How To Get The Jester’s Bell Amulet In Remnant 2? Complete Guide

The Joker’s Bell in Remnant 2

In Remnant 2, the Joker’s Bell is a powerful amulet that increases mod and skill cast speed, significantly increasing damage output in combat. When the player activates a skill or mod, the amulet triggers its effect, increasing the cast speed of mods and skills by 35%. This means players can unleash their abilities and powers faster, resulting in a faster, more efficient gaming experience.

Additionally, the Jester’s Bell Amulet provides a 20% damage increase for 15 seconds after using a skill or mod. This damage increase applies to all forms of damage dealt over a 15 second duration, making it a valuable asset in regular encounters and boss battles.

Jester’s Bell’s increased cast speed and damage boost allow players to unleash devastating combinations of abilities and mods, turning them into a formidable force on the battlefield. The amulet’s effect is particularly useful when facing strong enemies or challenging encounters, as it allows the player to deal more damage in less time, thus increasing overall efficiency in combat.

For players who rely heavily on skills and mods in combat, the Joker’s Bell becomes an essential talisman to maximize their efficiency and potential as they traverse the dangerous world of Remnant 2.

How to get the Joker’s Bell Amulet in Remnant 2?

To get the Joker’s Bell Amulet in Remnant 2, follow these steps:

step 1:

Load the game and select Losomn as the starting area for Adventure Mode. Head to the Palace Court waypoint. Fight your way through the first elevator, defeating enemies until you find the stairs to the basement.

Step 2:

Explore the basement until you find the Joker’s room, where he usually sits on a pile of bones. Interact with him and perform the applause emote during his juggling act (default key is G on PC, D-Pad on Xbox and PlayStation).

Step 3:

After clapping, the Jester’s Bell Amulet will be sent to your inventory. You can choose to stay until the end of his performance to obtain the “Magic Quill” quest item, which allows you to advance to the next location.

Make sure to fight off enemies on your way and follow the steps carefully to successfully obtain the Joker’s Bell Amulet and enjoy its benefits in Remnant 2.


What are the steps to use the clapping emoticon in Remnant 2?

To use the clap emote and receive the Joker’s Bell in Remnant 2, follow these steps:

1. Make sure you are in the Beatific Palace area of ​​Losomn.

2. Explore deeper into the crypt until you find the Joker sitting on a pile of bones.

3. Stand in front of the clown and press the interaction button/key to start his juggling act.

4. While the clown is juggling, hold down the “G” key to open the expression wheel.

5. Navigate to the menu in the lower left corner of the emoticon wheel.

6. Select a clapping emoticon from the menu.

7. If done correctly, you will receive the Jester’s Bell Amulet as a reward.

What is the function of the Clown Bell in Remnant 2?

The Jester Bell Amulet in Remnant 2 has powerful effects that significantly enhance gameplay. When equipped, the amulet increases mod and skill cast speed by an impressive 35%. This improvement allows players to activate their abilities faster, resulting in a more fluid and dynamic combat experience. The increased cast speed is particularly beneficial in the heat of battle, as it minimizes the risk of getting hit while performing animations, ensuring better survivability and mobility.

Additionally, Jester’s Bell provides an additional damage buff when casting mods or abilities. After using a mod or skill, all damage dealt is increased by 20% for 15 seconds. This increase in damage allows players to unleash more devastating attacks, making it easier to take down tough enemies and bosses. It becomes a strategic advantage at critical moments, allowing players to deal increased damage and potentially turn the tide of challenging encounters in their favor.

Overall, the Joker’s Bell provides a well-rounded effect that improves offensive and defensive abilities. It combines a higher cast speed with a damage boost, making it a valuable asset for players looking to optimize combat performance and overcome the various challenges in Remnant 2. By utilizing the Joker’s Bell, players can realize the full potential of their character’s abilities and advance through the game with greater efficiency and strength.

“Remnant 2” clown clock location

The Clown Clock in Remnant 2 can be found in the Lucerne region, specifically in the palace known as the Palace of Bliss. The Joker is a guaranteed spawn point in this area, making it relatively easy for players to encounter him. To find him, players will need to delve deeper into the palace’s crypts until they encounter a room where the Joker is sitting on a large pile of bones.

After players find the Joker, they need to perform specific actions to obtain the Joker Bell. When the Joker plays with the ball, the player must activate the clapping emote from the emote wheel. On most platforms, this can be done by holding down a designated key, such as “G” on PC and the D-pad on Xbox and PlayStation. If executed correctly, the Jester’s Bell will be awarded to the player and their team, providing them with the amulet’s powerful effects.

The Joker’s location in the Palace of Happiness ensures that players have easy access to him during the game. However, it is necessary to start in the right position to ensure a clown look.Players should make sure they encounter the Joker in Lothom’s Palace of Happiness, as starting from a different area may lead to different quest lines

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