Goblin Builder Not Showing Up, How to Fix Goblin Builder Not Showing Up?

Goblin Builder didn’t show up

Goblin Builder Not Appearing means that the characters called Goblin Builders who are responsible for constructing and upgrading buildings in the Clash of Clans game are not visible or available in the game when you want to see them . Simply put, the goblins that built things in the game are gone, and you can’t use them to work in your village or base.

This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as the goblin being busy with another task or due to technical issues in the game.

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Why doesn’t Goblin Builder appear?

Goblin Builders may not appear in Clash of Clans for a few different reasons:

  1. Busy Building: At times, a Goblin Builder may be busy building or upgrading. In this case, you won’t see the builder until the task is completed. Just be patient and the builder will show up again when the job is complete.

  2. No Jobs Available: If you don’t have any buildings to build or upgrade, the Goblin Builders won’t appear because they have no jobs to do. You can try to start a new construction or upgrade project to restore the builder.

  3. Hidden in the Goblin Hut: The Goblin Builder lives in the Goblin Hut. If your goblin cabin is being upgraded or moved, the builder will remain inside and will not be visible. Once the cabin is back in its original position, the builder will come out.

  4. Tutorials and Progression: In the early stages of the game, Goblin spawners may be introduced through tutorials or specific game progression. Follow the game’s instructions and complete the necessary tasks to unlock the builder.

  5. Technical Issues: Occasionally, there may be a technical glitch or error that causes the builder to not appear. In this case, restarting the game or checking for updates can help.

If you’ve checked for these possibilities and Goblin Builder still isn’t showing up, there may be a more specific issue with your account or device. In this case, it’s best to contact the game’s support team for further assistance.


How to fix Goblin Builder not displaying problem?

If you’re having issues with Goblin spawners not appearing in Clash of Clans, try some of these simple steps:

  1. Checking Goblin Huts: First, make sure there are Goblin Huts in your village. Goblin Builders live there, so if you don’t have a Goblin Builder, you won’t see the Builder.

  2. Gather resources: Make sure you have enough resources (like elixir or gold coins). If you are low on resources, the Goblin spawner may not appear.

  3. Full Tutorial: If you are in the early stages of the game, sometimes the Goblin spawner will not appear until you complete certain in-game tutorials or objectives. Follow the game’s instructions until you reach the stage where the builder is introduced.

  4. Restart the game: Completely close Clash of Clans and reopen it. Sometimes, this simple step can fix a glitch and your Goblin Builder may reappear.

  5. Update your game: Check your App Store for updates available for Clash of Clans. Outdated game versions may sometimes have issues, and updates may fix them.

  6. Contact support: If none of these steps work, you may need to contact the game’s support team. They can provide specific help with your account and device.

Remember, the Goblin Builder is an important character in Clash of Clans for building and upgrading buildings, so if it isn’t showing up, it’s important to fix the issue.

goblin builder

The Goblin Builder is a character or feature in the game Clash of Clans. Goblins are creatures in the game, and Goblin Builders are a special type of Goblin that help players build and upgrade buildings in the game’s villages. These goblin builders work hard to build and improve various structures such as resource collectors, defensive buildings, and more, which are important for the development and defense of their village.

So, in simple terms, the Goblin Builder is like a handy little worker in the game that helps you build and upgrade things to make your village better and stronger.

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