How to Turn on Flashlight in Ready or Not? Ways to Use Flashlight in Ready or Not

Is the flashlight ready?

Flashlights transcend their typical use as a mere source of illumination. They serve the dual purpose of serving as a covert means of communication and are cleverly adopted by players as a code language. With certain gestures missing from the game, the flashlight becomes a dynamic tool for conveying information and signaling teammates. This innovative use of light adds an extra layer of strategy to gameplay, allowing players to silently communicate important information, such as alerting teammates of potential threats or coordinating actions, all without the need for voice chat.

This flashlight code language has proven to be particularly beneficial for squads who prefer to disable voice chat. It provides an alternative method of strategic communication that helps create a more immersive and adaptable gaming experience. Flashlights do more than just visibility, facilitating unique forms of non-verbal interaction between players, enhancing teamwork and adding an element of tactical depth to the game environment.

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How to turn on the flashlight in ready or not ready state?

Find the TMB2 button:

  • Press TMB2 (third mouse button 2) to turn the flashlight on or off. This button is the default control for the flashlight function in the game.

Check mouse model compatibility:

  • Make sure your mouse model has a TMB2 button for default flashlight control. Some mice may not have this button and require additional steps to customize.

Access Settings:

  • If your mouse does not have a TMB2 button, please visit the in-game settings to customize the flashlight controls. Navigate to the Options menu.

Navigate to the control:

  • On the Options menu, find and click Controls. This section allows you to customize various in-game controls.

To access the interactive menu:

  • Under the Controls menu, find and select Interaction Menu. Here you can modify the control settings for specific actions.

Adjust flashlight settings:

  • Find the flashlight control settings in the Interaction Menu option. If your mouse is missing a TMB2 button, modify the control to a suitable alternative.

save Changes:

  • After adjusting the flashlight control settings, save the changes to apply the new configuration.


How to use flashlight to communicate?

Activate the flashlight:

  • Turn on the in-game flashlight by pressing the designated button (usually TMB2 (Third Mouse Button 2)).

Learn about flashlights as communication tools:

  • Recognize the uses of flashlights beyond lighting. Understand that players can use this to communicate, especially if hand signals are not available in the game.

Develop flashlight code language:

  • Use flashlight to create or learn coding languages. Identify specific signals or patterns to communicate messages to teammates without using voice chat.

Use a flashlight to signal:

  • Use the flashlight as a signaling tool during gameplay. This can include alerting teammates to hazards, indicating locations, or coordinating actions within the game environment.

Consider voice chat preferences:

  • Recognizing the use of a flashlight to communicate can be especially beneficial for squads who prefer to disable voice chat. It provides a silent but effective method of conveying information.

Practice flashlight communication:

  • Practice with teammates and become familiar with the flashlight code language. This ensures seamless communication during gameplay.

Adapt to the flashlight signal:

  • Adjust your flashlight signal based on the game environment and the specific strategy or message your squad wants to convey.

ready or Not

“Ready or Not” is a tactical first-person shooter game produced by Irish company VOID Interactive. It can be played on computers using Microsoft Windows. In the game, you play as a police SWAT team operating in the fictional city of Los Sunos, California to deal with an increase in criminal activity.

The game first launched in Early Access on Steam on December 17, 2021, allowing players to try it out before its full release. It was officially launched on December 13, 2023. People love Ready or Not for its realistic atmosphere and engaging gameplay. Some even consider it a spiritual successor to Sierra Entertainment’s SWAT series. However, there has been some criticism, particularly regarding the game’s tone and how it handles certain themes.

ready or not

In Ready or Not, you play as David “Judge” Beaumont, the leader of a police tactical team fighting criminals. The game focuses on realism, taking out both you and the bad guys with just a few shots. This means you have to use smart strategies and plan carefully.

You can choose from a variety of different guns including rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, and pistols. Plus, you can customize them with sights, suppressors, and more. You also have cool tools like stun grenades, fiber scopes, and ballistic shields. The game encourages you to catch suspects without harming them, so there are non-lethal options like tasers and pepper spray. But be careful with less-lethal weapons, as they can accidentally injure or even kill someone.

More points are awarded for arresting suspects rather than using deadly force. Remember, you need to shoot carefully and not harm innocent people or your own team members. If you break the rules, the game’s police will come after you. So Ready or Not isn’t just about shooting, it’s about being smart and following the rules to complete the mission.

Ready or Not Overview


Microsoft Windows

First published date

December 17, 2021


void interaction


void interaction


Unreal Engine 4


multiplayer video games


proprietary license

ready or not trailer

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