How to Find Tomb of The Stone King in Wayfinder? Wayfinder Tomb of The Stone King Quest Guide

Tomb of the Stone King Pathfinder

Nestled in the Narkis Desert of Jeddah, the Pathfinder Tomb is a testament to mystery and heritage. This ancient building houses a coveted artifact – Master Ino Cordoba’s personal lightsaber. The entrance to the tomb is mysteriously locked and concealed by a huge stone cover, like an elevator cover. Its mystery unfolds through three distinct puzzles that must be overcome to uncover its secrets.

Embarking on this mission comes in stages. With your debut in Jedha, Master Eno Cordova presents three tantalizing rumors. After revisiting the planet, two more mysteries are revealed. Guided by these rumors, adventurers are drawn to the vast areas to the north, south, and west of the Narkiss Desert, each tomb site requiring puzzle-solving skills.

Skill acquisition reflects the game’s main storyline progression. As you progress, the abilities needed to conquer the tomb challenges become apparent, giving your journey narrative cohesion. The pinnacle of the journey is Master Ino Cordoba’s legendary lightsaber. As you overcome intricate puzzles and wield newfound abilities, the veil of the tomb will be lifted to reveal historic treasures.

Pathfinder’s Tomb encapsulates the magic of discovery, an immersive adventure that weaves together legend, skill mastery, and exploration. This quest encapsulates the essence of the fascinating world of Pathfinder, where mysteries will be revealed and rewards await the enthusiastic traveler.

How to find the Tomb of the Stone King in pathfinder?

To find the Stone King’s Tomb in Pathfinder’s Tomb, follow the steps below based on the information provided:

Unlock Pathfinder’s Tomb: Before entering the Stone King’s Tomb, make sure you have completed the Path of Persistence, Path of Restoration, and Path of Faith trials in Pathfinder’s Tomb. These trials include solving puzzles and pushing metal balls to activate mechanisms.

Entering the Tomb: After completing the Trial, return to the central platform of the Pathfinder Tomb. Stand on it and it will lower you into a room where you can enter the Tomb of the Stone King.

Explore the Tomb of the Stone King: After descending into the room, you’ll find yourself in the Tomb of the Stone King. This area may contain new challenges, puzzles, enemies, and lore related to the Stone King. Make sure to explore thoroughly, interact with objects, and defeat any enemies you encounter.

COLLECT TREASURE: As you explore the Tomb of the Stone King, keep an eye out for valuable treasures and items. Depending on the information provided, these may include:

Database Entry “The Last Lesson”: This entry may contain legends and information related to the Stone King or the tomb itself. Interact with it to learn more about the game world.

Ino Cordova’s Lightsaber: This unique lightsaber can provide your character with new combat abilities or customization options. Be sure to grab it if you find it.

Treasure Map Upgrade: This map upgrade may reveal the location of various treasures throughout the game world. This will make it easier for completionists to find and collect all hidden items.

Other Items: Tomb of the Stone King may contain additional chests, collectibles, or upgrades. Explore thoroughly to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Complete the Tomb: Explore and interact with everything in the Tomb of the Stone King until you feel like you have fully explored the area and collected all available treasures and items.

Following these steps, you should be able to find and explore the Tomb of the Stone King in the Pathfinder Tomb in the game Star Wars Jedi: Survivors. Remember to treat every attempt, puzzle, and challenge carefully to ensure you get the most out of your exploration of this hidden area.


Pathfinder Tomb of the Stone King Quest Guide

There you go, wayfinders! In this guide, I’ll walk you through the Tomb of the Stone King quest, which can be a bit tricky due to its location. Let’s dig in and make sure you accomplish this task with ease.

Step 1: Starting Point

Start by visiting the game’s first open world area, Ironstone Fortress. Become familiar with the area.

Step 2: Find the path

When you face the portal to the Ironstone Fortress, turn around and exit the fortress. Our path was outside the fort.

Step Three: Follow the Path

Go through the small doorway you’ll encounter as you exit the castle. This will lead you to a path that you need to follow.

Step 4: Reach the tomb

Continue along the path and follow it carefully. Although this may take some time, you are in the right direction.

Step 5: Tomb of the Stone King

Eventually, you’ll reach the entrance to the Tomb of the Stone King. Interact with the portal to open it.

Step 6: Complete the task

Once you enter the tomb, the quest “Tomb of the Stone King” will be marked as completed. Congratulations on a successful journey!

you did it! You have successfully completed the “Tomb of the Stone King” quest in Pathfinder. Keep in mind that although this quest is originally related to the Codex Hall, the actual location is near the Ironstone Fortress.

Your determination and this guide have led you to victory. Keep exploring and may your adventures be filled with success. If you found this guide helpful, please feel free to like, comment and subscribe for more Wayfinders content and guides. Happy exploring, fellow wayfinders!

Where are the northern desert ruins?

Jeddah’s vast northern desert invites explorers to uncover its secrets. Guided by the mysterious rumors of Cordoba, your journey leads to this corner of the desert, a country called “The Road of Persistence.” After climbing the ramp near the meditation point, exit the Archives through a small side door. Entering the room decorated with boules provides access to the outdoors. Use your strong push ability to open doors and reveal the way forward.

As you advance, you’ll encounter the next important meditation point in the Arid Plains – the Hermitage Base. Use this resting place to rejuvenate before embarking on further endeavors. Hug the rocky ridge to the right to plot your route and keep going until you reach the summit. Climb the ridge, possibly using Spamel to aid your ascent.

Use the cable to transition to the compact, flat platform ahead (often called the “button”). From this vantage point, jump upwards, making sure to grab a grapple point that will lead you to the vicinity occupied by the Stormtroopers.

For comprehensive help, there’s a comprehensive walkthrough that clarifies the intricacies of the Path to Endurance puzzle. This resource can also pinpoint the locations of all collectibles scattered throughout the area, facilitating thorough and rich exploration.

All in all, the journey to the “Path of Perseverance” in the northern desert begins as you step out of the archives, across arid plains and across rocky ridges. Guided by the mysterious rumors of Córdoba, every step brings you closer to unraveling the region’s mysteries and treasures.

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