How to Select A Perfect Base Location in Enshrouded? Selecting the Right Base Location in Enshrouded


Enshrouded is an exciting survival action role-playing video game developed by Keen Games. The game initially launched in Early Access on Windows PC in January 2024, with a full release expected later this year. In “Enshrouded,” players embark on a gripping adventure to explore a world full of challenges and mysteries.

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The game’s unique features and immersive gameplay make it stand out in the gaming space. “Enshrouded” is planned to be released on multiple platforms such as Windows PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, and is expected to provide a variety of gamers with a diverse gaming experience.

As players explore the game’s ever-evolving world, they will encounter survival elements, engaging role-playing dynamics, and the excitement of discovering the secrets of the mysterious Enshrouded universe. There are high expectations for its full release, bringing an exciting journey to gamers on different platforms.

How to choose the perfect base location in Enshroud?

Choosing the right base location in Enshrouded is crucial to a successful adventure. To make informed decisions, focus on gathering necessary resources and upgrading your equipment. Keep an eye on the map and note the locations of fast travel points, as they play a vital role in your progress.

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Enshrouded is a survival role-playing game developed by Keen Games that offers a variety of potential safe bases, such as Kelvin Keep and Pike Mead Realm. Choosing the right location for your first base is key to enhancing your gaming journey. Find a location that can easily connect to important areas on the map to ensure efficient exploration and resource gathering.

Consider the advantages each potential base location offers. A carefully chosen base will contribute greatly to your success in the game, helping you survive and thrive in a challenging foggy world. Take your time to explore the map, assess your surroundings, and make smart decisions to build a base that will put you on the path to victory.

Choose the correct base location in Enshrouded

Choosing an ideal base location in Enshrouded begins with selecting an area on the map that establishes viable fast travel points. These points allow for quick navigation in the game world, facilitating efficient item farming and the crafting of basic tools and weapons.

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Navigate Ancient Spire:

An important consideration is to avoid the area near the Ancient Spire. These buildings are located in Springlands, Revelwood, Low Meadows, Nomad Highlands, and Kindlewastes and serve as fast travel points once unlocked. To optimize your base location, it is recommended to avoid building near these spiers, especially to the west near Springlands, Revelwood, and Low Meadows. Placing bases strategically around gaps in the map can speed up travel between east and west.

Close to the mine:

Another key factor is choosing an area close to the mine. Amberville’s mines are vital to long-term survival, providing essential resources such as salt, copper, and iron for crafting and upgrades. Some mines are located near Ancient Spires, while others are beyond gliding distance. Choosing a base location close to these inaccessible mines can enhance your resource gathering capabilities.

Main base relocation:

Also consider moving your main base. The starting base is usually used as the main hub and is initially built on the plains near the Cinder Depot fast travel point. However, the game will prompt you to build it in this location. Choosing to relocate your main base to an area that effectively connects multiple locations in Springland, especially after unlocking the Ancient Spire, can simplify your gameplay.

Hidden gameplay

Enshrouded offers an engaging gameplay experience as a survival action role-playing video game played from a third-person perspective. The game is set in the vast and open world of Embervale, which can be explored by up to 16 players, offering a combination of base building, resource gathering and crafting.

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In the overworld, players build their base, gather necessary resources, and create new gear and equipment. A unique feature is the ability to summon non-playable characters to the base to provide players with crafting recipes and quests. Venture into the area hidden by the mysterious fog known as the Shroud, where dangers and rewards exist.

As hostile monsters inhabit these areas, players can discover valuable loot and regularly regenerating treasure chests, adding a thrilling element to exploration. Survival in Enshrouded involves managing hunger and thirst, which affects the player character’s effectiveness in combat. Drinking water can increase endurance, and eating food can improve physical fitness.

Combat is varied, with a variety of weapons, dodges, and parries to defeat your enemies. As players progress, unlock talents that allow them to specialize in one of three classes: Trickster, Battle Mage, or Survivor. Additional traversal tools such as gliders and grappling hooks become available to aid exploration.

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hidden development

Enshrouded is created by Keen Games, the German studio best known for Portal Knights. The developers drew inspiration from beloved games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Hall of Valhalla to create an engaging experience in the survival game genre.

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While influenced by the combat of the challenging Soulsborne games, Enshrouded’s design isn’t that intimidating, making it popular with newcomers to survival games. Keen Games announced the development of “Enshrouded” in May 2023, arousing the expectations of game enthusiasts.

In order to allow players to experience future developments, an 8-hour trial version was released during the Steam Next Fest in November 2023. The game officially launches through Steam’s Early Access mode on January 24, 2024, allowing players to immerse themselves in the ever-evolving world of Amberville. Excitingly, versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and Series S are also in development, extending the accessibility of “Enshrouded” to a wider audience.

Hidden trailer

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