Remnant 2 Tower of the Unseen, How to Solve the Tower of the Unseen Puzzle in Remnant 2?

“Remnant 2: The Invisible Tower” Puzzle Guide

The Shield Heart relic in Remnant 2 is a valuable item that can provide players with significant defensive advantages during various boss battles and challenging encounters. When activated, the Shield Heart provides the user with a shield equal to 100% of their current health for 20 seconds or until the shield is depleted.

This defensive ability can be a game-changer, especially in intense boss battles where survival is key. Here are some scenarios where Shielded Heart is very useful:

Boss battle

Many boss encounters in Remnant 2 feature powerful attacks that can cause massive damage to players. Activating the Shield Heart before engaging in these fights can give you a vital buffer of extra health, allowing you to withstand the boss’s attacks and continue to deal damage.

High damage stage:

Some bosses will launch devastating attacks or become more aggressive during certain phases. Shielded Hearts can provide a safety net during these high-damage phases, ensuring you have extra protection against attacks.

The situation at the last stop:

At certain points in the game, you may find yourself low on health, facing multiple enemies or challenging bosses. Activating the Shield Heart buys you valuable time to heal or destroy enemies without fear of immediate failure.

single-player game:

For players who prefer to play solo or don’t have a dedicated support character in co-op, Shield Heart can serve as a self-sufficient defensive option that reduces the need for constant healing.

Difficult encounters:

In addition to boss battles, there are a number of difficult encounters scattered throughout the game. Shielded Heart’s shields can provide an extra layer of security to address these challenges.

As you progress through the game and face stronger opponents, having a Shield Heart relic in your arsenal can significantly improve your chances of success. It complements a variety of play styles, including tank builds focused on damage absorption and survivability.

How to solve the invisible tower puzzle in Remnant 2?

Throughout Remnant 2’s challenging adventure, players will encounter one particularly puzzling puzzle, the “Invisible Tower.” Of the many floors filled with puzzles and powerful enemies, the one in the Invisible Tower is one of the most difficult, right up there with the infamous Chimney.

Navigating the maze-like levels proved to be quite the ordeal, leaving me struggling for longer than I expected. But have no fear, gamers, because the guide I just provided can help you avoid the same fate.

Once you reach the checkpoint inside the Invisible Tower, you’ll notice a glowing orb on the right called the Stellar Power Cell. This seemingly innocuous item holds the key to the puzzle’s progression. Pick up the Stellar Power Cell and the door next to it will immediately close. To continue your journey, go back outside and go to the left, where you’ll find another door waiting for a Stellar Power Cell.

When you press the button, the elevator will take you to a room with an obvious hole in the center and another stellar power cell. Let this go for now, then go through the door it drives. This will lead you down a winding path, allowing you to enter a locked door on the right side of the room. Use the Stellar Power Cell you found earlier to unlock this door, then ascend to the door above. Enter through it and take the elevator.

Going through this door is a duel with Boss ED Alpha. While this boss can present a challenge, it can be overcome with proper preparation. Be careful of the purple barricades it summons, as they can easily trap you. Defeat the boss and claim the Stone of Continuity from its center, a valuable artifact on your journey.

Now that you’ve won, venture back to the first floor and retrieve the original Stellar Power Cell. With it in hand, return to the third level and get the second Stellar Power Cell. Now that both are equipped, return to the mezzanine where the central elevator awaits. Start the elevator, step back, and let it descend. Before jumping to the bottom of the elevator shaft, make sure you are in top condition and in good health.

At this point, you’ll find yourself submerged in a pool of water, with a narrow walkway leading your way, and a slot waiting for a stellar power battery. Don’t hesitate; place the Stellar Power Battery into the slot. Behold, the door opens before you, providing access to a new area. Take advantage of this opportunity, as it will take you to an elevator that hides a coveted prize: the Shielded Heart Relic.

The Shield Heart Relic proves to be a powerful boon, providing the user with an extraordinary shield equal to 100% of their current health. This defensive protection will last for an impressive duration of up to 20 seconds, or until the shield itself is depleted, giving players a valuable advantage in combat.

So, brave adventurers, with this guide you will conquer the “Invisible Tower” puzzle in Remnant 2 with strength and skill. Embrace the challenges, face the trials, and emerge victorious with the Shield Heart relic as proof of victory.


