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SnowRunner is an off-road simulation video game developed by Saber Interactive and published in 2020 by Focus Home Interactive. Building on the success of Spintires and its sequel MudRunner, the game was originally announced as MudRunner 2 in August 2018. A year later, Focus Home and Saber Interactive renamed it SnowRunner.

The game was first released on April 28, 2020 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, followed by a release on May 18, 2021 for Nintendo Switch. Later, on May 31, 2022, it started releasing on PlayStation 5 and Xbox One. Xbox Series X/S.

In “SnowRunner”, players control various off-road vehicles and travel through different locations to complete goals. The game offers an impressive range of over 60 different vehicles and over 15 different locations to explore and conquer.

Snowwalker Walkthrough

SnowRunner is a driving simulation game that puts you in control of a powerful vehicle that traverses challenging terrain in an untamed open world. The goal isn’t to break speed records or race against other truckers, but to complete contracts, earn XP, and upgrade your vehicle. To succeed in SnowRunner, you’ll need to plan ahead, drive carefully, and overcome the game’s realistic physics.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started with the game

Switch trucks now

After completing the tutorial, switch to the truck parked outside the first garage. While this may cost you cash initially, it is necessary as the tutorial truck will have difficulty handling the challenging terrain you will face.

Get a better truck

Whenever you sell an item in SnowRunner, you receive the full cash value of the item. Take advantage of this by upgrading to a better truck when possible. You can also sell free trucks found on the map for extra cash.

Use all-wheel drive

When encountering adverse terrain, use your truck’s all-wheel drive. However, keep in mind that enabling it will use more fuel, so only use it when necessary. Turn it off when driving on asphalt or going downhill to save fuel.

Buy new tires

Tires make a significant difference in SnowRunner, so as you level up and get new trucks and customization options, be sure to upgrade to higher-rated tires. Early vehicles generally had poor off-road and mud performance.

Repair path before signing contract

Before signing a contract, explore the map to find any obstacles that might stand in your way, such as damaged bridges or rockslides. Repairing the channel in advance ensures smooth delivery of goods during the contract period.

Contracts with multiple objectives

Some contracts have multiple targets, requiring you to leave a warehouse, make a delivery, and then return to the same warehouse to load another shipment. If you know the cargo you’ll need for multiple tasks, consider bringing a trailer to accomplish two goals in one trip.

avoid danger

Pay close attention to the road as there are hazards such as puddles and dark mud, which you can sometimes avoid by going around them. As you progress, you’ll get better at determining what to avoid.

Pull yourself with a winch

A winch is useful in a variety of situations. You can use it to drive a winch, or use the winch itself to pull itself. When pulling yourself, make sure the object on the winch is heavier than the truck to avoid ripping it off the ground.

Gas station

Gas stations are common in early maps, but can become scarce in later maps. Watch your gas levels and choose your truck wisely to ensure you can get to your cargo and back without running out of fuel.

Tricky area

If your truck overturns or crashes and your cargo falls out, the cargo will remain there even if you drive away. So, be extra careful while navigating the tricky terrain to avoid future obstacles and challenges.


Snowwalker Cross-Platform Game

SnowRunner is a video game launched in 2020 and belongs to the off-road simulation genre. The game is developed by Saber Interactive and published by Focus Home Interactive. Before SnowRunner, there were two related games: Spintires and MudRunner.

In August 2018, the developer announced the upcoming release of a game called MudRunner 2. However, a year later, Focus Home and Saber Interactive revealed that the game had been renamed SnowRunner. The game was originally released on April 28, 2020 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Later, on May 18, 2021, it became available on Nintendo Switch via port.

Additionally, the game will be released on next-generation consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S on May 31, 2022. In SnowRunner, players control off-road vehicles and their main goal is to travel through different locations to complete different missions and objectives.

The game features an impressive lineup of over 60 different vehicles, each with their own unique characteristics, and over 15 different locations for players to explore and conquer. Overall, SnowRunner provides an immersive off-road driving experience where players will face the challenges of harsh terrain and realistic physics as they sign contracts and earn XP to upgrade their vehicles.

