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Revenge is a gripping Lifetime movie centered around Dr. Victoria Brooks, a highly respected obstetrician who becomes entangled in a web of deceit and revenge. As the film unfolds, dark secrets from the past resurface, leading to a tense and thrilling narrative.

Dr. Victoria’s life seems ideal, with a successful medical career and a daughter named Noel who longs to follow in her mother’s footsteps. However, Noelle struggles with the pressure of fulfilling her mother’s legacy, and her past suicide attempts add to her insecurities.

At the hospital, Noel starts her new job as a registered nurse with two other girls, Claire and Luna. Both colleagues arouse suspicion, especially Claire, who reveals herself to be the vengeful daughter of a patient Dr. Victoria saved from a complicated birth. Claire’s father harbored a grudge against her and ultimately suffered a tragic fate, setting her on a path of revenge against Dr. Victoria.

As the stalking and sabotage escalate, Dr. Victoria becomes increasingly paranoid, suspecting that the father of a patient she once saved is seeking revenge. However, Detective Garcia’s investigation reveals the shocking fact that the father has been dead for many years, ruling out the possibility that he was the stalker.

In a suspenseful turn of events, Noelle and Claire bond, and Noelle confesses about her past suicide attempts. Dr. Victoria faces challenging ethical dilemmas at work that are reminiscent of the past, but with Noelle’s support, she makes the right decision.

As tensions mount, Claire kidnaps Noelle and takes her to a cabin, where she reveals her sinister plans and motives. Claire blames Dr. Victoria for her father’s death and her past troubles, and seeks revenge for what she considers to be her mother’s unnatural death.

In the gripping climax, Dr. Victoria attempts to rescue her daughter, but falls into Claire’s trap. However, Noelle managed to free herself and save her mother, leading to a confrontation with Claire.

The film ends with Claire being arrested, but a year later, a new twist emerges. A package arrives, revealing that Dr. Victoria has chosen the wrong daughter to be the suspect. The photos inside involved nurse Maddie, who had previously aroused suspicion due to her resemblance to the deceased patient.

The film left viewers in suspense, hinted at the possibility of a sequel, and sparked speculation about Maddie’s involvement and the continuation of the gripping story.

Revenge Delivered explores themes of revenge, redemption, and the consequences of past decisions. The film’s fascinating plot, the actors’ wonderful performances, and the unexpected twists keep the audience immersed in it from beginning to end.

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In Revenge’s riveting finale, the true identity of the perpetrator is revealed, shattering all previous assumptions. Throughout the film, suspects focus on a few characters, with Claire and Luna seeming to be the most suspicious. However, it becomes clear that the hooded figure that Dr. Brooks believed to be his father was actually not him at all.

Detective Garcia makes shocking revelations to Dr. Brooks, who reveals that his father has long since died and that only his skeleton was found during the investigation. This unexpected twist shifts the focus to Claire, who harbors a deep-seated hatred of Dr. Brooks.

It is revealed that Claire is the daughter that Dr. Brooks saved during a complicated delivery. Growing up, Claire endured resentful treatment from her father and faced emotional abuse and neglect. The burden of her painful past ultimately leads her to take matters into her own hands, leading to her father’s death.

Driven by a thirst for revenge, Claire orchestrates a sinister plan against Dr. Brooks and blames her for the chaos in her life. In a gripping climax, Claire kidnaps Victoria’s daughter Noelle in an attempt to strike at the core of her rival’s happiness. Determined to save his daughter, Dr. Brooks confronts Claire, and a desperate struggle ensues.

In an adrenaline-fueled confrontation, mother and daughter show strength and resilience to outwit Claire and save themselves. Despite the dangers they face, they unite against a common enemy.

At the end of the film, there’s a surprising twist that hints at the existence of Claire’s other sister, setting the stage for a potential sequel. The final scenes leave viewers on edge, eager to uncover the mysteries of the past and where this gripping story may continue.

Revenge Delivered takes viewers on a suspenseful journey that explores the complexities of a mother-daughter relationship, the impact of past decisions, and a deep-rooted desire for revenge. With a gripping plot and surprising revelations, the film leaves viewers hooked and hungry for more.


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Revenge tells the gripping story of respected obstetrician Dr. Victoria Brooks and her daughter Noelle, whose lives are intertwined with dark secrets and a haunting past. The film explores themes of revenge, redemption, and the consequences of hard choices.

Dr. Victoria Brooks is a successful and respected obstetrician who lives a happy life with a loving family. However, beneath the surface, her life is clouded by haunting memories of a complicated birth she had to undergo in the past. Victoria is forced to make the heart-wrenching decision to save her daughter instead of her mother, in accordance with her mother’s wishes. This decision caused strong dissatisfaction from the baby’s father, who did not express the same emotions as the mother.

As Victoria struggles with her past, her daughter Noelle attempts suicide, but she follows in her mother’s path and strives to become a doctor. When Noelle started her new job as a registered nurse, the stress she faced became overwhelming. Noelle’s pain is compounded by two small-minded girls, Claire and Luna, who exacerbate Noelle’s insecurities and create a hostile environment.

As Victoria’s past begins to resurface, she becomes increasingly paranoid, convinced that someone is out to get her. She begins to sense the stalker’s ominous presence, but uncertainty clouds her judgment, making it difficult for her to distinguish between reality and imagination. To find answers, Victoria hires a detective to investigate the baby’s father and potential threats to her. However, the detective’s findings lead to unexpected revelations that shake Victoria to her core.

Throughout the film, Victoria faces frequent incidents of vandalism, including her car being vandalized while out to dinner, and receives threats that heighten her suspicions. While she initially believed the child’s father was seeking revenge, she also began to consider the possibility that Claire and Luna might be involved in the sinister events happening around her. Luna’s tattoos resemble her mother’s in the hospital, and Claire’s aggressive curiosity makes Victoria increasingly suspicious of her colleagues.

Revenge Delivered takes viewers on a suspenseful journey where the lines between truth and deception become blurred, secrets are revealed and characters are forced to confront their pasts. The film culminates in a thrilling climax that reveals the true motivations behind stalking and vandalism, ultimately delivering a powerful message about the consequences of one’s actions and the pursuit of redemption.

Revenge complete cast list



Olunik Adliyi

Dr Victoria Brooks

Marie Antonini

Noel Brooks

Samantha Brown

Claire Matthews

Tamara Almeida

Luna Alvarez

Jefferson Brown

Thomas Brooks

Tom Melisis

Peter Evans

yokal silingford

Darnell Forbes

Sathya Ali

for card

celestine caravaggio

nurse paola

Madeleine Leon

Tracy McGrady

Britt McLennan

Kerry Myers

Adriano Sobretodo Jr.

Detective Garcia

Greg Zajak

Russell Myers

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