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Metroid Fear Walkthrough

As you begin to explore the fascinating ZDR, you’ll be given a big mission. During this engaging journey, the focus will be on venturing into different areas to discover important upgrades for your suit. These enhancements will not only enhance your exploration abilities, but also your abilities in combat. To help you achieve this, the walkthrough sections below are carefully organized by region name, with corresponding immediate objectives, often leading to you discovering the next upgrade for your set.

Additionally, if new objectives require revisiting previously explored areas, our walkthroughs will also provide callouts to discover hidden upgrades using your newly acquired abilities.

  • Artaria – Defeat the damaged EMMI
  • Artaria – Get the charging beam
  • Artaria – Get Spider Magnet
  • Artaria – Get the Phantom Cloak
  • Kataris – Shuttle to Dairon
  • Dairon – Get a wide beam
  • Kataris – Get the morph ball
  • Artaria – Get the Varia set
  • Cataris – Get diffuse beam
  • Dairon – Get the morph ball bomb
  • Burenia – Gain flicker
  • Dairon – Get speed booster
  • Artaria – Get the grapple beam
  • Ferenya – Defeat the boss
  • Brenja – Arrival Gavoran Shuttle
  • Gavoran – Obtain super missile
  • Elun – Get plasma beam
  • Ghavoran – Gain rotational acceleration
  • Gavoran – Obtained Ice Missile
  • Ferenia – Get storm rockets and space jumps
  • Burenia – Get the Gravity Suit
  • Artaria and Cataris – Gain spiral attack
  • Brennia and Gavoran – Get the Cross Bomb
  • Hanubia and Ferenia – Obtain Wave Beam
  • Hanubia – Obtain energy bomb
  • Itorash – Defeat Ravenbeak

Get ready for an extraordinary journey filled with challenges, discoveries, and the constant quest to upgrade your suit.

Metroid Fear Ending Guide

Metroid Fear Ending Guide

Once you’ve successfully reached the final stage of Metroid Fear, the final boss battle awaits you. This guide will provide you with valuable assistance in getting through this pivotal encounter, leading to a satisfying conclusion to your thrilling adventure.

end bonus

Depending on how quickly you progress (measured by the end-game clock) and how complete you are in collecting various in-game items, Metroid Dread’s ending may be affected, resulting in different unlockable rewards. It’s worth noting that the game has a total of 275 missiles (285 with amiibo scans), 12 E-tanks (13 with amiibo scans), and 15 power bombs. Completing different completion rates will affect the bonus at the end of the game.

Metroid: The Art of Zero Mission

No matter which mode you choose or level you complete, those who successfully complete the game will receive exclusive rewards. Metroid Zero mission art is specially added to commemorate your successful completion of the game.

Jozo Archives

To access the coveted Chozo Archives, one must achieve an extraordinary feat – completing the game with an impressive 100% completion rate. This highly sought-after achievement will grant you entry into this esteemed collection.

Metroid Fear 100% Guide

To help you completely complete Metroid Dread, the game offers a comprehensive 100% guide. This guide is a valuable resource, providing detailed instructions and insights to help you discover and protect all essential elements throughout the game.

By adhering to these guidelines and working hard to complete missions, you can unlock the most rewarding endings and rewards Metroid Fear has to offer, ensuring a satisfying end to your extraordinary gaming journey.


Metroid Fear Gameplay

Metroid Dread offers a sophisticated action-adventure gaming experience that puts players in the role of skilled bounty hunter Samus Aran as he sets out to explore the enchanting planet of ZDR. The game follows in the tradition of previous Metroid games, retaining the classic side-scrolling gameplay and enriching it with the free-aim and melee attacks introduced in 2017’s Samus Returns.

As players travel across the planet’s diverse environments, they have the opportunity to discover new items and powerful weapons, giving them access to previously inaccessible areas, enhancing the depth and excitement of their journey.

One notable addition to Metroid Fear is the introduction of stealth elements, which heightens the tension and challenge. Players must skillfully navigate the areas inhabited by EMMI robots, employing strategies such as hiding, minimizing noise, and using the Phantom Cloak – an excellent camouflage that makes Samus invisible but slows down movement speed. If EMMI captures Samus, players will have two brief opportunities to perform precise melee counterattacks and escape.

If this is not done, Samus will die. EMMI can only be eliminated when Samus acquires a temporary “Omega Blaster” upgrade, which is lost upon use; however, defeating EMMI gives Samus a valuable permanent upgrade.

Additionally, players can seek upgrades by discovering Chozo statues or slaying Core-X entities, as seen in previous Metroid games. Additionally, the game features an in-game gallery that rewards players with unlockable images based on completion time, difficulty level, and percentage of collected items, encouraging replayability and gameplay mastery.

Overall, Metroid Dread deftly blends classic side-scrolling action with modern gameplay elements to deliver a compelling and immersive experience that will appeal to both old fans and new players alike.

