Remnant 2 Losomn Map Location, Guide, And More

Remnant 2 Losomn 

In Remnant 2, Losomn is a captivating and mysterious location that serves as one of the primary worlds players can explore. Losomn is a result of the unique merging of two distinct worlds, the Dran and the Fae worlds, creating an amalgamation filled with chaos and confusion. This convergence has led to an imbalance within the minds of the inhabitants, with the Fae plagued by an insatiable thirst for the life force of the Dran, causing the Dran to gradually lose their humanity.

Elaborating in detail about Losomn in Remnant 2:

Unique Landscape: Losomn boasts a diverse and enchanting landscape, blending elements from both the Dran and Fae worlds. Players will encounter a mix of eerie and desolate areas from the Dran world, such as abandoned houses, haunted streets, and dilapidated buildings in Morrow Parish. On the other hand, the Fae world contributes to the stunning and otherworldly aesthetics, featuring magnificent palaces, enchanting courtyards, and magical forests in Beatific Palace and Nimue’s Retreat.

Events and Quests: Within Losomn, players will encounter various events and quests that shape the narrative of the game. These events are intertwined with the lore of both the Dran and Fae worlds, unraveling the mysteries and histories of the inhabitants. Engaging in these events and completing quests will lead players through thrilling storylines, revealing the secrets of Losomn.

Dungeons: Losomn is riddled with challenging dungeons that players must navigate and conquer. From the eerie and haunting Morrow Sanatorium to the enigmatic and treacherous Malefic Palace, each dungeon offers unique gameplay mechanics, puzzles, and dangers. Exploring these dungeons is essential to progress the main story and obtain valuable rewards.

Bosses and Enemies: The merging of the Dran and Fae worlds has brought forth powerful and formidable adversaries. Players will face intimidating Bosses, each with its own set of devastating attacks and weaknesses. The Nightweaver, a malevolent entity that preys on the fears of the Dran, and Faelin/Faerin, the holy magic counterparts, are some of the challenging Bosses players will encounter. Additionally, Losomn is teeming with a variety of enemies, each with its own unique abilities and tactics, providing a constant sense of danger and excitement.

Items and Rewards: Throughout Losomn, players can discover a plethora of items and rewards. These may include powerful weapons, armor, consumables, and quest items. Obtaining and utilizing these items strategically will aid players in their journey, enabling them to overcome obstacles and defeat challenging enemies.

Losomn stands as a captivating and dynamic world within Remnant 2, offering players an immersive and enthralling gaming experience. The merging of the Dran and Fae worlds has resulted in a place filled with chaos, but also untold wonders waiting to be explored. As players venture through the unique landscapes, encounter thrilling events, conquer challenging dungeons, face formidable Bosses, and acquire valuable rewards, the tale of Losomn will unfold, leaving players eager to delve deeper into the mysteries of this captivating location.

Remnant 2 Losomn Map Location 

In Remnant 2, Losomn is a vast and intricate world comprised of several distinct locations that players can explore. Each of these map locations offers its own unique characteristics, challenges, and rewards. Here, we’ll elaborate on the map locations in Losomn in detail:

Beatific Gallery: A breathtaking and opulent art gallery filled with exquisite masterpieces from the Fae world. Players can immerse themselves in the beauty of these magical artworks while also encountering various Fae enemies lurking within the gallery’s grand halls.

Beatific Palace: The magnificent palace of the Fae, known for its grandeur and regal splendor. This location is a hub of activity, hosting courtly affairs and holding secrets of the Fae rulers. Players can explore the palace’s intricate architecture and interact with Fae NPCs, while also facing challenges posed by cunning enemies.

Brocwithe Quarter: A lively and bustling district in Losomn, where Dran and Fae inhabitants coexist in a delicate balance. The Brocwithe Quarter is known for its markets, traders, and diverse population. Players can navigate through its crowded streets and engage in quests that reflect the complexities of this shared space.

Butcher’s Quarter: A dark and grimy part of Losomn, known for its sinister secrets and eerie atmosphere. The Butcher’s Quarter is inhabited by shady characters and notorious criminals. Players must tread carefully through its narrow alleys and avoid the dangers that lurk in the shadows.

