixed to create powerful effects. Players can also utilize weapons and equipment to fight monsters and explore the world, as well as collect rewards and complete tasks to unlock new characters and equipment.

In addition to combat and exploration, Genshin Impact has a deep storyline that follows travelers and their friends as they explore the secrets of Teyvat and face powerful opponents. The game also supports cooperative play, allowing players to join forces with others to take on challenges and explore the universe.

Genshin Impact 3.5 character level list

Our DPS level list for Genshin Impact patch 3.5 is as follows:



S class

Ayato Kamisada, Ayako Kamisada, Ganyu, Tighnari, Childe and Nahida

Class A

Ito Shintaki, Xino, Wanderer, Ke Qing, Xiao, Yula, Ye Lan, Yan Fei

Class B

Fischer, Klee, Diluc, Heizang, Yugong

Class C

Ningguang, Noelle, Cocomi, Nilu, Razor, Deshia, Candace, Kaia

Class D

Yunjin, Chongyun, Aloy, Beidou, Barbara, Rosalia, Xinyan

Best Genshin Impact Character



SS level

Ito Shintaki, Bennett, Shino, Ganyu, Kamisato Ayaka, Nahida, Tegnari, Venti, Nakazato

S class

Alhaytham, Barbara, Kore, Diluc, Yura, Hu Tao, Kazuyo Maplehara, Ayato Kamisato, Klee, General Raiden, Razor, Kamigawa, Sucrose, Tartaglia, Wanderer, Xiao, Xingqiu, Eighth Level Miko, Yelan

Class A

Albedo, Candace, Farusan, Goro, Jean, Kokiyo, Shinobi Kuki, Layla, Mika, Mona, Nilou, Ningguang, Qiqi, Sangomiya Xiaomei, Shikain Ping San, Tuoma, Xiang Ling, Yaoyao, Yan Fei, You Gong, Yun Jin

Class B

Aloy, Hokuto, Chongyun, Deshia, Diona, Dolly, Fischer, Kaia, Kujo Sara, Noelle, Rosalia, Sayu

Class C

Amber, Lisa, Traveler, Xinyan

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