Monopoly Go Keeps Crashing, How to Fix Monopoly Go Crashing Error?

Monopoly Go keeps crashing

Monopoly Go players are experiencing a persistent crash with the error message “We’re sorry, an error has occurred and the game needs to be restarted.” This issue specifically affected the Thanksgiving partner event, disrupting co-op play and causing a loss of progress. Players have also reported other issues, such as difficulty inviting friends to events and an inability for some users to display a list of participants. An official confirmation sent by Discord moderators on November 22, 2023 confirmed these concerns.

In response to widespread complaints, Scopely, the developer of Monopoly Go, acknowledged the issue on its official website. They assured the community that the issue is being actively investigated. Players experiencing these crashes are advised to stay informed about updates and potential fixes through official channels. The community is eagerly awaiting a solution that will restore seamless gameplay and ensure a smoother experience during the Thanksgiving Partner Event.

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How to fix Monopoly Go crash error?

Fix 1: Clear background apps

  • When encountering a Monopoly Go “bug” crash, exit the game.
  • Clear background apps on your device as they can slow down your device, causing lags and crashes.

Fix 2: Restart and clear app data

  • Restart your device to refresh its system.
  • Clear Monopoly Go’s application data before restarting the game. This can solve problems related to storing data.

Fix 3: Uninstall and reinstall

  • If the problem persists, consider uninstalling Monopoly Go and reinstalling it.
  • This is particularly useful for resolving issues related to damaged or incomplete installations.

Fix 4 (Android only):

  • If you are an Android user experiencing issues, please follow these steps provided by Discord moderators:
    • Unlink Monopoly Go from your Facebook account.
    • Uninstall the game.
    • Reinstall the game using the link provided in the specific Discord post.
    • Log in using your usual credentials.
    • This fix is ​​for version 1.13.7, the link downloads version 1.13.5, which appears to be more stable.

While these fixes may help mitigate Monopoly Go crash errors, it is recommended to continue communicating with the developers and check the game page for official updates. These solutions are designed to solve common problems encountered by users and are provided as alternatives until a formal solution is provided.


Monopoly Go

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Remember, to fully experience MONOPOLY GO, you must have a stable internet connection. Whether you’re making savvy property moves, participating in special events, or chatting with other players, being online ensures a smooth and lively gaming experience.

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Monopoly Go game play

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Opportunity and Community Chest cards introduce unpredictable factors, bringing unexpected windfalls or obstacles. Special events like Thanksgiving Partners, Blessing Feast events, and Gravy Train Championships offer unique challenges and rewards that incentivize players to collect valuable resources like oven mitts, dice, and points.

Strategic trade and alliances with other players add complexity, requiring negotiation skills and smart investments. And Monopoly GO! Offering a free-to-play experience, in-game real money purchases provide additional features and cosmetics.

Seamless online connectivity is essential to interact with other players, attend live events, and compete in competitive matches. Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of MONOPOLY GO!, where strategic thinking, negotiation skills and a bit of luck determine the ultimate digital property tycoon.

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