How to Quickly Fix Ready or Not Lag, Ready or Not Lag Common Reasons

ready or Not

Ready or Not is a video game where you play as a SWAT team facing a wave of crime in a fictional city. It is produced by Ireland-based VOID Interactive and was released on Steam Early Access on December 17, 2021, with the full version released on December 13, 2023. People loved the game’s atmosphere and gameplay, comparing it to the SWAT series, but others criticized its tone and the way it handled certain topics.

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How to Quickly Fix Ready or Not Ready Lag

If lag is affecting your Ready or Not gaming experience, consider using LagoFast, a user-friendly tool designed to quickly resolve lag issues. Please follow these simple steps:

Download LagoFast:

  • Visit LagoFast official website and click on “Free Trial Download”.

Search “Ready or Not”:

  • Launch LagoFast, use the Game Boost feature, and search for “Ready or Not” in the search bar.

Choose a stable server:

  • Click Select Server to select a stable server and prevent “Ready” or “Not Ready” server delays. You can also choose the best node for best performance.

Intelligent improvement:

  • Click the “Smart Acceleration” button to view specific game ping, packet loss rate and network type. Click “Start Game” to start the game.


Common Causes of Ready or Not Ready Lag

  • Insufficient CPU or GPU: Make sure your computer meets game specifications to prevent lag due to processing power limitations.
  • Low Bandwidth: Maintain a fast internet connection for smooth online gaming and avoid “ready” or “not ready” lag.
  • Graphics Settings: Adjust graphics settings to a level appropriate for your hardware, preventing stress and potential lag.
  • Resolution: Choose an appropriate resolution to prevent strain on the GPU, thus minimizing the risk of “ready or not ready” lag.
  • Other Apps: Close resource-intensive apps during gaming to free up system resources and prevent “Ready or Not Ready” delays.
  • Outdated graphics drivers: Keep your graphics drivers up to date to avoid compatibility issues and performance lags.

ready or not

In Ready or Not, you play as David “Judge” Beaumont, the leader of a crime-fighting police team. This is a realistic tactical shooter, which means you and your enemies can be taken down in just a few shots. You can choose from a variety of guns and customize them with accessories. The game encourages capturing suspects alive and offers less lethal options like Tasers. Fire discipline is critical because shooting an innocent person or restraining a suspect can have consequences.

There are five game modes with different challenges, including dealing with suspects, rescuing hostages, and defusing bombs. You can perform missions alone with your AI teammates or cooperatively with others online. A competitive player versus player mode is planned for a future version.

ready or not trailer

Ready or Not Overview


ready or Not


void interaction


void interaction


Unreal Engine 4


Microsoft Windows

release date

December 13, 2023


First person shooter, tactical shooter


Single player, multiplayer

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