Is Peacock Still Free on Xfinity? What Does Peacock Premium Include? What Movies and Shows are on Peacock Premium?

Is Peacock still free on Xfinity?

No, Peacock is still not free on Xfinity. As of June, Comcast stopped offering free access to Peacock to its customers, and most users will now have to pay to use the service unless they qualify for a specific plan. Initially, Xfinity Rewards members with Diamond or Platinum rewards or eligible Internet customers were having trouble claiming their free Peacock subscription.

However, Peacock has since fixed the issue and started sending emails to affected customers with instructions on how to claim the free offer. To claim your free Peacock membership, eligible customers should follow these steps:

  • Log into Xfinity Assistant and click “Activate Now” which will redirect you to Peacock’s website.
  • If you have used Peacock before, enter the same email address and password; if not, sign up with your email address.
  • Click the “Login” button and follow the provided prompts to complete the activation process.
  • By following these steps, eligible Xfinity customers can now access a free Peacock subscription and enjoy content from the streaming service.

What does Peacock Premium include?

Peacock Premium is a subscription plan offered by Peacock that combines attractive features with a huge amount of content. With this subscription, you not only enjoy the benefits of the free plan, but you also get access to an impressive collection of Peacock Originals and other popular series and movies.

One of the most appealing aspects of Peacock Premium is the ability to watch returning broadcast series the day after they air, not just the latest version. You can catch up on your favorite late night talk shows and indulge in exciting live sporting events like Premier League football and Sunday Night Football.

The content library is very rich, providing users with more than 80,000 hours of entertainment content of various types. Whether you’re a fan of TV shows, movies or exclusive Peacock Originals, there’s something for everyone. If you happen to be a Comcast or Cox subscriber, you’re in for a treat because Peacock Premium is available to you for free.

For everyone else, subscriptions are reasonably priced at $4.99 per month, or a discounted rate of $49.99 per year (a 16% savings compared to monthly billing). Additionally, Peacock offers an attractive option for those who want an ad-free experience with Peacock Premium Plus. For just $9.99 per month or $99 per year, you can enjoy all content on Peacock without commercial interruption.

While most of the content is ad-free, please note that due to streaming rights, a small number of shows may still contain ads, even with Peacock Premium Plus. So whether you prefer the standard Peacock Premium with some ads or the seamless viewing experience of Peacock Premium Plus, Peacock has subscription options to suit every preference and ensure you enjoy premium content throughout your viewing experience.


What movies and shows are available on Peacock Premium?

Peacock Premium offers a diverse and extensive streaming catalog with more than 80,000 hours of entertainment content, including a rich collection of originals, movies and TV shows. Notable series include beloved series like “The Office,” captivating dramas like “Yellowstone,” nostalgic classics like “Inside Court,” and hit legal drama “Suits.”

Additionally, Peacock Premium offers exclusive content such as “Kevin Hart Reality Check” and “Poker Face,” ensuring a diverse and engaging viewing experience. Streaming services are not limited to on-demand content. It also includes access to more than 50 always-on channels, allowing users to watch live TV streams of a variety of shows and events.

Sports fans can watch exciting matches such as the Premier League and Sunday Night Football, enhancing the platform’s appeal to a wide audience. For those looking for an enhanced experience, the Premium Plus level offers additional benefits. Subscribers can enjoy the convenience of downloading content for offline viewing, ensuring uninterrupted entertainment even when there is no internet connection.

In addition, this layer also allows access to local NBC channels, providing a more comprehensive TV experience. One of the most notable advantages of Premium Plus is its ad-free feature. While most of the content will be ad-free, Peacock clarified that a small number of shows may still contain ads due to streaming rights.

In terms of popularity, Peacock’s growth is eye-catching. According to Comcast’s first quarter 2023 financial report, the number of paid subscribers reached 22 million, a year-on-year increase of 60%. However, like many other streaming services, Peacock faces financial challenges, with losses expected to reach $3 billion in 2023.

To address this issue, NBCUniversal decided to increase prices in order to devote more resources to content creation and enhance user experience while remaining competitive in the streaming market. Given the changing landscape of streaming services, Peacock is following the trend of offering ad-supported tiers.

The move is aimed at attracting more users with different preferences and budgets. Other major players such as Netflix and Prime Video have launched similar ad-supported options, reflecting the continued growth of the industry.

Peacock streaming service

Peacock is an American video streaming service launched on July 15, 2020, and is operated by Peacock TV, LLC, a subsidiary of NBCUniversal Television and Streaming. It offers a variety of content from NBCUniversal Studios and third-party providers, including TV series, movies, news and sports.

The service offers a free ad-supported version with limited content and a premium version with a larger library and access to additional content from NBC Sports, Hallmark Channel and WWE. As of March 2023, Peacock has 22 million paid subscribers, showing its growing popularity in the streaming market.

Peacock streaming service history

The Peacock streaming service was announced by NBCUniversal in January 2019 and is scheduled to launch in 2020, offering original and library content in a free ad-supported version and a paid ad-free version. The service, led by Bonnie Hammer, chairman of NBCUniversal Direct-to-Consumer and Digital Enterprises, was named “Peacock” on September 17, 2019, a reference to the NBC logo.

The service unveiled its slate of original programming, including Brave New World, Angeline, Dr. Death, Rutherford Falls, One of Us Is Lying, The Amber Ruffin Show and more , as well as the reboots of Battlestar Galactica , Punk Brewster , and Saved by the Bell . It acquired exclusive rights to hit sitcoms “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation.”

Peacock soft-launched for Comcast Xfinity cable TV subscribers in April 2020 and officially launched nationwide on July 15, 2020. It has achieved significant sign-ups, with 28 million monthly active accounts and 13 million paying users as of April 2022. By September 2022, this number will further increase to 30 million monthly active accounts and 15 million paying subscribers.

The service reached 20 million paying subscribers in December 2022, with Spanish-language coverage of the 2022 FIFA World Cup driving a surge in subscribers during the quarter. The service’s growth and success have made it a major player in the streaming market.

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