How to Get the Nue Glider in Fortnite? A Complete Guide

What is the Nue glider in Fortnite?

Nue gliders are famous among the rewards from the Fortnite x Jujutsu Kaisen collaboration. The Nue Glider is a coveted item that fans have worked hard to unlock as part of the Break the Curse event pass. This exclusive glider is not only a symbol of the partnership between Fortnite and Jiu-Jitsu Express, but also a testament to the dedication of players.

To obtain the Nue Glider, players must participate in the event-specific mini battle pass in Season 3 WILDS Chapter 4. By completing missions and challenges, players can accumulate Cursed Energy, a valuable resource needed to progress through the mini-battle pass levels.

However, it’s worth noting that the Nue Glider is not an easy reward to obtain; it is considered one of the more challenging items to obtain from the event pass. Devoted Fortnite and Jujutsu Kaisen fans who are up for the challenge can show their determination by successfully unlocking the Nue Glider, allowing them to soar through the virtual skies with this special item.

How to get the Nue glider in Fortnite?

As part of the Jujutsu Kaisen collaboration, to obtain the Nue Glider in Fortnite, players must participate in the “Break the Curse!” mission and successfully complete five missions for each grade. The missions are categorized into different levels, and completing five missions within a level will reward the player with tokens for that specific level. The key requirement to obtain the Nue Glider is to accumulate a total of 5 Wizard Level Tokens.

Once players collect these 5 tokens, they will be rewarded with immediate access to the Nue glider. Importantly, it’s worth noting that players don’t need to purchase the “Break the Curse!” event pass to unlock the Nue glider; it’s a free unlock available to any player who completes the required missions.

It is also important to remember that the availability of Nue gliders is consistent with the availability of different levels of missions. The opportunity to unlock the Nue glider will begin on August 17th as more mission levels become available during the event.

While the Jujutsu Kaisen event is ongoing, players can obtain the Nue Glider exclusively in the Events tab. It’s worth noting that although the Nue Glider is launching as part of this collaboration, it may become available in the Fortnite item shop at a later date. Unlike other event rewards, unlocking the Nue Glider is directly tied to completing the required quests and earning all five Wizard Level Tokens, giving players a unique way to earn this special cosmetic item.


Collect wizard levels in Fortnite

Collecting wizard levels requires completing the “Break the Curse” quest, which is divided into five different groups, each corresponding to a specific level. These levels include Level 4, Level 3, Level 2, Level 1 and Special Level. However, when the Jujutsu Kaisen event begins on August 8, not all tiers will be available immediately. Epic Games is rolling them out gradually, with the final set of levels opening on August 17th. This timeline also marks the point in time when the Nue Glider can be unlocked.

To advance to the different levels, players need to complete at least eight missions in each level. After successfully completing five missions within a specific level, players will receive Wizard Level Tokens as bonus objective rewards. Collecting all five Wizard-level tokens is the key to unlocking the coveted Nue glider.

It’s worth noting that the “Break the Curse” event runs throughout Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 4. Players must max out Jujutsu Kaisen missions before 2 a.m. ET on August 25, as they will be permanently inaccessible after this date.

While the Nue Glider will eventually return to the game as an item purchasable in the Item Shop, it will no longer be available for free. This mechanic ensures that players have a limited time to protect the Nue glider through specialized missions to complete before converting it into a purchasable cosmetic item in the game.

Nue glider didn’t show up.

If the Nue glider isn’t showing up to players in Fortnite, it’s important to remember that the glider’s availability is tied to the “Break the Curse” event, which is part of the Jujutsu Kaisen collaboration. The event spans Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 4 and offers players the chance to unlock various rewards, including the Nue Glider.

Players who want to obtain the Nue Glider will need to actively participate in the Jujutsu Kaisen mission and complete the required “Break the Curse” challenge. It is important to ensure that you complete event tasks within the given time frame. The event will end at 2 a.m. ET on August 25th, after which the Jujutsu Kaisen mission will no longer be available. This means that the chance to get the Nue Glider for free will also end.

Many Fortnite players have expressed their frustration at how difficult it is for them to obtain the Nue Glider, even after successfully completing the “Break the Curse” mission. Although the glider is in “claimed” status, players are reporting that it is not appearing in their lockers as expected. Some players even faced confusing situations where tasks were marked as incomplete despite having claimed their rewards. The issue exists across different gaming platforms, leaving players concerned that the issue could persist into next season if not addressed in time.

Players took to social media to express their concerns and seek answers from Epic Games. Some people have shared their experiences of completing all the required missions and even purchasing the Jiu-Jitsu Express Mini Pass, only to find that their Nue glider was missing from their inventory.

One player raised the issue of being prompted to complete all levels to unlock the glider despite having met all prerequisites except for one mission. As the Fortnite community eagerly awaits a solution, the frustration of not getting the Nue Glider highlights the importance of quickly resolving technical issues like this to ensure a seamless gaming experience.


Developed by Epic Games and released in 2017, Fortnite is an extremely popular online video game known for its multiple game modes and engaging gameplay. The game is available in three main versions with different features, all using the same common game engine.

These versions include Fortnite Battle Royale, a free-to-play battle royale game mode where up to 100 players compete to survive to the end; Fortnite: Save the World, a co-op tower defense shooter and survival game where players can team up to fight zombie-like creatures and defend objects using traps and fortifications they can build; and a Fortnite Creative mode that gives players the creative freedom to design their own worlds and arenas .

Fortnite’s journey began with the early access versions of Save the World and Battle Royale in 2017, followed by the launch of Creative Mode on December 6, 2018. While all of Epic Games’ releases have been successful, Fortnite Battle Royale became an unprecedented phenomenon, attracting more than 125 million players in a year and generating hundreds of millions of dollars in monthly revenue. As of December 2019, Fortnite’s total revenue has reached a staggering $9 billion.

The game is available on a variety of platforms, including macOS, PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and ninth-generation consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Diverse game modes and widespread availability contribute to Fortnite’s status as a cultural and gaming phenomenon.

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