How to Remove Evil Plant in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

How to get rid of evil plants in Disneyland’s Light Valley?

In the Wild Tangle biome of the Timeless Isle, you’ll encounter small evil plants. While they may blend in with their surroundings, these plants are not part of common décor. They are considered troublesome and need to be removed. Not just for ethical reasons, they also produce tropical wood, an important material for crafting in A Crack in Time.

Dealing with Small Evil Plants

In order to destroy these Small Evil Plants, players will need the Small Evil Plant Watering Can Potion. Completing Merlin’s story mission “Village Project: Eternal Trash” is the goal here. It involves accessing the Time Bending Table after collecting certain ingredients: 500 Mist and 20 Tropical Wood. Mists can be obtained in a variety of ways, such as completing Mist quests, clearing Fate Shards, or treasure hunting using the Royal Hourglass.

For tropical wood, it appears near trees in four areas within the wild tangle biome: grasslands, woods, galleries, and lagoons. Crafting the Small Evil Plant Watering Can potion on the Time Warp Table will automatically upgrade the Royal Watering Can. With this upgrade, players can remove small evil plants and collect tropical wood from them.

Deal with large evil plants

Large evil plants dominate the Wild Thicket, taking up a lot of space. To take back this territory, players will need to deal with these towering plants. Similar to the Small Evil Plants, upgrading the Royal Watering Can is key to eliminating them. Completing Merlin’s “Village Project: Eternal Trash” quest leads to the next quest “Village Project: Eternal Tools”. To complete this quest, players must craft all available Royal Tool upgrades on the Time Warp Table. This includes the potions needed to eliminate large evil plants.

Large Evil Plant Watering Can Potion from Disneyland’s Dreamland

There are a few steps to making the Large Evil Plant Watering Can Potion in Disney’s Dreamland. First, players need to upgrade the Royal Hourglass to level 1 using the Mists on the Time-Bending Table. This upgrade is important because it unlocks new recipes and allows for the discovery of a base material called Ancient Core (Level 1) during Time Warp. After upgrading the Royal Hourglass, you need to collect specific ingredients to create potions. You need 3000 Mist, 1 Ancient Core (Level 1), and 40 Tropical Wood. These materials are essential, so make sure you have them ready before you get to the crafting stage.

After gathering all the necessary ingredients, return to the Time Bending Table. Find the recipe for the Large Evil Plant Watering Can Potion under the Special category. Once you find it, you can start crafting potions using the materials you collected. Crafting this potion will instantly upgrade your Royal Watering Can. This upgraded tool will allow you to clear large evil plants from wild tangles in the game.


Disney Dream Valley

Disney Dream Valley is a game in which you take care of a magical valley filled with Disney and Pixar characters. These characters have lost their memories due to a curse, and you need to help them regain their past lives in the valley. It is released in phases for different platforms such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Windows, and macOS.

Players will have early access to it on certain devices before its full release. The original plan was for it to be a free-to-play game, but that changed as more people played it in Early Access. Due to its success during this period, the game ceased to be free-to-play and became a paid game. The game fully releases on December 5, 2023, and comes with the first big bonus part called “A Rift in Time.”

Disney Dream Valley gameplay

At Disneyland, you can dive into a world where you take care of this magical place filled with Disney and Pixar characters. It’s like being in a grand adventure where you control a character who lives in this special valley. You can explore, collect stuff, and even use magic to clear out these not-so-friendly plants known as “night thorns.”

You can cook, you can craft things, and you can use magical tools to help you, such as a pickaxe or fishing rod. You can even decorate the place with furniture and style your clothes. As you play, you can earn coins, allowing you to buy cool stuff or upgrade your valley. You can become friends with the characters who live there by chatting, doing activities together, and giving gifts. The more friends you make, the more stuff and rewards you unlock.

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Disney Dream Valley Development Project

The creation of Disney’s Dreamland was led by a team at Gameloft Montreal. They are a group of people who absolutely love Disney and Pixar, and they pour all their passion for these characters into their games. Game manager Manea Castet said their team feels like a family of Disney and Pixar fans. They are extremely excited to bring this magical world to life and look forward to fans joining them in Early Access to help shape the game.

The game’s development journey dates back to June 2022 when it was announced. It’s available in early access on various gaming platforms such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Windows, and eventually macOS. Over time, the team works hard to add more content and features to make the game better. They want to make sure the game is filled with adventure and stories that players will enjoy.

The original plan was to make the game free to play after its early access phase. But things changed along the way. In October 2023, Gameloft decided to change strategy. The game will no longer be free after its full release in December 2023, but will instead become a paid game. They also announced a cool new expansion called A Rift in Time, which will be released alongside the full version, giving players even more excitement in this ever-evolving universe inspired by Disney and Pixar.

Disney Dream Valley Trailer

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