How To Unlock And Upgrade The Wilderness In Reverse: 1999? Reverse: 1999 Plot, Overview, Trailer and more

How to unlock and upgrade “Reverse Wilds: 1999”?

Unlocking the Wilderness: To travel backwards into Wilderness: 1999, after completing all content in Chapter 1, complete the initial mission “Courtesy” in Chapter 2. This will unlock the wilderness on the home screen.

Use Wilds: Wilds as your customizable base, allowing you to place characters, add connections, and gather resources. Paleohall is a central facility that can be upgraded for overall improvements.

Upgrade Paleohall: Upgrade Paleohall using special items “Children of Prosperity” obtained from specific sources. Collecting all four Sons of Prosperity allows you to fully upgrade the Ancient Hall to level five.

Wilderness facilities: Use the core materials from the main stage of resource harvesting to upgrade facilities such as the Dust Bell Tower, the Sharptooth Market, and the Wishing Fountain.

Increased Productivity: Enhance the vitality of the wilderness by adding tiles to the land, increasing the productivity of Dust and Sharptooths.

Get Tiles: Unlock new islands and expand your wilderness by upgrading Ancient Halls or purchasing tiles from the bank using wilderness shells or clear drops.

Add Character to Wilderness: Increases vitality to add character to wilderland. Over time, these characters accumulate contact points that strengthen your connection with them.

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Back: 1999

Reverse: 1999 is an exciting video game by Bluepoch that is all about turn-based tactics and role-playing. It was first released in mainland China on May 31, 2023, and then on October 26, 2023, gamers around the world can enter its fascinating world. In this game, you will adventure with many different characters and face strategic challenges, all wrapped in a rich storyline.

It’s not just combat – you’ll also collect characters and need to plan your actions, manage resources and build a strong team to overcome challenges. The game blends strategy, character collection, and tactical gameplay for a unique and exciting gaming experience.


Back: 1999 episode

In 1999, just as the world was preparing to welcome the new century, something extraordinary happened. When the clock strikes midnight on December 31, a mysterious “storm” violates the laws of nature and plunges the world into a past era. In this chaos of time and space, a unique character called “The Timekeeper” appears, who is unaffected by the storm.

The Chronoman embarks on an extraordinary journey, forming bonds with arcanists from different moments in history. Together they face the constant threat of the storm, creating a captivating storyline full of adventure and challenge. “Reverse: 1999” combines strategy, character collection and tactical gameplay to provide players with a unique gaming experience.

Reversal 1999 Overview






iOS system




October 26, 2023


Role-playing, turn-based tactics

Reversal 1999 trailer

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