How to open the locked door of the Invisible Tower?

In Ruin 2’s Invisible Tower, you may encounter a locked door in the main room even after defeating the boss. To access the area behind this door and claim your rewards, you must insert an orb into the slot behind the statue’s base. However, reaching this place requires a slight detour from the main road.

Remember the first elevator you took after opening the first door? Beneath this elevator, there is a hidden path to the solution. Descend through a hole under the elevator and then further down into the pool. When you do this, you will find yourself directly behind the base of the statue.

Move carefully, along the narrow beam in front, and once you reach the back of the statue, insert the ball into the designated slot. This action triggers the unlocking of a previously inaccessible door, allowing you to claim its rewards.

The prize waiting for you behind the door is the Shield Heart Relic, a powerful item that provides a shield equal to 100% of your current health for 20 seconds. This relic proves to be extremely valuable, especially if you’re going after a shield-centric build. For best results, consider pairing it with other rings and amulets to boost shields and shield damage.

With the door open and you possessing the Shielded Heart relic, you can now move through the Invisible Tower with more protection and confidence. Don’t forget to explore other areas of the game and discover the best rings and weapons to further strengthen your character and prepare yourself for greater challenges ahead. Happy hunting.

“Remnant 2: The Invisible Tower” guide

To travel through the Invisible Tower in Remnant 2, players must first discover this industrial space within N’Erud, usually located in one of the corners of Eternal Horizon. Once you find the small facility with the bridge, enter and find the elevator. Taking the elevator will take you to a corridor with a yellow door, which is the entrance to the Invisible Tower.

As you explore the area, keep an eye out for the Burden of the Stargazer’s Ring, which can be found on a corpse that places it on a staircase in the shape of a throne.

One challenging encounter players will face is the Ambush Room, where a black orb triggers waves of regular enemies to attack. Defeating them will summon ghosts, presenting an intense 1v1 battle.

Another important item, the Vacuum Seal, can be found on a bridge near the corpse, accessible via an elevator. However, be careful of the nearby Strider patrols.

Throughout the tower, you’ll encounter doors with red panels that require Stellar Power Cells. These cells are necessary to open the door to new areas. When you find the Stellar Powered Battery, be sure to leave it in the panel slot to maintain access.

Keep going until you get two Stellar Power Cells, allowing you to access the secret room via the elevator. In this room you will find the Samoflange Amulet.

Continuing forward, players will reach the tower’s main hall, where they will encounter Boss ED Alpha. Defeating this enemy will reward you with the Dropped Return Stone and the Continuation Stone located in the center of the hall.

To obtain the Shield Heart Relic, approach the statue in front of the Continuity Stone, which has a slot on the back for a Stellar Power Cell. However, accessing the slot from the ground is not possible. Instead, head to the higher levels around the back of the statue to find the elevator, then trigger it to reveal a hole below. Jump down into the slot and insert the Stellar Power Cell.

This action will open a door on the side of the main hall. Use it to find and obtain the Shield Heart relic, which provides a shield equal to 100% of your current health for 20 seconds. After collecting all the valuable rewards, you can continue your adventure in the Tower of the Unknown in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2: The Invisible Tower Puzzle Solutions

To solve the “Invisible Tower” puzzle in Remnant 2 and obtain the “Shielded Heart” relic, follow these steps:

  1. Starting from the spawn point at the Invisible Tower Checkpoint, grab the Stellar Power Cell on the right wall.

  2. Go outside and take the ramp to the large back room and continue past the elevator.

  3. Use the first stellar power cell to open the door on the left.

  4. Call the elevator to go down to the third floor and pick up another stellar power battery from the ground.

  5. Take the elevator back to the first floor and retrieve the first Stellar Power Cell used to open the door.

  6. Grab the two star power cells with both hands and call the main elevator. As soon as the elevator arrived, he quickly jumped backwards, causing the elevator platform to detach and fall.

  7. After the platform falls, go down the elevator shaft and reach the bottom floor.

  8. Follow the only available path and insert a star power cell into the device, which will open the door on the right.

  9. Go through the door and collect the Shielded Heart Relic at the end.

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