How to Get the Tempest in Wayfinder? How to Craft Tempest Shotgun in Wayfinder?


Wayfinder is a creative free online action RPG crafted by Airship Syndicate and developed by Digital Extremes. Set in the fractured realm of Avina, your character revolves around mastering the power of the Pathfinders to deal with the looming chaotic upheaval. By teaming up with companions, you can greatly customize your online adventure, traverse the landscape, gather resources, and immerse yourself in crafting.

Embark on a dungeon exploration journey, fight enemies, and accumulate important materials to enhance and upgrade your basic equipment. Wizards and warriors form an alliance and embark on a mission to protect Avenor from an ancient, malevolent entity that once challenged reality itself.

Travel through the remnants of past conflicts between powerful creatures and uncover the secrets hidden by the Architect of the Celestials. Beacons are lasting relics of this cosmic battle, harnessed by skilled arcanists to emanate elemental energy, shaping the course of cities and historical events. Step into a realm where magic and power merge, inviting you to overcome obstacles and reshape the course of your destiny.

Tempest Shell in Wayfinder

In the realm of the Pathfinders, the Tempest Husk plays a central role as a key weapon component, essential to the creation of powerful weapons. As a cornerstone of the crafting process, it breathes life into the powerful Tempest weapon. Wayfinder’s weapon part concept adds depth, including four distinct parts – Shell, Form, Spirit, and Essence – each contributing a unique essence.

The storm shell symbolizes progress and is pursued by adventurers through tasks, combat rewards, exploration, strategic purchases, etc., making it a journey of pursuit. This mission culminates in the Fire of Weaponry, where components are incorporated into the Tempest weapon and the Tempest shell is combined with other parts for effectiveness.

Through the flicker of crafting fire, the essence of the Tempest Shell merges to produce a weapon that embodies power and devotion. Beyond its form, the Tempest Shell symbolizes Wayfinder’s innovation, leading adventurers into a chapter where crafting and combat merge, and forging and discovery resonate.


How to get Tempest in Wayfinder?

To get a Tempest weapon in Pathfinder, you must create it by gathering the necessary components and crafting fire with the designated weapon. Among these components, Tempest Shell is a crucial element. Here is an extensive guide detailing how to get Tempest in Wayfinder:

Find the Tempest Shell:

Of the four components that are integral to assembling a Tempest weapon, the Tempest casing is crucial. Begin your search in the game’s vast world, or engage in specific missions and activities that have the potential to yield fragments of this complete weapon.

Aggregate the remaining required components:

In addition to the Tempest Shell, your mission is to obtain the remaining three components necessary to create the Tempest weapon. This component classification may include items such as storm barrels, storm grips, or other complete components.

Forged Storm:

After successfully obtaining all four basic components, navigate to the designated weapon in the game to create fire. Here, interact with Crafting Fire and choose Forge Tempest Weapon. Follow any tips or prerequisites to successfully complete the crafting process.

Revel in your new weapons:

After successfully crafting a Tempest, you can equip and use it in combat, enhancing your abilities and meeting the challenges presented by the game’s realm.

How to craft a Storm Shotgun in Pathfinder?

The methods are:

Gather necessary materials:

The specific components necessary to build a Tempest shotgun may vary, but typical requirements include a Tempest shell, Tempest barrel, Tempest grip, and other integral components.

Discover the production site:

Uncover the fire of weapon crafting in the vast game world. Such crafting stations are usually located in settlements or unique locations.

Participating production stations:

Approach the weapon to create flames and initiate interaction to enter the crafting interface.

Choose the Storm Shotgun Blueprint:

After entering the production interface, find the blueprint of the Storm Shotgun. It may be classified as a shotgun or a designated part of weapon crafting.

Create the Storm Shotgun:

Once you have all the necessary materials, select the Storm Shotgun blueprint and confirm the crafting sequence. Your character will then begin crafting the assigned weapon.

Equip and use the Storm Shotgun:

After successfully crafting the Tempest Shotgun, navigate to your inventory or equipment menu to equip the weapon. Once equipped, you can seamlessly integrate it into combat scenarios, allowing you to take on opponents across the entire gaming spectrum.

Pathfinding game

In Pathfinder, take on the role of a pathfinder and unleash your innate talents while dealing with a world about to be taken over by hostile forces. Take control of the chaos, plan unlimited adventures with your comrades, and harness the power of the unity of your fellow Pathfinders. In the spirit of “Command Chaos,” customize each adventure with the mysterious Dagger of Darkness, a tool that guides you through unique challenges.

Customize your interactions, resources, and even your Wayfinder companions to suit your preferences, ensuring every journey is special. Immerse yourself in the role of a Pathfinder and hone your abilities from arcane magic to deadly melee combat and arcane techniques. Travel through immersive kingdoms with fellow pathfinders, shaping your adventure to your personal style and choices.

Embark on a journey of exploration into the dark world, discover unknown territories, encounter new and strange creatures, and mine resources. By forging powerful gear, awakening new wayfinders, and advancing meticulously in your Atlas, you will forge a path to mastery.

Remember, unity makes sense; Pathfinders thrive through social bonds, collaborative adventures, and shared progress, reinforcing the deep interconnectedness that unites us all.

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