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Sympathy for the Devil 2023

Sympathy for the Devil is a gripping American psychological thriller released in 2023, showcasing the impressive directorial talents of Yuval Adler and written by a riveting script by Luke Paradise.

The film boasts a star-studded cast, with Nicolas Cage as the “passenger” and Joel Kinnaman as the “driver.” The film premiered at the prestigious Fantasia International Film Festival on July 22, 2023, and received widespread attention and critical acclaim. It was then released in theaters to eager audiences on July 28, courtesy of RLJE Films.

Sympathy for the Devil ending explained

In Sympathy for the Devil (2023), the Stranger’s backstory is revealed to be that he was once an accountant living in South Boston who worked for Jacob Sullivan, an alcoholic Abuse-disordered Boston gang member.

The stranger falls in love, gets married and has a daughter, but things take a dark turn when Sullivan discovers his colleague’s deception. The stranger was forced to invite the accomplice to his home, where he was murdered by Sullivan’s men. His wife witnessed the horrific act, which sent her into a downward spiral of trauma, drugs and alcohol. She began sharing stories about the murders, causing trouble for Sullivan.

As the plot progresses, it’s discovered that David, the ordinary blue-collar worker we previously knew, is actually James Levine, a notorious hit man from the Boston gang. James has a haunting past, having killed his accountant’s wife and daughter, which has led to him experiencing guilt and alcoholism.

He eventually meets Maggie and decides to leave his violent past behind and start a new life as David Chamberlain, becoming a better person and seeking redemption for his sins. The stranger seeks revenge for the murders of his wife and daughter, planning to terrorize David and make him pay for his past actions.

He gives David a chance to experience a happy family life, but reminds him of the shadow of a violent past. Throughout the film, The Stranger hints at the consequences that David’s family might face if he doesn’t comply with his demands.

In the climax, David confronts the stranger and manages to subdue and kill him, severing his last link to his dark past. David also eliminates police officers to avoid arrest and protect his family’s future. Despite his regrets, he refuses to let his past destroy everything he has built with Maggie and their children.

The film leaves open the uncertainty of whether Maggie knows about David’s past as James Levine. However, her certainty about his health in a dangerous situation suggests that there may be more to her than meets the eye. David surrendered to the arriving police backup, subtly incriminating the stranger to ensure his innocence in the presence of the diner’s waitress.

Eventually, David embraced his chosen identity as David Chamberlain, leaving behind his violent past as James Levine. The film ends with David turning himself in, believing that the truth will shield him from any charges due to his strategic actions during the final confrontation.


Sympathy for the Devil plot

In Sympathy for the Devil (2023), we tell the gripping story of David Chamberlain, a regular blue-collar worker from Las Vegas originally from Tucson. David and his wife Maggie tragically lost their eldest daughter during childbirth, leaving a painful mark on their lives. Although the details were kept from his young son, he knew his sister’s fate.

One day, on his way to the hospital where Maggie is about to give birth to their third child, David encounters a strange and dangerous stranger. The mysterious man, who had red hair and a red suit, forced his way into David’s car with a gun and asked him to pick up a mysterious card.

The stranger, who appeared to be drunk, correctly predicted the Ace of Spades, much to David’s surprise. With his life hanging by a thread, David must now do the bidding of a stranger. The stranger, disturbed by David’s past drinking habits, has an unsettling conversation while driving. He reveals that he knows intimate details about David’s wife and son and threatens harm if David doesn’t comply with his demands. Desperate and frightened, David desperately tried to go to a gas station to get help, but the stranger found out and made sure David remained under his control.

The stranger revealed that his mother was dying of lung cancer and needed to be taken to Boulder City Hospital for last rites. David is now forced to become the troubled man’s driver on a dark mission. Fearing for his family’s safety, David must embark on a dangerous path while trying to protect the ones he loves from the sinister intentions of strangers.

As they drive, David spots a police car and seizes the opportunity to draw attention to their plight. However, the stranger stopped David from parking on the highway and led them into a residential area to hide from the authorities. The hostage situation is unstable and David must proceed cautiously to avoid further endangering his family.

As tensions escalate, the stranger’s behavior becomes increasingly unpredictable, culminating in a shockingly violent confrontation with police. David is horrified by the stranger’s brutality and realizes he is dealing with someone more dangerous and complex than he first imagined.

Faced with the threat of harm to his loved ones, David finds himself thrust into a painful and unpredictable ordeal where every decision he makes could have dire consequences.

Sympathy for the Devil cast



Nicholas Cage


Joel Kinnaman

Driver/David Chamberlain

Alexis Zolikov


Cameron Lee Price


Oliver McCallum


Burns Burns


Richie Hopkins

truck driver

Nancy Good


Kevin Lyman


Danny Tesla

nursing staff

anise white

hospital sponsor

Sympathy for the Devil Review

Sympathy for the Devil (2023) is a gripping, intense psychological thriller that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats from start to finish. With great direction by Yuval Adler and a brilliant script by Luke Paradise, the film is an emotional rollercoaster.

Nicolas Cage’s portrayal of the tortured protagonist David Chamberlain is nothing short of remarkable and showcases his versatility as an actor. Joel Kinnaman’s portrayal of the mysterious and vengeful stranger adds an interesting layer of complexity to the storyline.

The film deftly weaves a story of secrets, guilt, and redemption that leaves the viewer questioning the character’s true nature until the very end. The story’s clever twists and turns keep the audience guessing and involved from beginning to end, culminating in a thrilling, unexpected climax.

Sympathy for the Devil is a masterful cinematic experience that captivates with its suspenseful storytelling and powerful performances, making it a must-see for fans of thought-provoking thrillers.

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