How to Level up Fast in Wayfinder? Wayfinder Level Up Guide

How to level up quickly in Pathfinder?

To speed up your progress in Wayfinder and level up faster, there are several effective strategies you can employ. Characters’ powers can be enhanced through the use of consumables, echoes, an affinity system, and various accessories. However, these strategies have limited value if you’re not at your best at Wayfinder. Harnessing the Darkstone is a valuable technique for those who want to speed up their progress.

Gloomstones constitute a unique form of in-game currency in Wayfinder and are crucial to accelerating affinity growth. These valuable resources can be obtained through exploration. In order to obtain Darkstones, it is recommended to focus on defeating Goblins, as they often drop large amounts of Darkstones, usually more than 10 Darkstones per encounter. For maximum efficiency, consider starting an adventure such as Undercroft in Areas 1 and 2, or exploring the Blood Factory in Areas 1 and 2. Through these efforts, you will accumulate Darkstone shards that can be crafted into complete Darkstone items. Once you accumulate these stones, use them wisely to boost and accelerate your progress in the game.

Pathfinder Upgrade Guide

1. Complete the main mission:

The main missions in Wayfinder provide a large amount of experience points and are crucial to advancing the storyline. Prioritize these tasks to ensure stable upgrades.

2. Join the adventure:

Participate in adventures, defeat enemies, collect resources, and earn experience points. Focus on areas with monsters that will drop valuable items and earn rewards.

3. Use consumables:

Consumables such as experience boosters can temporarily increase the amount of experience gained in combat. Use them strategically during times of challenge or grind.

4. Affinity system:

Enhance your character’s power through the affinity system. Invest in affinities and unlock a variety of benefits, including increased damage and special abilities.

5. Equipment accessories:

Equip accessories that provide experience bonuses. These items can significantly increase the amount of experience you gain in combat.

6. Explore all areas:

Progress through various areas and encounter different enemies and challenges. Each area offers unique rewards and experience points.

7. Farm Dark Stone:

Darkstone is a special currency used to increase affinity. Participate in adventures that yield Darkstone and prioritize defeating goblins to obtain these valuable resources.

8. Prioritize Goblin Hunting:

Goblins are known for dropping Darkstone. Adventures like Undercroft and The Bloodworks, Sphere 1 and 2, are particularly good for goblin encounters.

9. Complete the challenge:

Many games in Wayfinder offer challenges that earn experience points upon completion. These can be an effective way to gain experience while enjoying different aspects of the game.

10. Participate in PvP battles:

If the game offers this feature, participate in player-versus-player battles. Winning PvP matches usually rewards experience points.

11. Participate in activities:

Take advantage of special in-game events to increase XP rewards or unique upgrade opportunities.

12. Join a guild:

If Wayfinder has a guild system, joining an active guild can provide experience rewards and access to group activities, thereby earning valuable rewards.

13. Plan your play time:

Dedicate focused playtime to Wayfinder to maximize the time you spend leveling up. Persistent efforts will produce better results.

14. Develop a battle strategy:

Develop effective combat strategies to defeat your enemies efficiently. Use the right skills and strategies to speed up combat and gain experience faster.

15. Investment training:

If Pathfinder has a training system, take advantage of it to enhance your character’s abilities and gain experience boosts.



Wayfinders is an engaging fantasy action RPG infused with elements of the critically acclaimed game Destiny. The game was released on August 17, 2023. Wayfinders was developed by Airship Syndicate. The game combines the immersive elements of a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) with the immersive gameplay features commonly found in action role-playing games. The game is available on multiple platforms, including PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, as well as Microsoft Windows.

Digital Extremes takes on the role of publisher of Wayfinders, a name that resonates in the gaming industry due to its involvement in various successful games. The game’s development is powered by Unreal Engine 4, which is known for its ability to create stunning visuals and complex game worlds.

Pathfinding game

In Pathfinder, you take on the role of an intrepid Pathfinder, using your unique talents to confront looming hostile takeover threats around the world. When chaos threatens to consume everything, you must control the forces of chaos and embark on an infinite adventure with your fellow Pathfinders. United by a common goal, you will create a powerful bond that will become the foundation of your strength.

In the spirit of “Command the Chaos,” you’ll have the opportunity to craft each adventure in a very personal way. At the heart of this customization is the mysterious Gloom Dagger—a tool that guides you through unique challenges and opportunities. As you travel through your journey, you’ll customize your interactions, allocate resources, and even shape the paths of your fellow wayfinders to suit your preferences, ensuring every adventure is a unique and unforgettable experience.

Becoming a Pathfinder means mastering a variety of abilities, from arcane magic to deadly melee combat, and arcane technologies. You’ll do so with fellow pathfinders as you navigate the immersive world, and each adventure will truly come to life through your choices and style.

As you travel through uncharted territory, you’ll encounter new and unfamiliar creatures while digging for valuable resources in the mysterious gloom. The forging of powerful gear, the awakening of new Pathfinders, and your meticulous progress through the Atlas, the Pathfinder’s intricate network of exploration, will pave the way to true mastery. However, the principle of unity is at the heart of success. Wayfinders thrive through the power of social bonds, collaborative adventure, and collective progress. These connections emphasize the deep interconnectedness that binds all Wayfinders together, reinforcing the idea that your combined efforts are the key to defeating the spreading chaos.

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