Cotton’s Kiln: A place where Dran and Fae artisans converge to create magnificent crafts and artifacts. Cotton’s Kiln is a hub for creativity and trade, but it also attracts those seeking to exploit the creations for personal gain. Players can witness the crafting process and delve into the intrigues of the crafting community.

Council Chamber: The solemn and dignified chamber where the Fae Council convenes to make important decisions regarding the Fae world. Players may encounter diplomatic quests and political challenges as they navigate through the intricacies of Fae governance.

Council Tribunal: A place of justice and judgment where disputes are settled and verdicts are delivered. The Council Tribunal is known for its trials and legal proceedings, offering players opportunities to participate in or influence the outcomes of important cases.

Forsaken Quarter: A desolate and haunted area where the remnants of forgotten structures lie in ruins. Players can explore the mysteries of this forsaken place, encountering haunting enemies and uncovering the secrets of its tragic past.

Gilded Chambers: An opulent and luxurious section of Losomn, known for its extravagance and wealth. The Gilded Chambers are inhabited by elite Fae, and players may face challenges related to social status and power dynamics.

Harvester’s Reach: A rural and picturesque region where Dran farmers toil the land, cultivating crops and reaping the bounties of nature. Players can experience the serenity of Harvester’s Reach while also protecting it from threats that may arise.

Ironborough: A bustling and industrial area where the Dran have established their workshops and factories. Ironborough is known for its technological advancements, but players may also encounter challenges related to industrial pollution and labor disputes.

Lemark District: A residential neighborhood in Losomn, characterized by diverse architecture and communities. Players can explore the lives of the inhabitants and engage in quests that revolve around their personal stories and struggles.

Malefic Gallery: A dark and haunting gallery that houses eerie artworks from the Dran world. Malefic Gallery is filled with creepy and macabre creations, creating an unsettling atmosphere for players to navigate.

Malefic Palace: A foreboding and ominous palace that serves as the seat of power for the malevolent entities in Losomn. Players must face nightmarish challenges as they venture through the Malefic Palace to confront its malevolent rulers.

Morrow Parish: A small and quiet village that reflects the more peaceful side of Losomn. Morrow Parish is a place of respite, but players may still encounter eerie occurrences and delve into the haunting history of the village.

Nimue’s Retreat: A tranquil and ethereal sanctuary in Losomn, associated with the enigmatic figure of Nimue. Players may find solace and wisdom in Nimue’s Retreat while also uncovering the secrets of this mysterious location.

Oracle’s Refuge: A sanctuary and haven where the Oracle of the Dran resides. Players can seek guidance and knowledge from the Oracle while also defending the refuge from threats that may arise.

Postulant’s Parlor: A place of initiation and training for Dran and Fae novices. Players can engage in quests related to the process of becoming acolytes or apprentices in Losomn.

Shattered Gallery: A mysterious and enigmatic gallery where broken artworks from both worlds converge. Players may solve puzzles and piece together the fragments of these shattered creations to uncover hidden truths.

The Great Sewers: A labyrinthine network of underground passages that connect various parts of Losomn. Players must navigate through the sewers, facing dangerous enemies and uncovering hidden secrets.

The Great Hall: A grand and majestic hall in Losomn, serving as a central meeting place for gatherings and celebrations. Players can interact with various characters and engage in quests that revolve around the events held in the Great Hall.

The Tormented Asylum: A haunting and nightmarish asylum where the tormented souls of Losomn are trapped. Players must


Remnant 2 Losomn Guide

Remnant 2: Losomn is a world filled with chaos and confusion, resulting from the merging of two contrasting worlds—the Dran and the Fae worlds. This amalgamation has created an imbalance within the minds of their inhabitants. The Fae people have developed an insatiable thirst for the life force of the Dran, while the latter are slowly losing their humanity. As players venture into this intriguing world, they can embark on two possible storylines: The Asylum Storyline and The One True King Storyline.

The Asylum Storyline:

Players following The Asylum Storyline will first spawn in the cellar of an abandoned house in Morrow Parish, within Losomn. The overworld of Morrow Parish is yours to explore, but initially, only one side dungeon is accessible before continuing with the main quest.

After completing the first main dungeon, the other half of Morrow Parish will be unlocked, leading to the Morrow Sanatorium—an asylum where the Dran patients roam unsupervised.

