How to Get Alchemical Base in Enshrouded? Find Out Here

How to get the shrouded alchemy base?

Here’s how to get an alchemy base in Enshrouded, explained briefly:

  1. Crafted at the Alchemy Station: The Alchemy Base can be crafted at the Alchemy Station using certain ingredients.
  2. Required Ingredients: To craft an alchemical base, players will need one part mycelium, one part Shroud Liquid, one part water, and one part Shroud Spores.
  3. Find Ingredients: Mycelium can be found near the Elixir Well, and Shroud Liquid can be extracted from the large mushroom inside the Shroud.
  4. Obtain Water: Players can collect water from wells located throughout the game world.
  5. Shroud Spore Drops: Shroud Spores are dropped by enemies within the Shroud.
  6. Explore the Nomadic Highlands: Alternatively, players can explore the Nomadic Highlands located in the eastern part of the foggy map to find an alchemy base.
  7. Unlocking the Alchemy Station: Completing the Alchemist questline is required to unlock the Alchemy Station for crafting.
  8. Continue the quest line: If the Alchemy Station has not been unlocked, the player must continue the quest line to gain access.
  9. Crafting Bench: The Crafting Bench enables exploration and unlocks recipes that enhance gameplay.
  10. Understanding the Shroud: Mastering the mechanics of the Shroud and surviving within it are crucial to progression in Shroud.


Enshrouded is a new video game produced by Keen Games. It’s a combination of survival and adventure. In the game, players explore a mysterious world full of dangers. You must find resources such as food, water, and shelter to survive. Along the way, you’ll encounter creatures and other challenges.

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The game is launching on PC first, but will be coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Series S later. In Enshrouded, players must be smart and creative to survive. They can craft tools, build shelters, and even team up with other players for better opportunities.

The game has beautiful graphics and a haunting atmosphere that captivates players. It’s like being in a storybook world where every choice you make matters. Enshrouded will provide you with hours of exciting gameplay as you uncover the mysteries hidden within its world.

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Hidden gameplay

Stealth gameplay delivers an immersive experience in the vast world of Embervale. Players explore freely from a third-person perspective, traveling through different landscapes and facing challenges. The game supports up to 16 players in both single-player and co-op play.

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In Embervale, players build a base, gather necessary resources, and craft gear to survive in the harsh environment. Players summon non-playable characters to their base, unlock new crafting recipes and embark on missions that enhance their abilities and expand their options.

Venturing into the mysterious “Shroud” shrouded in thick fog presents a high-risk, high-reward scenario. Players will encounter hostile monsters as they search for valuable loot and treasure chests, balancing danger with reward.

Managing hunger and thirst adds a strategic dimension to survival, affecting combat effectiveness. Drinking water increases stamina, while eating food increases physical fitness, which is crucial for facing enemies.

Combat in Enshrouded involves using a variety of weapons, mastering dodging and blocking techniques, and unlocking unique talents as the player progresses. The game offers three different classes of specialization: Trickster, Battle Mage, or Survivor, each with its own strengths and playstyle.

Unlockable tools like the glider and grappling hook enhance traversal capabilities, facilitating exploration and manipulation in diverse terrains. Enshrouded’s dynamic game mechanics, cooperative elements, and rich world provide hours of engaging entertainment for players seeking adventure and survival challenges.

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hidden trailer

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hidden development

Enshrouded is a game produced by Keen Games, the German studio best known for Portal Knights. The developers at Enshrouded took inspiration from games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Hall of Valhalla to create a welcoming experience, especially for those new to survival games. While the combat takes inspiration from the challenging Soulsborne games, it’s designed to be more approachable.

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Keen Games announced Enshrouded in May 2023 and later released an 8-hour demo during Steam Next Fest in November 2023. The game entered Early Access on Steam on January 24, 2024, allowing players to experience its world first-hand. The studio also revealed plans for a version on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Series S to expand its accessibility across different platforms.

Enshrouded’s development journey showcases its evolution from concept to playable reality, emphasizing immersive exploration and player-friendly mechanics. Rooted in player inspiration and accessibility, Enshrouded promises an engaging and inclusive gaming experience.


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