How to Craft Every Weapon in Wayfinder? A Complete Guide

How to craft every weapon in Wayfinder?

Crafting weapons in Pathfinder is crucial to your progress in the game. This guide provides a comprehensive look at how to craft weapons and maximize their potential. Since weapons play a key role in a character’s progression, crafting provides a way to acquire new and upgraded weapons. Each weapon has its own level and needs to be upgraded individually to reach the maximum level of 30.

To start crafting weapons, go to the Arsenal in the skylight in the game. Interact with the NPC Armory and select the “Weapon Crafting” option. This will display a list of available weapons you can craft. Crafting weapons requires collecting specific components, including form, spirit, shell, essence, and gold.

Forms, spirits, and shells can be crafted in the Arsenal using a variety of materials. By clicking on a component you can view the required materials and their sources. Pressing the designated key “F” will take you to the ingredient details page, giving you information on where to find the necessary materials.

However, essence ingredients cannot be crafted. It must be obtained by defeating a specific boss. For example, to craft a Harvest weapon, you must collect Harvest Essence. This Essence can only be obtained by defeating the Storm Twins, which gives you a chance to get the drop.

The crafting process for all weapons in the game follows a consistent pattern. You must gather materials to craft the shell, form, and soul components. In addition, you must obtain specific essence components from the corresponding boss to complete the weapon crafting process.

Different weapons in Wayfinder have different crafting recipes, and each weapon requires you to collect items from various parts of the game. The guide provides links to crafting recipes for each weapon class, including daggers, rifles, swords and shields, and two-handed weapons. Each recipe details the items needed to craft the corresponding weapon.

Mastering the art of weapon crafting is crucial to enhancing your character’s abilities and effectiveness in combat. By following this guide, you’ll be able to complete the complex process of crafting weapons, ensuring your Pathfinder character is equipped with powerful custom gear for their journey.

A Beginner’s Guide to Pathfinder Crafting and Weapons

Welcome to the comprehensive beginner’s guide to Wayfinder. This guide is designed to provide you with all the basic knowledge you need to embark on your gaming journey. From understanding its gameplay loop to mastering combat mechanics and character progression, this guide will cover every aspect to help you get started on the right foot.

Understand the game loop:

Wayfinder offers an MMO lite experience where you will meet and interact with other players, although it is not a full-blown MMO. The core gameplay loop revolves around exploring or dungeons to upgrade your pathfinder and weapons. This involves finding specific loot to craft items, forming the basis of the gameplay loop.

getting Started:

After entering the game, it is recommended to start with the main mission. This is a comprehensive introduction to the game’s systems and unlocks key items as you progress. Participating in missions will upgrade your pathfinder and weapons, laying the foundation for your adventure.

Character progression:

Character progression in Pathfinder is accomplished by upgrading your Pathfinder and weapons. These are separate systems, each with their own level 30 cap. You can manage your equipped pathfinders and weapons by viewing your character’s equipment by pressing “C”. As you upgrade your pathfinder, your power level will increase, thus enhancing your overall statistics.

Affinity system:

The affinity system provides additional character progression by spending affinity points to earn bonuses and unlock additional perks when you reach specific affinity levels. There are three types of affinities: Instinct, Discipline, and Focus, and each type boosts specific statistics for items you equip.

Weapon Affinities and Upgrades:

Weapons also have affinities associated with them. Upgrading these affinities with Darkstones will increase the properties of your weapon. Different weapons have different affinities and associated upgrades.

Weapon Mastery and Echoes:

The weapon mastery system allows you to enhance your weapon abilities by reaching certain milestones. Echoes dropped by enemies allow you to customize your Pathfinder’s stats and build. Different echo categories affect cost and customization options.

Accessories and consumables:

Collect accessories to customize your Pathfinder’s stats and build. Some accessories also have Echo slots. Consumables, like health potions, play a vital role in your survival. Crafting consumables requires raw materials, gold, and recipes.


Completing the main story unlocks your apartment, a customizable and decorated space. Trophies and artifacts further enhance your living space and provide bonuses.

Archetypes and Combat:

Pathfinders belong to specific archetypes, which affects the passives they receive. Combat involves five abilities, four pathfinder-specific and one weapon-specific. The strength of your abilities is determined by your attributes and equipment. Weapon abilities are passively activated based on the weapon.

