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Moonshades Walkthrough


In this game, two fundamental concepts prevail, namely Levels and Dungeons. It is pertinent to note that both these elements are nearly indistinguishable. For the sake of convenience in discussions pertaining to dungeons, dungeon levels, player levels, inventory levels, ability levels, and other related aspects, there is a possibility of future adjustments in terminology.

A “Level” signifies a tiered dungeon that comprises its own set of walls, doors, rooms, and embellishments. Access to each successive level is attained through conventional means; by traversing one level, explorers eventually stumble upon stairs leading to the subsequent level. It is essential to underscore that there exists no mandatory prerequisite concerning the player’s level or experience level to transition between game levels.

A “Dungeon,” however, represents an extraordinary and formidable Boss level, subject to specific rules. It can solely be accessed by accessing the brown book situated at the upper part of the screen and turning to the page entitled “Arcane Dungeons.”


Outlined here is an enumeration of all levels as of v1.5:

The Blacksmith Level:

Serving as the game’s “lobby,” this level constitutes the initial point of entry upon commencing a new game. Notably, it is a safe haven where adversaries pose no threat. Encounters here include the Blacksmith, the Forge, and Rath Highrock the Knight. From this level, one can access the Side level known as “The Chamber of Heroes.”

  • Tombs of the Cruel Wolf
  • Tombs of the Cruel Wolf Level 2
  • The Voiceless Dungeon
  • The Enchanted Labyrinth
  • The Wild Lair
  • Forsaken Tunnels
  • The Cursed Catacombs
  • Gloomy Caverns
  • The Fearsome Crypt
  • Forgotten Cemetery
  • The Mystic Forest
  • The Maze of the Damned
  • The Tombs of Terror
  • The Tombs of Terror Level 2
  • The Cyclops’ Lair
  • The Cackling Crypts
  • The Cackling Crypts Level 2

Additionally, there are three “Side Levels” that can be accessed from any of the above levels. These lesser levels serve distinct purposes and lack teleportation access.

The Cold Pits:

A diminutive level inhabited solely by Green Trolls… and something exceptional.

The Buried Quarters:

A compact level populated exclusively by Spiders… and something exceptional.

The Chamber of Heroes:

A small level devoid of hostile creatures, characterized by statues named after legendary Moonshades players.

Arcane Dungeons:

As of the present, three Arcane Dungeons are open for exploration, with another one impending:

The Grim Dungeon

The Restless Tunnels

Chaotic Point

The Deadly Glade (forthcoming)

These extraordinary dungeon levels feature numerous formidable mobs that prove more challenging to vanquish than those encountered in regular levels. Upon overcoming all adversaries and resolving intricate puzzles, explorers are rewarded with a minimum of two chests, ensuring the contents comprise Epic or Legendary rewards. Moreover, a chance exists to uncover a third chest, bearing 15 gems.

It is crucial to grasp that the dungeons grant access solely once per day, “only when the three moons come together.” Should unfortunate circumstances lead to the explorer’s demise within these dungeons, a subsequent entry shall be prohibited for a duration of 16 hours.

Each of the dungeons encompasses three levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium, and Hard. The brown book’s page meticulously records the frequency of visits to each difficulty level, as well as the number of successful completions.

Level Details:

A separate page presents exhaustive details regarding all locations within the game.


On one hand, we strongly encourage engaging in dungeon exploration daily to reap substantial rewards.

“With great rewards come great risks…”

On the other hand, it is imperative to be mindful that succumbing to death in a dungeon incurs a 50% loss of experience for the current level and an equivalent deduction from one’s gold reserves. This outcome is undeniably agonizing.

To mitigate such a scenario, it is advisable to invest the majority of one’s gold after ascending to a new character level (18, 19, 20, etc.). Subsequently, attempting a new dungeon or difficulty becomes a prudent course of action. Should death befall the explorer, the loss of experience shall remain modest, sparing feelings of despondency concerning gold loss.

In the event of encountering multiple deaths within a level, a break is highly recommended:

Retreat to the level immediately above.

Accumulate experience by vanquishing numerous mobs.

Advance in character levels.

Enhance weapons and fortifications.

Subsequently, return and attempt the challenge anew.

Following completion of the Easy Dungeons, expedite progression to the more demanding ones. Although the promise of Epic and Legendary rewards (as well as gold) awaits, the rewards offered by Easy dungeons are considerably meager compared to those anticipated by higher-level participants.

It mentions that each transition to a new Level (or Side Level) is accompanied by an automatic save of the game. Consequently, in the event of death, one can recommence the journey from that juncture. It is always prudent to save the game before making any pivotal decisions.

