Is Bomb Rush Cyberfunk a Sequel to Jet Set Radio Future? Bomb Rush Cyberfunk vs Jet Set Radio Future

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“Bomb Rush Cyberfunk” is an engaging single-player real-time action skill game set in a cyberpunk world. The game is developed and published by Team Reptile and is inspired by the Jet Set Radio series. Players take on the role of Red, a graffiti artist determined to achieve “All City” status by joining the Bomb Rush Crew. Red’s goal is not only to become the best graffiti team in New Amsterdam, but also to find his own decapitated head.

Released on August 18, 2023, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk combines action and adventure. Set in a futuristic city, the game introduces players to a world where a crew equipped with personal boosters can perform gravity-defying graffiti and stunts. As players navigate this imaginative landscape, they will have the opportunity to dance, paint, perform stunts, and defy the authorities while exploring the nooks and crannies of the metropolis.

All of this takes place against the backdrop of an alternate future, accompanied by the musical style of Hideki Naganuma. The game’s dynamic and creative gameplay guarantees an engaging experience that captures the essence of funk style and urban art.

Is Bomb Rush Cyberfunk the sequel to Jet Set Radio Future?

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is not an official sequel to Jet Set Radio or its sequel Jet Set Radio Future. While Bomb Rush Cyberfunk has clear visual and gameplay similarities to the Jet Set Radio series, it exists in its own separate universe and was developed by a different team. The game is the creation of Dutch studio Team Reptile, known for making games like Deadly Alliance, and it pays homage to the classic Jet Set Radio series rather than being a direct continuation.

While Bomb Rush Cyberfunk shares the urban art and vibrant aesthetic of the Jet Set Radio games, it has its own unique characters, settings, and storyline. Still, the game does work with Hideki Naganuma, the composer responsible for the Jet Set Radio series’ iconic soundtrack, to create a musical connection between the two games.

The similarities between the two games suggest that Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is an homage to the Jet Set Radio series, allowing players to enjoy a fresh take on the genre while paying homage to the classics that inspired it.


Bomb Rush Cyberfunk and Jet Set Radio Future

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk and Jet Set Radio Future share strong visual and gameplay similarities, but they are not direct sequels. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk can be considered the spiritual successor to the Jet Set Radio series, offering a modern interpretation of the unique aesthetic and gameplay style introduced by the original game.

Both games feature roller-skating graffiti artists performing vibrant and stylish city gameplay in a dystopian setting. “Jet Set Radio Future” is the sequel to the original “Jet Set Radio”, while “Bomb Rush Cyberfunk” is a separate creation from Team Reptile.

It draws inspiration from the Jet Set Radio series, paying homage to its visuals, music, and gameplay mechanics. These games offer players the opportunity to explore open-world environments, perform stunts, and create graffiti art while evading authorities. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk retains the essence of the classic series while introducing its own unique characters, story and universe.

Ultimately, while “Bomb Rush Cyberfunk” has a lot in common with the “Jet Set Radio” game, it’s a standalone game rather than a direct sequel. Players who enjoy the Jet Set Radio series may find Bomb Rush Cyberfunk a satisfying continuation of their favorite style of skateboarding and graffiti gaming.

Jet Set Radio Future

“Jet Set Radio Future” is a 2002 Xbox console action game developed by Smilebit and published by Sega. The sequel to the 2000 original “Jet Set Radio,” the game reimagines its predecessor with various enhancements and updates.

It features refined game mechanics, improved graphics, a larger open world environment, new characters, an altered storyline, a fresh soundtrack, and added multiplayer elements. The game retains the series’ unique cel-shaded animation style.

Set in a future Tokyo, players control young street gang members known as the GGs, who travel around the city on inline skates. Gameplay includes spraying graffiti, challenging rival gangs, and evading authorities while exploring a vibrant urban environment.

The game’s visuals and animations create a unique and colorful aesthetic that enhances its unique appeal. Jet Set Radio Future has been praised by players and critics alike for its engaging gameplay, catchy soundtrack, and graphical style. It received multiple awards and nominations, cementing its status as a beloved entry in the “Jet Set Radio” series.

Similarities Between Bomb Rush Cyberfunk and Jet Set Radio Future

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk and Jet Set Radio Future have several notable similarities that make them appealing to fans of the action-adventure skateboarding genre. Both games draw inspiration from urban and futuristic settings, emphasizing a vibrant and stylized visual aesthetic. Both games use cel-shaded graphics to enhance their unique and colorful art styles, creating an immersive atmosphere for their respective worlds.

In terms of gameplay, both games use graffiti tagging and roller skating concepts as core mechanics. Players traverse vast urban environments on skates, performing stunts, painting graffiti on surfaces, and evading authorities.

The focus on fast-paced movement and traversal provides an exciting experience that encourages players to explore every corner of the city while completing objectives and challenges. Additionally, an eclectic and lively soundtrack is incorporated into both games, enhancing the overall immersion and complementing the dynamic gameplay.

Although Bomb Rush Cyberfunk and Jet Set Radio Future are separate games developed by different teams, they share these core elements that make them reminiscent of each other and draw inspiration from the original Jet Set Radio series. fan.

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