Here, players will learn about The Nightweaver, a malevolent entity that feeds on the Dran’s fear through their dreams. They will meet Dr. Marrow, locked in a cellar by her staff. Dr. Marrow informs players that The Nightweaver has also tormented her dreams, and she is determined to remember the appearance of her tormentor by carving stone statues of the entity. Players must help her by finding Stone-Carved Dolls scattered throughout the asylum.

The three Stone-Carved Doll locations are as follows:

  • In a room with a hostile nurse and a patient on the floor, opposite to her office.
  • Outside in the courtyard, in the corner opposite the shed guarded by Ripsaw, an overworld miniboss holding the key to the Asylum’s third floor.
  • On the third floor, players can find the Prison Cell Key on the balcony by climbing through one of the windows in the first room. After collecting all three sculptures, players return to Dr. Marrow’s office and enter the code “2971” to unlock her safe.

Using the Prison Cell Key, players free Dr. Marrow, but the room is empty except for The Nightweaver Stone Doll. After looting the Double Barrel from the safe, players head to the third floor and enter the golden door to Nimue’s Retreat, which serves as the bridge to the second overworld, Forsaken Quarter.

The Forsaken Quarter is a larger area, containing several side dungeons to explore. Depending on the player’s playthrough, they may encounter the Oracle of the Dran here or back in Morrow Parish. Players proceed through the overworld and complete the main dungeon in Forsaken Quarter. At the end of the main dungeon, players face The Nightweaver for the first time, shooting her down and obtaining the Soulkey Tribute from the body she was feasting on.

Players return to the Asylum and use the Soulkey Tribute to access a strange web in the basement. This teleportation leads to The Tormented Asylum. Before fighting The Nightweaver, players use the Nightweaver Stone Doll on the Nightweaver’s Web in a basement room to obtain the Dreamcatcher melee weapon.

The Nightweaver boss fight is challenging, especially during her first phase. Players need to maneuver skillfully in the tiny arena. The Nightweaver has various melee and ranged attacks, regularly summoning minions during this phase. Her most devastating move is a lunge melee combo followed by an AOE dive bomb, which players must carefully avoid.

Once her first health bar is depleted, players proceed to her second phase inside the Asylum. Her attacks become even more aggressive, and she can teleport into walls and floors, creating an additional challenge for players. At around 50% health, she starts using a grab attack that can be fatal. Players need to stay vigilant and use the Dreamcatcher and other weapons to defeat The Nightweaver.

The One True King Storyline:

Players following The One True King Storyline will spawn directly in the courtyard of Beatific Palace in Fae’s world. The main objective is to find two missing mural pieces to open the ornate door to the throne room.

The first mural piece, the Faelin Mural Piece, is located inside the palace near the spawn point. The palace is heavily guarded by Fae enemies that can ambush players from ceilings and camouflage near pillars and ledges. Players should be cautious and use Purified Salve or holy basins to cure the Curse status effect inflicted by some Fae mobs.

After acquiring the first mural piece, players must find the Jester in the palace’s basement. He will hand over the Magic Quill, allowing traversal through the unfinished painted doors scattered throughout the palace. Players proceed through the side dungeons and return to the central library room, where they use the Magic Quill on the main dungeon door to access Ironborough, the second overworld.

The main dungeon entrance in Ironborough is located after the second overworld World Stone. Completing that dungeon allows players to enter the Malefic Palace, where they can find the Faerin Mural Piece, the second mask needed to open the main gate. However, to obtain the Faerin Mural Piece, players must solve the Jester’s card puzzle.

The Jester puts out five cards and shuffles them, and players must pay attention to the position of the two-faced mask. The correct door will lead them to the Faerin Mural Piece. Once players have both the Faelin and Faerin Mural Pieces, they return to the Palace Courtyard World Stone and insert them by the gate to enter the throne room.

Inside the throne room, players face Faelin or Faerin, the holy magic counterparts of each other. Both bosses employ various melee and ranged attacks. During the first half of their health, they mainly use a dash three-hit melee combo and an orb range attack. At 50% health, they introduce the use of giant swords from the statues, adding more complexity to the fight.

