How to Get Credit Coupons in Genshin Impact? Where You Can Find These 10 Common Chests in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact

“Genshin Impact” is an action role-playing game produced by miHoYo. The game was released for Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, and Windows in 2020, and for PlayStation 5 in 2021. The game features a beautiful anime-style world and a battle system based on magic and character switching. It’s free to play but uses a gacha system to make money. The story of “Genshin Impact” takes place in a fantasy world called Teyvat, which has seven countries, each associated with different elements and ruled by different gods.

You play as a traveler who gets separated from his twin brother when they arrive in Teyvat. The game follows their journey to find their missing siblings with the help of their guide Paimon. Along the way, they make friends, get involved in state affairs, and uncover the mysteries of the land.

The game is inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, anime, Gnosticism, and various cultures and mythologies. It received positive reviews for its combat and open world, but some disliked its simple ending and gacha money system. It also made a lot of money, making it one of the most successful games in its first year, raking in nearly $3.8 billion by the end of 2022.

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How to get points coupons in Genshin Impact?

Credit Vouchers are a special currency used in Meropide’s Fortress in Genshin Impact. To obtain them, follow these steps:

  • Complete all 12 “Scenes from the Life of Meropide” missions. Each task will reward you with 280 points coupons, for a total of 3360 coupons when completed.
  • Complete the “Intelligence and Physical Strength” mission. This mission provides you with 900 credits, the Ring Championship title, and the Pankration Fonta Cup.
  • Search and open 10 universal treasure chests hidden throughout Meropide’s Fortress. Each box contains 30 credit coupons, so there are 300 coupons in total.


Where can I find these 10 common treasure chests in Genshin Impact?

  • Treasure Chest #1: Find this in the Abandoned Production Area during the “Scenarios of Meropid’s Life: Safe Operations” mission.
  • Chest #2: In Fortress Supply Depot 2, use the energy transfer device to activate the punching device.
  • Treasure Chest #3: On your way to the Eroded Rift in the “Meropide Life Scenario: Dead End” mission, look to the west side of the dormitory area.
  • Treasure Chest #4: At the Meropide Fortress: Dormitory area teleport point, you can get this treasure chest by tearing three notes from the wall.
  • Chest #5: Teleport to the production area waypoint, activate the terminal, and follow the graffiti clues to get this chest.
  • Box #6: After collecting the previous box, take the elevator on the east side of the terminal to the Production Area: Upper Level. Activate the terminal in front of the elevator, switch the energy source, then hit the sandbag to spawn a chest.
  • Treasure Chest #7: Hit the punching bag in the tunnel leading to the Rag and Bone Shop or during the Rich Man Game mission.
  • Treasure Chest #8: After obtaining the Pancrafenta Cup, go to the southwest of Meropide Fortress: Administrative District and defeat Gongur to obtain this treasure chest.
  • Chest #9: Climb to the Pankration Ring’s host location and defeat Roussimoff to spawn this chest. You need the Pankration Fonta Cup in your inventory.
  • Chest #10: This chest appears after completing all 12 “Scenes from the Life of Meropide” quests and the unfinished Comedy quest. Granville will give you a universal treasure chest that is used to clear the three wooden crates in the water in the production area.

Genshin Impact gameplay

Genshin Impact is an exciting open-world action RPG where you control one of four characters in your party. You can switch between these characters during combat to use different skills and attacks. To make your characters more powerful, you can level them up and improve their weapons and artifacts. As you explore the vast world of Teyvat, you’ll discover challenges and bosses that offer valuable rewards, but you’ll need a resource called Primordial Resin to obtain them.

As you complete these challenges, your adventure level increases, unlocking new missions and making the game world more challenging. You can also control your character’s movements, such as running, climbing, swimming, and gliding, but you’ll need to manage your stamina. Some characters have special abilities that can change their environment, such as freezing water to form ice roads. You can use waypoints to travel quickly, heal at the Statue of the Seven, and collect resources such as food and ore.

The game also offers a co-op mode for up to four players, cross-platform play, and a gacha system to unlock new characters. Characters have access to different elements that can interact with each other to create powerful effects, adding depth to combat. Additionally, there is a tabletop card game called Genius Invokation TCG, which was introduced as an optional game mode in a recent update, providing a fun and strategic diversion from the main game.

Genshin Impact Map

In Genshin Impact, two brothers, Aether and Lumine, find themselves in the mysterious realm of Teyvat, where they witness the fall of the city of Khaenri’ah. However, they were torn apart by a powerful god named “The Supporter of Heavenly Law”. The siblings known as the Travelers awaken after five centuries of slumber and are joined by a charming companion named Paimon.

Together they embark on an epic journey through the different nations of Teyvat, each ruled by a different Archon with elemental powers. Along the way, they face mysterious forces such as the Order of the Abyss and uncover secrets of the past while seeking to reunite with their lost twins. Genshin Impact weaves a compelling story within its richly detailed world, where elemental magic, adventure, and discovery await you at every turn.

Genshin Impact trailer

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