Pokemon Masters Ex Tier List 2024 – Best Characters Ranked

Pokemon Masters Ex Level List 2024

The Pokemon Masters Ex Tier List provides valuable insights into the best sync pairs, giving players the strategic advantage to rank high in the game. Developed by DeNa, Pokemon Masters Ex is a free-to-play mobile game that pits trainers and their sync pairs into intense battles.

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S level:

  • Sabrina – Mega Alakazam
  • Brendan-Scetier
  • N – Zekrom
  • Professor Sycamore – Xernias
  • Acerola – Palusan
  • Bianca – Mushana
  • Leon – Charizard
  • Alder – Volcarona
  • Cynthia – Mega Garchomp
  • Blue – Giant Bibi Bird
  • Hilbert-Metierna
  • Karen – Mega Houndoom
  • Steven – Mega Metagross

Grade A:

  • Dawn – Alkremi
  • Iris – Haxorus
  • Lance – Kuailong
  • Will – Hattu
  • Corinne – Super Lucario
  • Erica – ConocoPhillips
  • Rosa – Delibird
  • Lyra – Great Garland
  • Leaves – Ibrahimovic
  • Serena – Delphox
  • Sygna SuitLeaf – Mega Venusaur
  • Player – Torchic
  • Nolan – Mega Pinsir
  • Agatha – Giant Gengar
  • Sygna Suit Alyssa Rotom
  • May – Swampert
  • Lance – Gyarados
  • Pier – Obstagon
  • Hilbert-Samurot
  • Player – Solgaleo
  • Wally – Mega Gallade
  • Dawn – Torterra

Grade B:

  • Berg-Levani
  • Caitlin – Reuniclus
  • Iris——Hydreigon
  • Skylar – Swanna
  • Player – Pikachu
  • Brock-Onyx
  • Professor Oak – Meow
  • Licia – Mega Altaria
  • Koga – Crobat
  • Skyla——Togekiss
  • Drake – Salamanders
  • Volkner – Luxray
  • Serena – Whimsicott
  • Mallow – Tsareena
  • Elio – Junior
  • Kukui – Lycanroc
  • Gazis – Kyurem
  • Flannery – Tokoal
  • Sygna Suit Blue – Mega Blastoise
  • Phoebe – Dusk
  • Cyrus – Palkia

C grade:

  • Roque – Lampados
  • Silver Medal – Wow
  • Tate Gallery – Solrock
  • Erica – Vileplume
  • James – Wising
  • Bugsy – Giant Bee Diamond
  • Shotal – Chandelier
  • barry empolon
  • Bruno Marchant
  • Cheren – Stoutland
  • Lyra – Jigglypuff
  • Zinnia – Rayquaza
  • Moraine – Duguterio

Grade D:

  • Viola – Masquerade
  • Player – Solgaleo
  • Thorton – Bronze Sect
  • LT. Surge – Electrode
  • Wallace-Milotic
  • Lucy – Seviper
  • Marnie – Mopeko
  • Sophocles – Togdemaru
  • Winona – Pelipper
  • Crashers Wake – Floatzel
  • Rough – Zhang Shan
  • Marshal – Conkeldur.

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before pokemon master

Pokémon Masters EX (formerly Pokémon Masters) is an engaging, free-to-play mobile game available on Android and iOS platforms. Developed and published by DeNA, the game is intricately integrated into the rich content of the Pokémon media series. The game transports players to the artificial island of Pasio, providing an immersive experience where players can participate in battles and have the unique opportunity to recruit famous Pokémon trainers from the main series of games and anime.

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Originally launched as Pokémon Masters in August 2019, the game has undergone a significant transformation. In August 2020, coinciding with its one-year anniversary, it was renamed Pokémon Masters EX, opening a new chapter in the ever-evolving mobile gaming experience.

Pokémon Masters EX offers players a dynamic blend of strategic combat and nostalgic encounters with beloved characters from the Pokémon universe. With engaging gameplay and constant updates, the game has carved a niche in the mobile gaming space, attracting Pokémon enthusiasts and mobile gamers alike.

Pokemon Masters Pre Gameplay

The Pokémon Masters League, a thrilling 3-on-3 battle tournament, takes center stage and Paseo Island is abuzz with activity. The ultimate goal for aspiring trainers is to capture a prestigious championship title in this league. To enter the Pokémon Masters League, players must demonstrate their prowess by collecting at least five badges, each earned through victorious encounters with PML leaders scattered throughout Pasio.

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This journey to the top is more than just a fight; It is also enriched by the incorporation of sync pair narratives, which unfold as players recruit various sync pairs. The depth of the Pokémon Masters League experience extends beyond the arena, providing players with a compelling story and character interactions.

The Pokémon Masters League is a dynamic arena with a constant stream of fresh content through limited-time events. These regularly launched and updated events provide players with single-player story-driven challenges and multiplayer cooperative opportunities. In these events, trainers must unite their forces to defeat powerful opponents, earning them event-specific rewards and coveted prizes. The ever-changing event landscape ensures that the Pokémon Masters EX experience is always dynamic, providing players with an ever-expanding series of challenges and adventures in their pursuit of mastery.

Pokemon Masters Ex Overview






Katsuyuki Shiga, Noriaki Murakami


Yu Sasaki, Tetsuya Iguchi


Yuichi Kanamori


Ohta Ikko


Ken Sugimori


Tsuro Koichiro, Kanno Yuka, Muto Naoki


Shota Kageyama, Haruki Yamada




Android, iOS


August 29, 2019[note 1]


role play


Single player, multiplayer co-op

Pokemon Masters Pre-Trailer

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