Movement and fast travel:

Double jump, dash, and dash abilities enhance mobility. Dodging consumes stamina, but jumping requires no stamina. Signal fires enable fast travel, while discovering the Lost Sector unlocks the Dark Portal in the skylight.

Social and video:

Visit the social menu to add friends and group them. The author of this guide, BDLG, is the co-founder of StudioLoot and provides expert insights on various games.

This beginner’s guide will help you explore the world of Wayfinder with confidence. As you delve into the game’s intricacies and begin your adventure, keep this guide with you to optimize your experience and get the most out of your journey. Happy exploring.


Pathfinding game

The upcoming online action role-playing game “Wayfinder” recently launched an early access version, requiring players to purchase the Founder’s Pack to participate. Despite an initial paywall, the game’s launch was met with overwhelming success, leading to a surge in player interest that overwhelmed servers. This resulted in players being unable to log in, frustrating those who supported the game’s vision.

In response to the server issues, the developers of Airship Syndicate issued an apology. They acknowledged the technical difficulties and expressed regret for the inconvenience caused to players. Despite technical testing and testing phases in various regions, the influx of players exceeded their expectations, causing their queue system to fail. Although they fixed the issue in time, they still had to limit the number of players who could connect to the server.

Wayfinder’s publisher, Digital Extremes, known for Warframe, also joined in the apology. Recognizing the high expectations players have for their infrastructure, they admitted they fell short in this case.

Based on player feedback, the game has received mixed reviews on Steam, with more than 7,000 reviews giving it a “mostly negative” rating. Criticisms include concerns about monetization and dissatisfaction with Founders Rewards not being delivered properly to some players.

To address these issues, Airship Syndicate is working on making changes to monetization and correcting founder rewards issues. Additionally, they are working on a compensation plan for Early Access buyers regardless of whether they are able to access the game during the server issues.

Wayfinder is described as a fantasy action RPG with elements reminiscent of games like Destiny. While some players highlighted its stunning world and heavy combat mechanics, there were concerns that the game might not offer any substantial new content for those well-versed in similar live-service games. Wayfinder’s journey continues as the developers work to overcome these early challenges and deliver an engaging experience for players.

Pathfinding game

Pathfinder game overview:

Wayfinder offers an immersive and engaging gaming experience in which players take on the role of Wayfinders, people who have been granted extraordinary powers in a fractured world called Evenor. Developed by Airship Syndicate and published by Digital Extremes, this free-to-play online action RPG invites players to explore, harness their abilities, and shape their own destiny in the face of the coming darkness.

Embark on an epic journey:

In Pathfinder, players embark on a journey of change and become a symbol of hope in a world affected by evil mysterious forces. As a Pathfinder, your mission is to resist the darkness’ control and reclaim what was lost.

Personal abilities and ties:

The Wayfinder experience transcends individual abilities and focuses on the deep connections formed with other adventurers. Travel through uncharted territory, overcome challenges that require intelligence and skill, and build strong bonds with your companions along the way.

Unique storytelling:

The game invites players to forge their own path and make choices that shape their unique story. The fate you choose and the approach you take will determine the progression of the narrative, adding depth and personalization to your adventure.

Control Chaos:

A key gameplay element is the Dark Dagger, a mysterious tool that guides you through different challenges. With the ability to “Control Chaos,” you can personalize each adventure by adjusting encounters, materials, and even the companions you travel with.

Diverse abilities and styles:

As a Pathfinder, you’ll master an array of abilities, including arcane magic, deadly melee combat, and arcane technology. This variety allows you to tailor your playstyle to your liking, whether you prefer spellcasting, melee combat, or technology-driven tactics.


Unity is a central theme in “Wayfinder,” which encourages players to collaborate with fellow Wayfinders. Forming social bonds, participating in collaborative adventures, and sharing progress strengthens the strong bonds that bind all wayfinders together.

Explore and craft:

Venture into unknown territories, discover mysterious creatures, and collect rare materials in dark adventures. Use these materials to forge powerful gear, awaken new pathfinders, and complete your atlas to achieve mastery.

In Pathfinder, the power of unity and personal journeys come together in a world where magic and power are intertwined. With its personalized storytelling, diverse abilities, and emphasis on collaboration, players can expect an immersive and dynamic gameplay experience that invites them to shape their own destiny against all odds.

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