Metroid Fear Wiki

Metroid Dread is a highly regarded action-adventure game co-developed by Nintendo and MercurySteam and published by Nintendo on the Nintendo Switch. The game was released on October 8, 2021. Positioned as a continuation of the events in Metroid Fusion (2002), players assume the role of skilled bounty hunter Samus Aran as she embarks on a mysterious mission to uncover the Mysterious transmissions on planet ZDR. The game retains the signature side-scrolling gameplay of earlier 2D Metroid series while also incorporating engaging stealth elements.

Metroid producer Yoshio Sakamoto originally conceived the concept for Fear in the mid-2000s for the Nintendo DS. However, technical limitations halted its development. Industry commentators expressed a strong desire for a new 2D Metroid experience, eagerly placing Dread on their “most popular” lists. After co-developing Metroid: Samus Returns in 2017, Sakamoto entrusted development of Dread to MercurySteam, marking it as the first original side-scrolling Metroid game since Metroid: Convergence . Nintendo officially announced the game at E3 2021, arousing strong expectations in the gaming community.

“Metroid Prime: Dread” received widespread critical acclaim upon launch and received praise from various gaming channels, ranking among the best games of 2021. The game received three nominations at the esteemed 2021 Game Awards, including the prestigious Game of the Year category. It won in the Best Action/Adventure Game category. Notably, the game was a significant commercial success, setting records as the fastest-selling Metroid game in Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. To date, Metroid Fear has sold nearly 3 million copies, firmly establishing itself as the best-selling Metroid game in the series’ history.

Metroid Terrorist Plot

The Galactic Federation has received compelling evidence that X, a dangerous parasite capable of imitating any host it infects, exists on the isolated planet ZDR. In response to the loss of communication among seven EMMI (Extraterrestrial Multiple Mobile Identifier) ​​robots sent to investigate, the Federation has dispatched the famous bounty hunter Samus Alan to the ZDR to conduct a thorough investigation.

While exploring the underground, Samus encountered a powerful Jozo warrior who not only blocked her exit, but defeated her in combat, causing her suit to lose most of its abilities. Guided by Adam, the ship’s computer, she begins searching for alternative routes to the surface and eventually returns to her ship. However, her path is fraught with danger and she faces a relentless attack by reprogrammed EMMI robots. However, a mysterious energy source discovered in one of Earth’s central units gives her temporary access to Omega Blasters, allowing her to overcome the EMMI threat and regain some of her abilities.

In the Ferenia region, Samus was trapped by another EMMI, but she was rescued by a Chozo named Quiet Robe, who disabled the hostile robot. The Robes of Silence reveal the disturbing history of the Chozo people on the ZDR, involving two tribes: the scientific Toha and the warrior Mokin.

These tribes once united to trap the Metroids on the planet SR388, but the Morkin leader Raven Beak harbored evil ambitions and wanted to use the Metroids as dangerous biological weapons to conquer the entire galaxy. This resulted in the massacre of the To’a tribe, with Quiet Robe surviving as his To’a DNA took control of the Metroid. Raven Beak conspired to use the ZDR to contain the Metroids while Samus eliminated them from SR388. His ultimate goal is to extract the Metroid DNA implanted in Samus during the Fusion event, a key step in reviving Metroid.

A fateful encounter with Quiet Robe is marred by an untimely assassination by one of Crow’s Beak’s cyborg soldiers. With Adam’s encouragement, Samus must now fight Raven Beak and face the threat posed by the ZDR. As she traveled through Eren, she inadvertently released the X-parasite onto the planet.

Things get worse when X takes over Quiet Robe’s lifeless body and reactivates the remaining EMMI. Ostensibly, Samus faced the ultimate EMMI, which she ultimately defeated by harnessing her Metroid DNA-powered energy-draining abilities. She was not without consequences, however, as an infusion of Metroid powers began to transform herself into a Metroid.

The final showdown takes place in the drop fortress of Itorash, where Samus faces off against Crowbeak disguised as Adam. Crowbeak reveals his sinister motives and plans to clone Samus to create a powerful Metroid army. A fierce battle ensues, with Samus nearly dying, but ultimately harnessing the extraordinary powers that her Metroid abilities give her. As Itolash unleashes a furious attack on Raven Beak, she rushes towards the ZDR, resulting in a climactic collision. Samus used her newfound powers to destroy Crowbeak, causing him to become infected with the X-Virus.

In the ensuing chaos, Samus struggles to escape Earth’s impending self-destruction, her Metroid energy-draining abilities holding her back. In an unexpected moment of intervention, X, possessing the Quiet Robe, offers to allow himself to be absorbed by Samus, effectively neutralizing her Metroid powers and helping her escape the doomed planet before the final, catastrophic explosion .

The game’s development has been carefully planned and executed, resulting in an engaging and action-packed adventure that captivated players and won critical acclaim.

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