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ruins 2

Remnant 2 is an engaging third-person shooter action role-playing video game and the sequel to the critically acclaimed Remnant: From the Ashes (2019). Developed by Gunfire Games and published by Gearbox Publishing, the highly anticipated game will debut on PlayStation 5, Windows and Xbox Series X/S in July 2023.

Remnant 2 was an instant hit with gamers and critics alike, earning widespread praise upon its initial release. The game’s engaging gameplay, immersive world, and engaging storyline brought it positive reviews and resonated with players craving thrilling adventures.

Within its first week on the market, Remnant 2 reached a remarkable sales milestone, selling over 1 million copies, a testament to its immense popularity and anticipation for its release. As players embark on a new journey in this post-apocalyptic universe, they find themselves drawn to the game’s rich lore and challenging combat mechanics.

Led by Gunfire Games, Remnant 2 is a worthy successor to its predecessor, building on the foundations of Remnant: From the Ashes and delivering an unforgettable gameplay experience. As its legacy continues to unfold, players around the world eagerly await ongoing updates and expansions that will further shape the landscape of this fascinating gaming world.

Ruins 2 Boss Ranking

Below is the step-by-step format and name of every boss encountered in Remnant 2

Boss name



Annihilation, the powerful final boss, lives up to its name, with deadly attacks and overwhelming visuals, offering a tough fight that requires high DPS to win.

Shahhara: Ghost Keeper of Nierud

Shahara, the ghostly guardian of Nierud, presents a challenging battle with a variety of projectile attacks and dark summons, ensuring a fun and powerful encounter.

night Stalker

The former Dream Goddess Nightweaver is a nightmare opponent. Her attacks are fast and her sneak attacks are cunning, making the battle fierce and brutal.

Tarata / Tarata (metaphysics)

The ferocious boss Tal Ratha requires quick reactions and constant dodging as it spits, claws and launches AOE attacks, making it one of the most ferocious enemies in Remnant 2.


The Corruptor is a cunning world boss that keeps players on their toes by spawning a guardian, utilizing a massive laser beam, and requiring precise jumps to avoid falling off aerial platforms.

Corrupted Raider

Corrupted Raiders, while more merciful than other Raiders, require player concentration and careful maneuvering to avoid rapid defeat.


The twin world bosses of Ferrin and Ferrin may lack variety in their attacks, but their alternating orb projections and sword strikes still provide a decent challenge.

Maze Sentinel

Maze Sentinel offers an original puzzle-like experience with a maze of giant rolling blocks that requires players to destroy weak points to gain shelter and victory.


Remnant 2 gameplay

Much like its predecessor, Remnant 2 draws inspiration from the Soulslike video game to provide players with a thrilling third-person shooter experience. Equipped with up to two guns and a melee weapon, players have the freedom to choose from a variety of character archetypes at the start of their journey.

In this gripping sequel, the Gunslinger class replaces the former Cultist class from the first game, focusing on the proficiency of firearms. Meanwhile, the Challenger class wields powerful blasts to disintegrate enemies, while the Handler class gains a loyal canine companion to aid in combat.

As players progress through the game, they unlock dual-class abilities, further enhancing their arsenal and combat versatility. Each archetype offers unique perks and skills. For example, the Gunner’s special ability “Reload” allows for instant reloading of all carried guns, while the Handler’s primary ability “Restrain” enables their canine companion to revive them if they fall in combat.

Remnant 2 takes procedural generation systems to new heights. Not only does it change the layout of the level and enemy spawn points, it also randomly generates enemy types, the aesthetics of different areas, boss characters, non-playable characters, and even the game’s storyline and missions. This dynamic approach ensures that every playthrough is a unique and unpredictable experience.

Players can choose to travel through the entire game alone, immersing themselves in a challenging and lonely adventure. Alternatively, they can team up with two other players in multiplayer co-op mode, adding an exciting element of teamwork and camaraderie to the journey.

With its expanded features and engaging gameplay, Remnant 2 delivers an immersive and challenging experience that invites players to embrace the ever-changing landscape and formidable enemies that await in this meticulously designed world.

Ruin 2 Boss

In Remnant 2, players will face powerful enemies called Bosses. These special enemies are different from regular opponents, have higher health, deal more damage, and use unique moves and abilities to test the player’s skills.

Venturing into multiplayer territory brings an even more exciting twist, as bosses gain extra health and become more powerful when players team up with online or local friends. The complexity of their mechanics becomes even more apparent, making each encounter a thrilling challenge that requires strategic cooperation.

Defeating these powerful bosses can prove to be a rewarding endeavor, as they often drop specific items that are crucial to crafting and upgrading weapons. These precious resources and common loot together become valuable wealth to help players during their gaming journey.

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