How To Find Sparks In Enshrouded, Sparks in Enshrouded

shrouded in sparks

In Amberville, sparks play a vital role as a resource unique to the Flame Temple and the Flame Temple. While their sole purpose is to upgrade your Fire Altar, this feature is crucial to progression in the game. As you progress through Amberville, having higher Altar of Fire levels becomes crucial to exploring more areas.

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Therefore, it’s wise to acquire sparks strategically, as each Fire Altar upgrade requires more and more sparks. Progression is gradual, starting with a single spark for the initial upgrade and culminating in 40 sparks for the final enhancement, underscoring the increasing importance of these resources on your journey.

In order to effectively meet the challenges of Amberville, players must strike a balance between exploration and systematically collecting sparks to ensure a stable supply to meet the ever-escalating requirements of the Flame Altar upgrade. This dynamic resource management adds an extra layer of strategy to gameplay, encouraging players to strategize and prioritize their efforts to maximize progress in this fascinating game world.

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How to find sparks in a shroud?

Identify Fire Sanctuary and Fire Temple:

  • Sparks are a necessity in Amberville and can only be obtained from the Flame Temple and the Flame Temple. These locations are scattered throughout Amberville, particularly around the Ash Caves, and one is located near the second mission objective west of the northern end of Braylin Bridge.

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Find the Temple of Fire and Temple of Fire:

  • When exploring Umberville, keep an eye out for the Temple of Fire and the Temple of Fire. The in-game map icon for both looks identical, with a small flame in the center of a cream-colored triangle. Although the icon won’t disappear after collecting sparks, it’s crucial to keep track of the areas you’ve already visited.

Navigate using ancient spires:

  • Look for the Ancient Spire, which also serves as a fast travel point to enhance your exploration. Use these points to survey your surroundings and identify the Fire Sanctuary or Fire Temple in the distance.

Interact with the flames:

  • To collect sparks, interact with the flames inside a temple or sanctuary. Shrines are easier to navigate, are usually in open-air locations, and do not have complex features. The Sanctuary, on the other hand, acts as a mini-dungeon complete with traps. As you progress through Enshrouded, be prepared to face these challenges as you collect more Sparks.

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In Enshrouded, players will immerse themselves in a vast open-world survival RPG set in the dangerous realm of Embervale. The once thriving world now struggles with the ominous presence of the Deadly Shroud, which looms over everything in its path. As the protagonist, you play the role of the Son of Fire, shouldering the important responsibility of awakening fellow survivors and fighting the corrosive threat of the evil fog.

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Your mission unfolds in a dynamic and challenging environment where strategic decision-making and resource management are crucial for survival. Navigating the eerie landscape of Amberville, you must uncover the secrets behind the Shroud, face environmental hazards and hostile entities, and wrest the world from its destructive grasp.

As a Son of Fire, your journey through the Shroud is as much about individual survival as it is about a collective effort to free the world from the oppressive Shroud. The game weaves a compelling narrative that urges players to explore, strategize, and engage in a detailed open-world environment.

Enshrouded blends survival elements and RPG mechanics to provide an immersive experience in which players must face the challenges of Embervale, gradually uncover the secrets that shroud the world, and work to repair it.

Hidden gameplay

Enshrouded is a video game where you survive and play a character and see everything from the side. Up to 16 people can play at the same time. The game takes place in a place called Embervale, which is a huge open world that players can freely explore. In the main world, players can build their base, obtain what they need, and craft new tools and equipment.

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Players can bring friendly characters to their base, providing them with new crafting ideas and tasks. There are also areas covered in fog called “Shrouds” where players can find good loot and treasure chests, but are dangerous due to the powerful monsters and players can only stay there for a short time before the character dies. time.

Like other survival games, players need to make sure they have enough food and water. But in this game, hunger and thirst only affect the player’s ability to fight. Drinking water makes players stronger, and eating food makes them stronger. Players can use different weapons to defeat enemies and avoid or block attacks.

As players play more, they get better at combat and choose to be a Trickster, Battle Mage, or Survivor. They will also get a glider and grappling hook to move around the game world. If the player’s character dies, they keep their gear and items but lose the raw materials they collected.


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