Super Mario RPG Remake Triathlon Puzzle Solution, What is Super Mario RPG Remake Triathlon Puzzle?

What is Super Mario RPG Remastered Triathlon Puzzle?

In Super Mario RPG Remastered, triathlon puzzles are challenges encountered in Bowser’s Castle. The puzzle involves assigning rankings to participants based on their statements about their swimming, cycling and marathon performance.

The phrases are randomized, and players need to talk to the characters to understand their statements, helping them determine the correct ranking.

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Super Mario RPG Remake Triathlon Puzzle Solutions

The triathlon puzzle involves four characters – let’s call them A, B, C and D. Each character makes a statement about their performance in the triathlon.

Initial ranking assignment:

First place the level mentioned in the dialogue. For example, if C says they are third in swimming and D is fourth in cycling, you can assign initial rankings to swimming and cycling.

Determine the ranking of C:

Since C is not mentioned in other events, it is assumed that C ranks third or fourth in cycling and marathon. Since D is fourth in the bike race, C is third.

Determine marathon ranking:

Use A and B’s statements about the marathon to determine their ranking. For example, if Person A says that two other people beat them in the marathon, rank Person A in third place in the marathon. If B overtakes D in the bicycle race, but D never overtakes B, then place B first and D second in the marathon.

Full ranking:

Use the remaining statements to complete the ranking. For example, if D gets the same place in swimming and A gets the same place in swimming and cycling, their rankings are assigned accordingly.

Final verification:

Check the rankings carefully to make sure they are consistent with the claims. If they do, you’ve successfully solved the triathlon puzzle.


Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is a very cool video game that was released in 1996 for the gaming system called Super Nintendo. It’s special because it was the last Mario game for the Super Nintendo. Picture this: Mario and his friends are on a grand adventure to stop some troublemakers called the Blacksmith Gang. These bad guys have broken into Mario’s world, scattering star fragments everywhere and making a mess.

Cleverly, it’s not like other Mario games; it’s like a story game where you take turns fighting enemies. People love it because it’s fun and the graphics in the game look really good. It was so good that they even made it again in 2023 for a new gaming system called Nintendo Switch, and people loved the new version too!

Super Mario RPG Remastered Edition

Super Mario RPG Remastered is an exciting and nostalgic adventure game that takes players back to the Mushroom Kingdom with everyone’s favorite plumber, Mario. The game cleverly blends role-playing elements with classic Mario platforming to deliver a unique and engaging experience. With updated graphics and modern features, the remaster captures the essence of the original while offering a new perspective on the beloved Super Mario RPG.

In this remaster, players can expect not only enhanced visuals, but also new features and changes from the original game. The Triathlon Puzzle is just one example of the fun challenges players will encounter, adding multiple layers of puzzle gameplay to classic Mario gameplay. With charming characters, memorable locations, and a combination of turn-based combat and real-time action, Super Mario RPG Remastered will be an enjoyable journey for both longtime Mushroom Kingdom fans and newcomers.

Super Mario RPG

Playing Super Mario RPG Mario RPG is like being Mario in a big story. The game is divided into two parts: exploration and combat. When you’re not fighting, it’s like you’re running and jumping in the 3D world, and you can see the bad guys on the screen.

No surprises, you know? But when it comes time to fight, things get really interesting. You can have Mario and two of his friends join your team, and each friend can do special things.

For example, Princess Toadstool can make everyone feel better, and Bowser can hit really hard. You choose from the menu what you want them to do, just like in a restaurant you choose what you want to eat.

There’s a cool trick called action commands where you can press buttons at the right time to make your actions stronger. The story follows Mario and his friends, such as Marlo and Geno, as they try to collect star fragments to save the world. It’s like playing a Mario game and telling a big adventure story!

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