How to Find Every Ancestor Skill in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora? Location of Ancestor Skill

Ancestor skills in “Pandora’s Frontier”

In Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier, ancestral skills play a key role in enhancing the abilities of the Na’vi protagonist. Each ancestral skill provides a unique functionality that aids in traversal, combat, and exploration. Here are the main features of ancestor skills in the game:

1. Enhance capabilities:

2. Traversal improvements:

3. Combat enhancement:

4. Special attacks or abilities:

  • Certain skills, such as the scream ability and wing gusts, can confer special attacks or abilities that disorient or damage enemies, providing a tactical advantage in combat scenarios.

5. Practical functions:

  • Certain skills, such as Tarsyu Network and Free Fast Travel, provide practical functions. The Tarsyu Network reveals the location of other saplings, aiding in collection, while free fast travel allows for unlimited fast travel without consuming energy.

6. Stealth and reconnaissance:

7. Improve connection with living things:

8. Task and activity advantages:

9. Strategic advantages:

10. Incorporate narrative and exploration:

  • These skills are integrated into the narrative and exploration, often requiring the player to explore different areas, solve puzzles, or clear certain areas in order to access the Tasu Flower and gain these skills.

The Ancestral Skills in Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier are diverse and are essential tools to enhance and enhance the player experience, providing a range of abilities to uniquely approach the game’s challenges and missions.

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How to find every ancestral skill in Pandora’s Avatar Frontier?

Ancestor skill locations and functions:

1. Air boosting

2. pop up

  • Area: Jinluo Forest

  • Location: Southeast of Hometree, climb the floating island or use Ikran to fly.

  • Function: Allows you to eject the pilot from the RDA mech.

3. Drop shock

  • Area: Jinluo Forest

  • Location: Boundless Mountains, on an island in the middle of larger floating islands.

  • Function: Increases melee damage after jumping based on speed before jumping.

4. Soft landing

  • Area: Jinluo Forest

  • Location: Located in the middle of the Gossamer Lakes, accessed through a cave on the island.

  • Function: Reduce fall damage by activating sliding.

5. A deeper connection

6. The Way of the Diplomat

7. Reconnaissance

8. The ability to scream

9. Wing Gust

  • Region: Upper Plains

  • Location: The top of Toruk Peak in Eywa’s Reach, accessible via Ikran.

  • Function: Commands Iklan to confuse and damage enemies upon landing.

10. Ghost attack

  • Region: Upper Plains

  • Location: Located within the rock formation of First Zakuru, accessible via caves and swimming.

  • Function: Provides 30% stealth damage bonus.

11. Free fast travel

  • Region: Yunlin

  • Location: Stone Cloud Valley, find the flower through the platform challenge.

  • Function: Travel quickly without consuming energy.

12.Tasu Network

These ancestral skills are critical to enhancing various abilities, traversing, fighting, and completing missions efficiently in Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier.


Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier

“Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier” is an open-world action-adventure game related to the Avatar film series. The game is developed by Massive Entertainment and published by Ubisoft. It will be available on PlayStation 5, Windows and Xbox Series X/S on December 7, 2023.

The game is the second entry in the series after 2009’s Avatar: The Game. However, when it launched, it received mixed reviews from critics.

Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier Plot

In “Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier”, the player plays a Na’vi orphan who is raised and trained as a soldier by the Resource Development Administration (RDA). After spending fifteen years in suspended animation, players wake up in an abandoned facility and embark on an adventure across the western frontier of Pandora.

Throughout the journey, players will uncover their past and work to unite the local Na’vi tribe to resist the RDA’s plunder of the region’s natural resources. The game’s storyline is somewhat related to the movie, but stands on its own. Additionally, players can team up with friends in two-player co-op multiplayer mode for an enhanced gaming experience.

Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier Overview


Massive Entertainment, Light Storm Entertainment




Magnus Janssen, Dieter Dingfeld






PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox Series X/S


December 7, 2023


action adventure


Single player, multiplayer

Avatar: Pandora Development Frontier

In March 2017, Massive Entertainment revealed that they were developing a new game based on James Cameron’s Avatar. The game called “Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier” was officially announced and released a trailer at the 2021 E3 exhibition.

It is set in the Avatar universe and has its own storyline. However, it contains aspects that may be relevant or significant to the release of future Avatar movies, such as Avatar 3.

The game’s creator mentioned that elements of the game could be used in the upcoming Avatar film series, suggesting a potential connection between the game and the wider cinematic universe.

“Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier” trailer

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