How To Beat Flux Construct 2?

How to beat Flux Construct 2?

Stage 1 – Normal form:

Approach Flux Construct II and find its weak point, identified by its soft blue or green glow. Use your overhand or arrows to move all blocks and stun them. Once all the blocks are scattered, rush to the weak point and attack with your best weapon before it reassembles.

Phase 2 – Floating Platform:

When Flux Construct II hovers above, avoid the blocks it sends at you. When they stop, jump onto one of them and use Recall to reach its back. Attack the weak point until it breaks again. Be careful of damage when it breaks.

Stage 3 – Cubic Form:

In cube form, Flux Construct II rolls behind you. Find the weak spot in the middle of one side and use arrows to stun it. Then, unleash your attack. Alternatively, use the Ultrahand to shake the cube’s weak points out, but be careful with its faster and more erratic movement.

During the cube phase, watch out for its aerial attack, where it will slam into you. Sprint away to avoid this destructive move.

Follow these strategies to defeat Flux Construct II and earn valuable rewards, including Flux Construct II Cores (20 Fuse Attack Power) and Zonai Charges, which enhance your weapons and help operate in-game vehicles and devices.

Tears of the Kingdom Flux Structure 2

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Flux Construct II is a powerful mini-boss enemy that players face. It transitions between different stages, requiring players to target its weaknesses and use strategic tactics to defeat it. The first stage involves moving blocks with your overhand or arrows to expose weak points.

In the second stage, the boss turns into a floating platform, and players use hovercraft to attack from above. The third stage features a cube form rolling behind the player, with the weak point in the middle. Overcoming Flux Construct II provides valuable rewards, making combat challenging yet rewarding. Players must use their skills and timing to emerge victorious in this thrilling battle.


Where can players encounter Flux Construct 2?

The Flux Construct II in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom can be found in the Sokara Sky Islands in the sky east of Lookout Landing. To reach this area, players must first unlock the Uri Mountain Observation Tower, which provides access to the Sky Islands above the Uri Mountain area.

When Link reaches the Sky Islands, he encounters a giant platform where Flux Construct II can be seen stomping around. Boss is very eye-catching due to its towering size and unique appearance. Players should prepare for a challenging encounter when they face this powerful mini-boss enemy.

Engaging Flux Construct II in combat requires strategic skill and timing to exploit its weaknesses at each stage. This battle will test Link’s fighting abilities and resourcefulness as he aims to defeat this powerful construct.

Players should approach Sokara Sky Islands with caution, as Flux Construct II poses a significant threat to those who venture into its territory. With precise execution and tactical ability, Link can defeat this mini-boss and receive valuable rewards from a successful battle.

Encounter Flux Construct 2 Locations

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