The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered Tips and Tricks

“The Last of Us Part 2” Remastered Edition

The Last of Us Part II Remastered is an upgraded version of the 2020 action-adventure survival horror game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The remaster releases exclusively for PlayStation 5 on January 19, 2024, featuring enhanced visuals, technical improvements, and additional content such as new modes, scrapped levels, developer commentary, and expanded accessibility options.

This version builds on the narrative excellence of its predecessor, The Last of Us Part II, with a variety of improvements and additions to provide fans with a comprehensive and rich gaming experience.

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The Last of Us: Part 2 Remastered Tips and Tricks

Roguelike mode works

If you’re looking for a new challenge in The Last of Us Part II Remastered, try the Point of No Return roguelike mode. It introduces random encounters and lets you play various scenarios with different characters, such as attack, hunt, and capture modes.

Get the map in Lost Crown

To unlock the map in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, keep going until you reach the Lower City and meet Fariba near the Wak-Wak tree. She’ll give you the Wanderer’s Eye, allowing you to open the map by pressing the “View” button on your controller.

Adjust difficulty settings

Explore the powerful difficulty settings in The Last of Us Part II. The challenge slider lets you choose the overall difficulty, but you can also fine-tune enemy aggressiveness, accuracy, resource drop frequency, and more. Keep experimenting until you find a setting that suits your play style.

wack wack tree

Interact with the Wakwak tree in Lost Crown to replenish health, arrow ammo, and potions. These trees also serve as save points, allowing you to switch between Amulets and Atla Surges. Use these trees strategically to increase your survivability in the game.

Take advantage of accessibility options

In addition to the difficulty slider, there are more than five dozen accessibility settings you can explore in The Last of Us II. Adapt the game to your liking by switching input methods, adjusting camera settings, expanding the field of view and customizing aspects of combat. Customize the experience to enhance accessibility.

Manually saving in The Last of Us Part 2

Despite a forgiving autosave system, progress will still need to be saved manually when approaching potential combat areas. This prevents inconvenient checkpoints in combat and ensures you retain the necessary resources for challenging encounters.

Explore every nook and cranny in The Last of Us Part II

Survival is key in The Last of Us Part II, so leave no stone unturned. Explore every nook, cupboard and dresser to collect necessary resources. In Seattle, pay special attention to context clues and documents to discover hidden treasures and valuable upgrades.

How to crack security in Seattle

Seattle is filled with hidden safes to solve. Always search for nearby codes or notes to unlock these safes. Rewards are generous, offering pills, parts, rare ammo, and other valuable items.

Prioritized skills and upgrades

Throw your pills into key skills in The Last of Us Part II. Prioritize the first crafting tree upgrade, which allows you to enhance your melee weapons. Focus on survival trees, stealth trees, and explosive trees to gain a significant combat advantage.

Weapon upgrades are worth it

Choose weapon upgrades wisely to suit your play style. Choose the stability upgrade to increase your bow’s draw speed and prioritize damage improvements against powerful weapons like bolt-action rifles. Maximize resources by checking other parts near the workbench.

Tape is important in handcrafting

During the crafting process, tape (or binding) is useful for upgrading melee weapons and crafting basic items like arrowheads and explosive arrows. Manage tapes wisely, as tapes are often in short supply throughout the game.

Strategic use of incendiary bombs

Molotov cocktails can be a stealthy tool to take out enemies without giving away your position. In some situations, they are used wisely to maintain a stealthy approach or retreat without attracting attention.

Use firearms as a last resort

Ammo scarcity is a challenge in The Last of Us Part II. Whenever possible, opt for silent kills, melee weapons, or strategic retreats. Save ammo for emergencies, as conserving resources is crucial for survival.

Stealth in The Last of Us Part 2

Stealth in the game is dynamic and lacks awareness meters or obvious enemy indicators. Trust your instincts, try to cover, and adapt to each situation. When overwhelmed, running away is an effective strategy.

Take a break while playing The Last of Us Part II

Given the intensity and cruelty of the game, rest is essential. Leave during dramatic cutscenes or natural breaks to avoid burnout. The game will be waiting for you when you come back.

Play Abby effectively

Playing as Abby brings a difference in gameplay. Focus on combat and take advantage of her enhanced durability. Invest in the Field Tactics skill tree, upgrade your hunting pistol, and take advantage of Lev’s reconnaissance abilities for a smoother experience.

Dealing with the new infected class in Abby’s chapter

Abby faces upgraded stalkers and a new class of infections. Carry a dagger with you in case of emergency, and be prepared for Staggerers using Molotov cocktails or powerful guns. Understand your enemy’s behavior and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Brawling and Fighting Techniques in Abby’s Storyline

In one-on-one fights with Abby, enemies follow a three-hit pattern. Timing after the third attack for efficient combat. Don’t feel guilty about adjusting the difficulty of challenging boss fights or sniper sections.

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“The Last of Us Part 2” Remastered Gameplay

The gameplay of The Last of Us Part II Remastered is based on the original, retaining the essence of action-adventure and survival horror from a third-person perspective. With an upgraded graphics card, it supports native 4K output and improved visuals on PlayStation 5.

Taking advantage of the console’s capabilities, the game offers longer loading times and integrates haptic feedback and adaptive triggers via the DualSense controller. Accessibility capabilities are expanded with features such as descriptive audio, speech, and vibration.

New modes include No Return, a roguelike survival experience, and Guitar Free Play for immersive musical exploration. Lost Levels has released previously edited sequences along with developer commentary. Other features include Speedrun mode, bonus skins, and a rich photo mode with dynamic lighting and director’s commentary from key contributors.

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“The Last of Us Part 2” remake trailer

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Overview of “The Last of Us Part II Remastered”


“The Last of Us Part 2” Remastered Edition

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