It’s not about racing against other truckers, it’s about planning your route strategically and driving carefully to succeed in the game. A large number of vehicles and locations add variety and excitement, making SnowRunner a fun and challenging off-road simulation for gamers.

Snow Walker’s Guide

SnowRunner is a thrilling off-road open world simulation game that presents players with challenging terrain, mud and water. If you’re a beginner trying to get your trucking business off the ground, don’t worry! This guide will provide you with the necessary tips to help you successfully beat the game.

Watch your fuel

While driving a truck in SnowRunner is fun, it’s also important to pay attention to the gas gauge. Ignoring it may result in entrapment, requiring you to use another vehicle to rescue the trapped truck. To avoid this, study the map to find gas stations where you can refuel during long journeys.

take the long road

When shipping goods across vast areas, resist the temptation to take shortcuts. Early in the game, your vehicle may not be able to handle off-road challenges. Stick to the road for easier jobs and save up for a better vehicle before trying dangerous roads.

Low gear is your best friend

Venturing off-road can result in getting stuck in the mud, but switching to a lower gear can prevent this from happening. Shifting to a lower gear can help your vehicle maneuver over rough terrain with ease, reducing the chance of getting bogged down.

Stay in Michigan first

While Alaska offers lucrative opportunities, it can be more challenging for beginners due to icy roads and flooded fields. Start your journey in Michigan, which offers safer routes and an easier start. Once you have enough experience to handle tougher conditions, move to Alaska.

Watch out for watchtowers

To avoid getting lost, look for the watchtower. Activating these structures reveals new sections of the map, missions, upgrades, vehicles, and more. They act as guiding beacons, much like Synchro in Assassin’s Creed or the radio towers in Far Cry.

Always use a winch

When stuck in mud or snow, don’t strain your truck – use a winch! This versatile tool allows you to pull your vehicle out of challenging situations. Find a strong anchor, attach the winch, and roll yourself to safety.

Repair Fleetstar F2070A

For a reliable early game vehicle, look no further than the Fleetstar F2070A. It offers durability, high fuel capacity and upgrade potential. Find it in Michigan’s No. 1 garage, restore it, and equip it with the necessary upgrades before hitting the road.

With these basic tips in mind, you’ll be ready to start your trucking adventure in SnowRunner. Conquer rugged terrain, deliver cargo efficiently, and build your virtual freight empire in this immersive and challenging simulation game. Travel safely!

Snow Walker gameplay

SnowRunner provides an immersive off-road driving experience in an open world environment. As a player, your main goal is to transport cargo to different locations while navigating the challenging and rugged terrain. The game features a comprehensive damage system with visible physical model damage and damage indicators displayed through the user interface (UI).

Each game area is set after a disaster, which may be natural, such as a flood, or man-made, such as a burst pipe. These rural areas are located in North America or Russia, and you earn money as you progress in the game by completing tasks. This money can be used to upgrade your existing vehicle or purchase a better vehicle to conquer demanding terrain more easily.

Throughout the game, you’ll encounter optional limited-time missions that offer better rewards for completing them faster. Each region has its own unique story, which usually involves the player character repairing the damage caused by a disaster that occurred there.

SnowRunner offers a range of customization options, both aesthetically and mechanically. You can change the color of your vehicle, swap in different types of tires, or install frame accessories. The game features an impressive selection of trucks, such as the Chevrolet Kodiak and BAZ-6402.

Trucks in the North American and Russian regions correspond to real-life trucks, with North American trucks having official licenses and Russian trucks having unique game names. To unlock mechanical improvements to your truck, you need to reach certain progression thresholds to purchase and install them.

The developers have also released downloadable content (DLC) for SnowRunner, including skin packs, map expansions, and additional vehicles to further enhance the gaming experience.

In terms of development, SnowRunner uses the same physics engine developed by Pavel Zagrebelnyy as its predecessor MudRunner. Zagrebelnyy served primarily as a consultant during the creation of SnowRunner, and his focus was not on gameplay decisions.

Overall, SnowRunner promises an engaging and challenging off-road simulation adventure, with its vast open world, diverse regions, vast array of customizable vehicles, and gripping missions. The game is a continuation of the successful Spin Tires and MudRunner series, providing players with an exciting and realistic off-road experience.

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