Though tempting for higher-level players to solely “farm” the utmost level attainable, with the objective of accruing more experience and gold, such a strategy is indeed commendable. However, it is essential to acknowledge that each level offers unique rewards.

For instance, books are unobtainable from Green Trolls in the Cold Pits. Furthermore, upon initially completing the Wild Lair, subsequent mob encounters yield solely experience with no additional drops. Thus, to acquire special items such as Magic Dust, Chitin, books, ingots, runes, etc., it remains imperative to continue engaging with lower levels as well.

Moonshades Gameplay

Moonshades stands as an exemplary dungeon crawler RPG game wherein players embark on a journey of exploration through diverse levels and dungeons, engaging in formidable battles with adversaries and accomplishing quests of significance. Let us now provide an elaborate outline of the refined gameplay exhibited in Moonshades:


The gameplay revolves around meticulous navigation through intricate levels and dungeons, with players intrepidly unraveling the hidden wonders of the environment. The game operates on a grid-based movement system, which allows players to gracefully maneuver one tile at a time.


A pivotal aspect of Moonshades involves engaging in turn-based combat with encountered foes within the dungeons. The enthralling combat sequences demand astute strategic acumen, encompassing the judicious selection of attacks, utilization of items, and prudent management of vital resources, such as health and mana.

Quests and Objectives:

Throughout the immersive journey, players shall cross paths with notable Non-Player Characters (NPCs) who shall present them with an array of quests and objectives. These quests vary in nature, ranging from the valiant defeat of specified adversaries to the retrieval of elusive items. The triumphant completion of quests invariably rewards players with valuable experience points, items of significance, and notable progression within the game’s unfolding narrative.

Character Progression:

As players skillfully conquer adversaries and fulfill their quests, their avatars shall reap the fruits of their labor through the acquisition of experience points, subsequently ascending in levels of prowess. This inherent process of character progression empowers players to hone their character’s attributes, master new abilities, and don superior gear, culminating in a gratifying sense of growth and self-improvement.

Equipment and Upgrades:

Discerning players may avail themselves of the blacksmith’s establishment, wherein a bounteous array of items is readily available for purchase or sale. Additionally, the option to augment the efficacy of one’s equipment through the application of upgrades stands as a testament to Moonshades’ commitment to heightening the player’s combat prowess and overall efficacy on their adventurous odyssey.

Puzzles and Secrets:

Beneath the surface of Moonshades’ labyrinthine dungeons lie hidden enigmas and coveted secrets. To advance further or to uncover the most coveted treasures, players may encounter an assortment of puzzles and concealed switches, demanding cunning and astute observation.

Atmosphere and Story:

The immersive allure of Moonshades lies in its unwavering commitment to crafting an enthralling atmosphere that resonates with players, as they venture forth within the enigmatic dungeons. The narrative’s profound depth, artfully interwoven into the fabric of the gameplay, imbues the game world with a captivating allure that enhances the overall experience.

It is crucial to emphasise that the gameplay mechanics and features exhibited in Moonshades may experience variations contingent upon the specific version or subsequent updates of the game. For a comprehensive grasp of the game’s intricate gameplay intricacies, we strongly advocate reviewing gameplay videos, perusing official guides, or referencing in-game tutorials.


Moonshades Wiki

The Moonshades Wiki stands as an esteemed community resource, diligently furnishing comprehensive information concerning the game’s intricacies, features, and rich lore. Within its repository lie meticulously curated articles on a diverse array of subjects closely intertwined with the game, encompassing areas, quests, enemies, and items.

Moreover, players shall find an assortment of invaluable gameplay videos adorning platforms such as YouTube, adeptly showcasing the game’s mechanics and distinctive features. These visual demonstrations serve as an invaluable aid in comprehending the gameplay with heightened clarity and efficacy.

For those in need of precise guidance when navigating through specific segments of the game, the digital realm harbors an array of meticulously crafted walkthroughs and cheats. These invaluable resources serve as beacons of elucidation, offering step-by-step instructions and insightful tips to conquer quests, traverse levels, and refine gameplay techniques.

It is essential to bear in mind, however, that the information proffered by the wiki, walkthroughs, and cheats may not necessarily be exhaustive, as it may omit certain aspects of the game. Additionally, the ever-evolving nature of the game may introduce variations in its mechanics and features, contingent upon the specific version or ensuing updates.

As such, in the event of encountering difficulties or harbouring lingering inquiries, we cordially recommend availing oneself of the profound insights offered by in-game tutorials, official guides, or updated walkthroughs, thus ensuring the acquisition of the most precise, accurate, and current information available.

