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“Bomb Rush Cyberfunk” is a captivating single-player real-time action skill game set in the cyberpunk realm. Developed and published by Team Reptile, the game draws deep inspiration from the Jet Set Radio series and transports players into a vibrant future world. The core of the story revolves around Red, a graffiti artist who longs for a spot in the famous Bomb Rush Crew.

Red’s ultimate wish centers on the prestigious “All City” title, symbolizing the pinnacle of graffiti masters in New Amsterdam’s urban landscape. In a fascinating twist, Red embarks on a quest to reclaim his original, decapitated head, injecting layers of riveting mystery into the storyline.

Set against a backdrop crafted by Dion Koster, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk presents a game world where every second of gameplay is equivalent to a second of high-level funk-style engagement. In this creative environment, self-styled teams armed with personal enhancement packs scale new heights of artistic expression through doodling.

An array of activities awaits players as they are plunged into this alternate future, including dancing, painting, stunts, and confrontations with law enforcement. These efforts work together to leave their mark on every surface of this sprawling metropolis.

The game’s atmosphere gains further depth through harmonious collaboration with Hideki Naganuma’s musical artistry, enhancing the overall immersive experience. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk releases on August 18, 2023, giving players the perfect opportunity to experience its blend of action-packed gameplay, cyberpunk aesthetics, and stunning musical vibes.

How to unlock COIL in Bomb Rush CyberFunk?

To unlock COIL in Bomb Rush CyberFunk, you need to follow a series of steps that lead to a unique encounter with the character and ultimately a partnership:

  1. Find the Coil in the Alley: Start by exploring Mataan’s urban environment. Search an alley where you can find a character named Coil. Once you find him, this will trigger the beginning of the unlocking process.

  2. Copy Coil’s Dance: After discovering Coil in the alley, your first order of business is to imitate his dance moves. This interaction creates a connection between your character and the coil, setting the stage for further development.

  3. Visit the Golden Statue: Head to a famous golden statue in the game world. You will receive a text message notification directing you to an island in the Mataan River. However, this island search will yield no results.

  4. Return Zone Entry: When you return from an unsuccessful island search, you will receive another text message from the coil. This message will lead you to the entrance to the zone, where you’ll be prompted to coil back to Mata’an.

  5. Challenges and Races with Coils: The chase intensifies when you eventually spot the Coil dancing to the left of the golden statue. The encounter presented a challenge – a race against the coils. Take part in the competition and strive to win.

  6. Accept Coil’s Offer: After winning the game, Coil will offer to join forces with you. Accept his offer, solidify the partnership and unlock COIL as a playable character.

These steps cover the process of unlocking COIL in Bomb Rush CyberFunk. It’s an engaging series of events that requires exploration, interaction, and skilled gameplay to successfully recruit Coil to your team.


Bomb Dash CyberFunk Coil

In Bomb Rush CyberFunk, Coil serves as a charming character woven into the fabric of this vibrant urban world. In order to unlock the mysterious figure known as “The Coil”, players will embark on a multi-step journey that contains the essence of the game. Beginning by searching the alleys of Mataan, the player must find the coils and immerse himself in the dance moves that define his character.

Subsequent text messages will lead players to a striking golden statue and an island in the Mata’an River, setting off a compelling chase that will test their resolve. As the chase ends, an exciting challenge unfolds – a race against Coil himself.

Victory in this high-stakes game not only showcases the player’s skill, but also earns the player Coil League perks. This pivotal moment marks Coil’s integration into the player roster, adding an extra layer of excitement and camaraderie to the Bomb Rush universe.

A collection of all other characters from Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Presented below are the characters in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, divided into different groups:

Main gangs:

  • Red
  • Tris
  • Bell
  • vinyl plastic
  • comfort

Optional members:

  • carnival
  • net
  • shine
  • rise
  • Coil
  • base and jay

Hostile crew:

  • Franks
  • eclipse
  • Click to execute the program
  • Devil theory
  • Old man’s head
  • Futurism

Big Three:

New Amsterdam Police Department:

In this compilation you’ll find the characters from Bomb Rush Cyberfunk carefully arranged into different groups for easy reference.

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