How to Disable Turrets in Lethal Company? What are Turrets in Lethal Company?

deadly company

“Lethal Company” is an action-adventure indie game developed and published by Zeekerss, which debuted in Early Access on October 24, 2023. The game, available across multiple platforms, puts players in the role of immersive contractors scouring an abandoned moon for scrap, which is crucial to meeting the company’s profit goals. The game offers cooperative gameplay, survival strategies, and exploration of an eerie, industrialized landscape.

Players respond to risks, deploy tools from the company’s store, and protect their crews from potential dangers while working to achieve quotas and upgrade their ships

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How to disable turrets in Deadly Company?

There is no permanent way to disable turrets in Lethal Company, but players can temporarily deactivate them using the ship’s computer commands. The operator (usually onboard the ship for guidance) can access the computer and enter the name of the turret (e.g., P1) to temporarily disable it. This creates a window for other players to quickly move past the turret and collect loot.

Without an operator, players can attempt to sneak behind the turret within detection range, triggering a predictable firing pattern for safe passage, or, as a risky last resort, sprint past the turret to ensure there is cover on the other side.


What are the turrets in Deadly Company?

The turret of Lethal Company was a fixed tripod mounted gun mounted indoors. They move from side to side and can detect players in front of them. When they spot a player, they aim with an orange light and make a sound. Without impeding sight, they began firing after a short delay. Turrets can be temporarily disabled by entering a specific code into the terminal.

If hit with a blunt object, they will malfunction, spinning and firing continuously for a short period of time, allowing the player to slip by while distracted. Turrets only target the player, not other objects, and the farther away they are from you, the further their range becomes.

How to deactivate turrets in Deadly Company?

In Lethal Company, deactivating turrets requires entering their specific letter and number combination into the terminal interface, which corresponds to their location. After entering these identifiers, just press Enter without adding any other commands. This action briefly disables the turret and can also be used to unlock doors and deactivate mines if the mine’s unique identifier is known.

However, it’s worth noting that turrets will reactivate after a short period of time, so it’s beneficial to designate one team member to handle the terminal while others explore and gather resources.

Deadly Company gameplay

The gameplay of “Deadly Inc.” revolves around cleaning up abandoned satellites to collect scrap for the company. Players navigate treacherous terrain, gather resources to meet profit quotas, and fund travel to more dangerous but rewarding destinations. The game emphasizes exploration, allowing creature scanning to construct a bestiary and discover abandoned landscapes.

Protection is crucial to guarding against potential dangers, with options to guide crew members off the ship, use radar to identify traps, and access locked doors via terminals. Players can choose to work as a team or venture alone, and the company store provides necessary tools such as lights, shovels, walkie-talkies, stun grenades, and speakers. Coordination becomes critical during the night, requiring teamwork to transport valuables to safety and ensure the survival of the entire crew.

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