LEGO Fortnite Villagers Explained, How to Get Villagers in LEGO Fortnite?

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LEGO Fortnite is a special version of the Fortnite game that was launched on December 7, 2023. In this game mode, players enter a world where they become LEGO Minifigs of characters they know in Fortnite. It’s all about surviving and cooperating with other players.

You can build all kinds of things like houses, forts, and even craft your own weapons and tools. But it’s not just about building; you also have to fight off the monsters that stand in your way. As a LEGO minifigure, you will embark on an adventure to collect materials, create the items you need, and protect yourself from the dangers that lurk around you.

LEGO Fortnite Villagers Explained

In LEGO Fortnite, villagers are characters you can meet and bring to your village to help you. These villagers will appear in your village, and you can invite them to join you once you build the village square. In order for them to stay, you need to build a bed for each villager.

You start with only one villager slot, but as you upgrade your village square, you can have up to six villagers with you. Each villager has their own unique abilities and may even give you special things like rare crafting recipes.

To recruit villagers, you need to talk to them in the game. Occasionally, when you’re out exploring, you might discover a special villager, such as the rare Yeti villager. Once recruited, you can give them jobs to do in your village, such as crafting, cooking, farming, mining, or gathering materials. Villagers can also go with you as you explore. You can equip them with tools to help you fight or gather resources.

They can find things for you while you’re away, and you can collect what they find by talking to them once a day in the game. You need to set different jobs for villagers to make your village better and help you achieve your goals faster. Remember, you can build multiple villages, each with up to six villagers.


How to get villagers in Lego Fortnite?

In LEGO Fortnite, having villagers join your village is pretty cool. First, talk to the villagers a few times until they express that they want to stay. Then, select the “Live in my village!” option and they will tell you what they need to stay.

Often, it will have a bed ready for them. However, some villagers, such as Cleese the Cat, may need furniture before moving in. To find out what they need, chat with characters like the Cuddle Group Leader or Britt Bomber for helpful tips. Keep in mind that some villagers may only appear after you meet certain in-game requirements.

Now, you can remove villagers if you want to make room for new villagers or just change the status quo. Start by clearing out their bed and any extra beds you have. Afterwards, talk to the villagers you want to leave and they will say they will be moving out in a few days.

lego fortnite villagers

In LEGO Fortnite, you can team up with a group of villagers, each with their own special skills. Currently, there are 21 villagers in LEGO Fortnite. Here is the complete list of villagers in LEGO Fortnite:

  1. halo
  2. Boss Niu
  3. blue squire
  4. brit bomber
  5. Hug the team leader
  6. crystal
  7. hay seeds
  8. Meow meow
  9. Otis
  10. Pili
  11. raptor
  12. Rex
  13. Luo An
  14. Robin
  15. Silas
  16. Isle of Skye
  17. spark plug
  18. sprocket
  19. sunflower
  20. tabby cat
  21. snowman

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In LEGO Fortnite, gameplay is all about creating and surviving in a world filled with LEGO versions of Fortnite characters. When you start, you’ll find yourself building your own village, with characters like “Brite Bomber” guiding you through this unique LEGO universe.

To start playing, you need to select the game mode in the creative section. Once inside, you’ll have the opportunity to customize your experience. You can decide if you want challenges like stamina limits, managing hunger, or controlling creature spawning. These choices add excitement and challenge to your gameplay, making it even more engaging. As you explore this LEGO world, you will collect materials to build structures and craft a variety of weapons and tools. Building a village requires creativity and strategy, and teamwork with other players makes building even more fun.

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Lego-style costumes in Fortnite

In Fortnite, there’s something special called Lego style. These costumes will give your characters a fun LEGO look when you play LEGO Fortnite mode. Most costumes, whether regular or co-op, can be transformed into LEGO-style versions. It doesn’t matter whether you get them from the battle pass or the item shop, many of them have this LEGO flair. But not all clothing has become Lego. As of the v28.01 update, only a few costumes have been completely changed to LEGO versions.

Keep an eye out for an icon showing the next outfit for this cool LEGO transformation. When you play LEGO Fortnite, you can pair some of the emotes with these LEGO-style outfits to add an extra layer of fun to the game. But please note that sprays and emoticons are not something you can use in this LEGO world. It’s all about having fun with LEGO-inspired outfits and enjoying the fun side of Fortnite in a world filled with creativity and bricks.

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