How to Beat Giganto Sonic Frontiers? A Complete Guide

Giant Sonic Frontier

Giganto, the mighty Titan, is the original boss encounter in Sonic Frontiers’ vast and awe-inspiring Starfall Island map. Located on the island of Kronos, this giant creature poses a huge challenge for players seeking to save Sonic’s friends from digital exile.

In the Kronos Island area of ​​Sonic Frontiers, players will face a giant boss named Giganto. To defeat the Mammoth, players must find all Chaos Emeralds and help Amy before finding the path to the main boss area. Once ready, Sonic can engage in a boss battle with Giganto.

How to beat Giant Sonic Frontier?

In order to defeat the Colossus, players must solve the mystery of the tomb on the island of Kronos. In order to initiate combat, Sonic must first climb onto the Behemoth’s massive body. Sonic rushes toward one of Titan’s grounded legs and must use boost rings strategically placed along the behemoth’s form to sprint upward. By cleverly hitting these boost rings, Sonic can propel himself into the air and aim for the spikes on the Titan’s back.

After successfully colliding with these targetable spikes, he can land on Giganto’s back. Here, he must find the Chaos Emerald located on the Titan’s head and activate it by interacting with it. The cinematic sequence will unfold, transforming Sonic into Sonic for the first time in Sonic Frontier.

The first phase of the confrontation requires precise targeting of Giganto and a ruthless attack. The main goal is to cause as much damage as possible in the shortest amount of time. While Sonic takes no damage during this phase, he may be temporarily incapacitated by Titan’s blows, requiring him to restart from the beginning of the phase.

In Super Sonic mode, Sonic gradually loses rings over time, meaning the fight must end before he runs out of rings and succumbs. Therefore, players must focus on dealing a lot of damage to defeat the Titan before the timer expires.

When the giant’s health is reduced to half, the second phase of the battle begins with a charming cutscene. This part of the combat consists mostly of quick-time events, requiring the player to quickly respond to on-screen prompts by quickly pressing designated buttons. The success of these quick events will determine the outcome of the confrontation and ultimately Giganto’s fate.

Therefore, players embarking on this epic boss battle in Sonic Frontiers will need to demonstrate agility, precision, and quick reflexes to defeat the powerful behemoth and ensure that Sonic’s friends are freed and safe in Sonic Frontiers. Leave your mark in a wonderful world.


How to defeat Goliath in Sonic Frontier?

In order to defeat Giganto in Sonic Frontiers, the battle with Giganto takes place in two stages. Sonic Frontiers is a platformer featuring intense combat and boss battles. The game introduces unique enemies and challenges the Titan as a boss at the end of each level. The first area is the island of Kronos, filled with ruins and robot enemies. The main antagonist, Giganto, lives up to his name and is the first boss in the game.

In order to defeat the giant elephant, players must first solve the mystery of the tomb on the island of Kronos. This puzzle involves adjusting black pillars to create specific patterns that ultimately open the way to a boss fight.

The battle with Giganto takes place in two phases. In the first stage, Sonic must climb up Giganto’s back and head to avoid ring pulses that damage him. After collecting the last Chaos Crystal, Sonic transforms into Super Sonic, becoming invulnerable but gradually losing his rings. Players can block the behemoth’s attacks to counterattack and deal heavy damage.

In the second stage, the beast has lasers on its back and becomes violent. Titan attacks become more intense, and players must engage in quick-time events to avoid being overwhelmed. Utilizing a strategic approach, parrying, and landing combo attacks is the key to defeating the behemoth.

For a more challenging experience, players can try to defeat the Behemoth without relying on parries and super combos. Instead, they can use close-range attacks like Sonic Boom and Phantom Dash.

After successfully defeating Giganto, Sonic travels to Ares Island to meet Knuckles, marking the beginning of a variety of exciting battles against massive mechanical foes in Sonic Frontier.

Giganto Sonic Frontiers Locations

Giganto Sonic Frontiers can be found on the Starfall Island map that makes up Sonic Frontiers. Giganto is a fearsome titan that awaits players for their first encounter on the vast Starfall Island, a majestic setting in Sonic Frontier. Giganto is positioned as a powerful boss on the island of Kronos, posing an exciting challenge for players seeking to help liberate Sonic’s friends from digital exile.

Accomplishing this feat requires not only courage but also a strategic approach, which may prompt players to search for subtle hints and clues to conquer this massive creature and ensure the success of the rescue mission.

Giganto Sonic Frontier Guide

The battle begins with Sonic climbing up Giganto’s towering body. Players need to use boosters and blue rings to rise faster. Red rings should be avoided as they may knock Sonic down and force him to start climbing again. When reaching the giant’s torso, players will find a blue ring that launches Sonic into the air, allowing him to land on the giant’s head.

To unlock Supersonic Form, Sonic must interact with the Final Chaos Emerald in the Chaos Emerald Vault. In this form, Sonic becomes invulnerable, but gradually loses his rings over time. The key to defeating the giant ape is to focus on its head. Players can parry Giganto’s sliding moves using L1 + R1 / LB + RB, stun the boss, and perform a spin dash attack by pressing TRIANGLE + CIRCLE / Y + B.

As the battle progresses, the Behemoth’s health drops and it enters a second phase, gaining the ability to fire lasers. Players need to block lasers by mashing blocks in quick-time events. Despite this new attack, the strategy is still the same: get in close, deal damage, and parry swiping attacks.

In the final moments of the fight, Giganto will launch a slam attack, requiring the player to block and perform a spin dash. After a few successful blocks, Giganto will be defeated, resulting in the end of the battle.

After defeating Giganto, a voice tells Sonic that he needs to destroy more Titans to escape the simulation, hinting at new adventures in different areas.

sonic frontier

Sonic Frontier is a platform game released in 2022, developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega. Players control Sonic as he explores the Starfall Islands to collect Chaos Emeralds after being separated from his friends due to a wormhole incident.

The game introduces the series’ first open-world environment, incorporating classic Sonic elements such as platforms, rings, and grinding rails. In the open world, players can complete challenges, fight robot enemies, and enter “cyberspace” levels inspired by previous Sonic games.

Development on Sonic Frontier began following the release of Sonic Forces in 2017. Sonic Team’s goal is to make it a model for future games, much like 1998’s Sonic Adventure. They opted for an open-ended design, adapting Sonic’s abilities to fit the open world. The game was officially released in December 2021.

Sonic Frontier launches on November 8, 2022 on multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. story and soundtrack, but criticism of some technical issues and divided opinions on controls and combat.

However, the game received more positive feedback from fans of the series. Despite mixed reviews, it was a commercial success, selling 3.5 million copies by May 2023.

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