Beginner tips for Moonshades

Allow me to present a series of invaluable tips tailored to beginners embarking on their journey within the realm of Moonshades:

Comprehensive Exploration:

Dedicate ample time and attention to thoroughly exploring each level and dungeon. Meticulously scour the surroundings, seeking concealed doors, diligently traversing every corner, and exhaustively surveying every path available. Engaging in combat against mobs bears fruitful rewards, as they often relinquish items that may serve as crucial components in unlocking solutions and overcoming challenges.

Daily Completion of Arcane Dungeons:

I implore you not to overlook the significance of diligently completing the arcane dungeons on a daily basis. These enigmatic domains offer bountiful rewards of utmost value, profoundly augmenting character progression and personal growth.

Elevate Your Flying Skull’s Prowess:

Recognize the inherent worth of your esteemed flying skull companion, for it can prove itself a truly invaluable asset during arduous battles. By actively engaging the skull in combat and conscientiously nurturing its growth, you shall avail yourself of its indispensable support, a powerful aid in conquering even the most formidable adversaries.

Familiarize Yourself with Forge Recipes:

Embark on a journey of profound knowledge acquisition concerning the diverse array of recipes housed within the forge. Mastering these arcane compositions bestows upon you the ability to deftly craft and enhance equipment of considerable potency. Embrace the spirit of experimentation as you skillfully amalgamate different materials, thus fashioning an arsenal of formidable gear.

Leverage Low-Level Dungeons:

In the fledgling stages of your odyssey, I counsel you to wisely invest your time in the pursuit of grinding through low-level dungeons. This prudent endeavor garners manifold benefits, encompassing the accumulation of experience, the acquisition of vital resources, and the amassing of wealth. Nonetheless, as you chart your course of advancement, you shall soon be enticed to confront higher-level challenges, wherein the rewards shall be ever more gratifying.

Utilize Gameplay Videos as Enlightening Aids:

Delve into the realm of gameplay videos, where invaluable insights await. Emulating the mastery of experienced players, you shall be granted heightened understanding of the game’s mechanics and strategic intricacies. Witnessing deft navigation through levels, adept combat prowess, and shrewd puzzle-solving shall prove immensely instructive on your own quest for excellence.

Always bear in mind that Moonshades, as a dungeon crawler RPG, espouses the virtues of exploration, combat proficiency, and discerning strategic decision-making. Thus, immerse yourself in this captivating world, approach each endeavor with measured thoughtfulness, and relish the profound delights that the game’s immersive realm has to offer.

Benefits of leveling up the Flying Skull in Moonshades

The act of levelling up the esteemed flying skull in Moonshades bestows upon the discerning player a plethora of substantial benefits, prominent among which are:

Enhanced Passives:

The flying skull, a paragon of indispensable assistance during combat, bequeaths an array of invaluable passives. As the skull undergoes the transformative process of leveling up, these passives undergo a marked enhancement, fostering heightened potency and efficacy.

Expanded Array of Abilities:

As the flying skull ascends in level, it progressively attains access to an ever-growing repertoire of combat abilities. These newfound capabilities prove instrumental in providing invaluable support, effectively overcoming arduous adversaries, and fortifying one’s resolve to prevail.

Augmented Statistics:

Through the progressive process of leveling up, the flying skull’s statistics undergo tangible improvement. This tangible enhancement manifests in heightened durability and augmented combat efficacy, rendering it an even more formidable force in the crucible of battle.

Heightened Experience Attainment:

Concomitant with the skull’s ascent in level, its voracious appetite for orbs and equipment ensures a commensurate accrual of experience. This accelerated experience acquisition expedites the skull’s leveling process, hastening the attainment of its multifaceted benefits.

Enhanced Combat Proficiency:

As the flying skull ascends the ranks of experience, its utility as a resolute ally in combat attains a pinnacle of excellence. Especially when elevated to higher levels, the skull emerges as an invaluable asset, exalting one’s ability to vanquish arduous adversaries and successfully navigate quests with heightened ease.

A Timely Reminder:

The transformative process of leveling up the flying skull necessitates a regimen of consistent sustenance, regularly feeding it with orbs and equipment. Ensuring its sustained nourishment and actively employing it in battles shall culminate in its progressive growth, reaping the abundant rewards it proffers.

Consequently, be steadfast in maintaining the flying skull’s well-fed state and diligently deploying it in the crucibles of combat, thereby ushering in its auspicious ascent to higher levels. A leveled-up flying skull constitutes a formidable boon, one that imparts a profound transformation to your gameplay experience, as you navigate the immersive realm of Moonshades with newfound prowess and distinction.

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