During the second phase, they add an impalement attack and an AOE spell, creating even more challenges for players. Defeating Faelin or Faerin grants unique rewards for each boss.


Remnant 2: Losomn presents players with two contrasting storylines set in a world filled with chaos and confusion due to the merging of the Dran and Fae worlds. Each storyline offers unique challenges and rewards, enticing players to explore and uncover the mysteries of this fascinating world. Whether players choose The Asylum Storyline or The One True King Storyline, they are in for an immersive and thrilling gaming experience as they navigate through the complex and beautifully designed Losomn.

Enemies in Remnant 2: Losomn

Chainsaw Elite Dran: A formidable Dran enemy equipped with a powerful chainsaw weapon. They are skilled melee combatants and can deal devastating damage up close.

Cultist Dran: Dran members of a mysterious and sinister cult. They are adept at dark magic and can cast powerful spells to harm their opponents from a distance.

Dran Commonfolk: Regular inhabitants of Losomn who have become affected by the chaotic merging of worlds. They may exhibit erratic behavior and pose a moderate threat to players.

Dran Nurse: Medical practitioners among the Dran who have turned hostile due to the imbalance in their minds. They can use healing abilities to support other enemies.

Dran Ranged Commonfolk: Dran civilians turned hostile, using ranged weapons such as bows or crossbows to attack from a distance.

Fae Soldier: Soldiers from the Fae world equipped with various weapons and combat skills. They are disciplined and pose a significant challenge to players.

Grenadier Dran: Dran enemies armed with explosives. They use grenades and other explosive devices

Grim Crawler: Creepy and menacing creatures that crawl on walls and ceilings. They attack with sharp claws and venomous bites.

Lantern Horror: A frightening enemy that wields an eerie lantern. They can blind players with light attacks and summon additional foes.

Manticora: Ferocious and fearsome beasts from the merging worlds. They have powerful melee attacks and can be challenging opponents.

Melee Fae: Fae enemies who excel in close combat, using swift and deadly melee attacks against players.

Oil Dran: Dran foes who utilize oil-based attacks to hinder players and set them on fire.

Orange Ooze: A gelatinous and hazardous enemy that leaves a trail of acidic ooze, damaging players who come into contact with it.

Ranged Fae: Fae enemies who prefer to attack from a distance using bows, wands, or other ranged weapons.

Ripsaw: An overworld miniboss guarding the key to the Asylum’s third floor. It wields a formidable saw-blade weapon.

Heavy Fae: Burly and powerful Fae enemies, capable of delivering devastating melee attacks that players must avoid.

Teleport Fae: Fae foes with the ability to teleport, making them elusive and tricky to combat.

The Executioner: A formidable enemy known for their skill in wielding a massive axe. They are relentless and dangerous opponents.

Bosses in Remnant 2: Losomn:

Bloat King: A monstrous and grotesque Boss known for its bloated and grotesque appearance. It has a variety of deadly attacks and requires careful strategy to defeat.

Faelin and Faerin: Holy magic counterparts of each other, presenting a challenging dual Boss fight. They use various melee and ranged attacks and become even more formidable as the battle progresses.

Gwendil: The Unburnt: A fearsome Boss with fire-based abilities, making them resistant to conventional fire damage. Players must devise a different approach to overcome this fiery foe.

Grime Crawler: A larger and more powerful version of the Grim Crawler enemy, boasting more deadly attacks and higher health.

Magister Dullain: A powerful and cunning spellcaster Boss, capable of using dark magic and summoning minions to aid in the battle.

The Council: A group of powerful Fae leaders who unite their forces to challenge players. Each member of the Council brings unique abilities and tactics to the fight.

The Huntress: A skilled and agile Boss known for her deadly precision with a bow and arrow. She can be elusive and must be carefully tracked during the battle.

The Nightweaver: A malevolent entity that feeds on the fears of the Dran through their dreams. This Boss has various melee and ranged attacks and regularly summons minions during the fight.

The Red Prince: A fierce and aggressive Boss with a regal presence. He uses a combination of physical attacks and powerful fire-based abilities.

Each enemy and Boss in Remnant 2: Losomn offers a distinct and challenging gameplay experience, requiring players to adapt their strategies to overcome them.

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