Moyenne Cirque in Skull and Bones: An Amazing Showing Off Revealed

The circus in “Skull and Bones”

Moyenne Cirque is a great location in the world of Skull and Bones. This hidden location holds all the secrets to finding awesome loot and the key blueprints to help you become a great pirate. Located right above the Red Island location, Moyenne Cirque contains a ton of amazing stuff that can improve your ships and weapons.

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In Skull and Bones, finding the Middle Circus is important if you want to improve your weapons and increase your chances of dominating the ocean. Whether you’re a skilled pirate or just starting out, this site offers a lot of fun and surprisingly valuable stuff for anyone willing to explore it. Join us as we discover the mysteries of the Moyenne Cirque, showing you where it is, what stones are inside and what you can do there.


Finding the Moyenne Cirque outpost in Skull and Bones is actually pretty easy once you know where to go. The outpost is located on the southeastern side of Les Carrés, north of Sainte-Anne and northeast of the Moon Islands. It is also located directly above the Red Island area, one of six areas in the game. Another way to get to Moyenne Cirque is from the Lanitra Outpost.

The distance from Moyenne Cirque to Sainte Anne is just over 5,000 meters, so the trip is very short. Typically, you can reach the outpost in five minutes. However, be careful when you head to the Moyenne Cirque, as there is a powerful level 9 elite battleship guarding the area.

You can easily spot this battleship thanks to its distinctive red sails. If you encounter a strong enemy, it is best to leave quickly to avoid a fight. When you arrive at Moyenne Cirque, you’ll find a lot of cool stuff and important stuff that will make your pirate adventure even more exciting. If you want to become a powerful pirate and rule the seas, this is definitely worth a visit!


Okay, you’ve reached the Middle Circus in Skull and Bones, but now it’s time to find the treasure chest. You need to do the following:

1. Find a hidden path with a surprising hiding spot. Be sure to look into it.

2. Follow the path until you reach a tree with a rope hanging from it.

3. Descend the rope and continue following the path to the right.

4. Once you notice the water bottles on the left, move towards them. After passing them, you’ll find a pool of water. Go through it until you see a red light. That’s where the treasure is waiting.

The Circus Central holds more than just treasures. You can also find awesome blueprints like the Bastion III armor and the Culverin V and Mons Meg weapons. Take some time to explore the island – there’s so much to discover!

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