My Time at Sandrock Biocrust, What to do with Biocrust My Time at Sandrock?

My time at Sandrock Biocrust

In the game, obtaining Biocrust requires a step-by-step process. First, you need to focus on the soil blocks within your farmed area. The key is to perform the “Remove Soil” action, but before that, the soil block must be fully upgraded. This upgrade is achieved by harvesting crops. Each harvest helps improve soil quality.

Now, if you want to speed up the upgrade, the most effective way is to harvest 5 rose willow plants. These specialized crops appear to have the unique ability to significantly speed up the soil improvement process. Once you have successfully harvested these 5 rose willows, your soil block should be at its maximum enhancement level.

With the soil blocks fully upgraded, it’s time to get Biocrust. Perform the “Remove Soil” action on this upgraded square. By doing this, you will earn Biocrust rewards. Essentially, the upgraded soil block is the basis for obtaining Biocrust, and the specific choice of crop (in this case, rose willow) is the shortcut to reaching the highest upgrade level faster. This process highlights the interconnectedness of farming and resource acquisition in the gameplay mechanics.

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How to use Biocrust My time at Sandrock?

  • Obtain Biocrust: Upgrade soil blocks by harvesting crops and performing the “Remove Soil” action. Harvesting 5 Rose Willow Trees is the fastest way to fully upgrade your square.

  • Mission Reward: Trudy provides 44 Biocrust in the “One Small Step for the Sandstoner” mission. After completing the mission, any remaining Biocrust is yours to keep.

  • Practical for agriculture: Create a biocrust square in the planting area as an upgraded version of the straw grid. Improve overall agricultural efficiency with this versatile resource.

  • Commission Requests: Zeke can request 3 Biocrusts in the Commission Board as part of a three-star request, providing a way to earn rewards and progress in the game.

  • Gift Opportunities: Strengthen your relationship with your game characters by giving away Biocrust. Different characters have different preferences, so choose wisely to improve your standing in the community.

The Biocrust from “My Time at Sandrock” proved to be a valuable asset with a variety of applications, from farming to mission completion and community interaction.


my time at sandstone

My Time at Sandrock is a fun video game that takes place 330 years after a catastrophic event called The Day of Disaster. In the game, you become a builder who arrives at a place called Sandrock, which needs restoration. Your job is to transform a dilapidated workshop into a busy place producing stuff for the town. You will use machines to process materials and create important things for the development of your town. The game has many crafting options, so you can create special items for decoration, to give as gifts, and to help the community.

You’ll explore the desert, see if there’s anything cool in the ruins, and make friends with over 30 different characters. As you follow the main story and complete additional missions, you’ll discover secrets about the town and get involved in the lives of its residents. The game features exciting combat, and you can switch between close-ups and shooting action to fight off monsters and keep Sandrock safe.

The game even lets you play with friends – up to four people can work together to build a town, fight enemies, attend festivals and find hidden treasures. My Time at Sandrock is a cool game for both new and experienced players, offering a combination of exploration, crafting, storytelling, and community building in a cool post-apocalyptic world. You can play on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Microsoft Windows.

My sandstone time gameplay

My Time at Sandrock is a very interesting game in which you explore a world that has experienced a great catastrophe called the Day of Disaster. You play as a new builder tasked with bringing a sandstone town in the desert back to life. Using your tools, you collect things, build machines, and help the town by turning your old workshop into a busy place.

The game has a cool story that will keep you playing for over 60 hours, with lots of side quests and interesting details about the characters. You can do all kinds of things like make your workshop better, create items, decorate your home, farm, cook, and even raise animals. Exploration is a big part of the game, and you’ll find treasures and face enemies in dungeons, making the adventure exciting. The desert world changes, adding to the realism of the game.

There are also fun mini-games such as running in the sand, fighting with guns, fishing in the sand, and special holiday events. If you have friends, you can play together and rebuild the town as a team. You can buy My Time at Sandrock in stores or online, it’s available in multiple languages ​​and is a great game for everyone.

An overview of my time at Sandstone


Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox One,

PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows


Role-playing video games, life simulation games






Pathea, PM Studios, Focus Entertainment

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