Tower Of Fantasy Tier List November 2023, Best Weapons in Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy

“Tower of Fantasy” is a fascinating open-world action role-playing game created by Perfect World’s Hotta Studio. The game is set on the distant future alien planet “Aida” and unfolds after a catastrophic event that almost destroyed human civilization. Aida is now contaminated by Omnium, a powerful radioactive energy that has altered the Earth’s ecology.

Players take on the role of a wanderer and embark on a thrilling adventure exploring this alien world. In the story, players will engage in fierce battles with mutant creatures and hostile forces. The game’s free-to-play mode increases accessibility, inviting players to immerse themselves in richly detailed environments full of mystery and challenge.

During this action-packed journey, players will uncover Aida’s secrets and piece together the story among the remains of a once-thriving civilization. Immersive gameplay includes battling mutated creatures and overcoming hostile factions, delivering a dynamic and ever-evolving experience.

Tower of Fantasy seamlessly combines exploration, combat, and storytelling, making it an exciting adventure for gamers seeking a captivating blend of action and narrative in an otherworldly setting of the future.

Tower of Fantasy Tier List November 2023

Tower of Fantasy features a tier list that divides Simulacra and their respective weapons into five tiers: SS, S, A, B, and C.

SS grade:

The highest level includes powerful simulacra and weapons, such as the Raven with Thunder Blade, providing extraordinary power to quickly deal with enemies of all levels, from minor level to world bosses.

  • Crow with thunder blade weapon
  • Claudia holds the red lotus blade weapon
  • Meryl and the Rose Blade Weapon
  • Alice with the Unyielding Wings weapon
  • Tianlang and Powerbreak
  • Forest and Shadow Pattern
  • Fuwa Saki and Heartstream

S level:

The second highest level is made up of simulacra (such as the King with the Raven Scythe) and weapons (such as the Cross Sniper), which provide tremendous potency. Although slightly weaker than the SS level, it can still clear all game content when upgraded correctly.

  • Ka with Vespers weapon
  • Fenrir and Glephir weapons
  • Lan carries the Suzaku weapon
  • Use the Raven Scythe weapon
  • Annabelle and the Cross Sniper Weapon
  • Nemesis with the weapons of Venus
  • Ruby and Spark Weapons
  • LyrCocoritter has absolutely zero weapons

Grade A:

Simulacra and weapons in this tier, such as the Cobalt-B with its flame revolver, offer average utility suitable for early and mid-game content. They are less powerful than SS and S-class units, but can be upgraded to effectively win battles.

  • Feise uses heavy pistil weapon
  • Cobalt-B with flame revolver weapon
  • Mimi and Zhang Meng weapons
  • Zero using negative cube weapons
  • Gnonno holding a small hurricane weapon
  • Huma with the Molten Shield V2 weapon
  • Icarus carries a precious weapon

Grade B:

Beginner-friendly units, including Ruby with the Lost Melody and Fiona with the Moon and Star Bracelet, fall into this tier. It is recommended that newcomers to the game familiarize themselves with the gameplay and metadata, but upgrading is essential for optimal performance.

  • Ruby with Lost Melody Weapon
  • Fiona and the Moonstar Bracelet Weapon
  • Thunderfire uses the Pine Comet weapon
  • Bai holding the ocean ring weapon
  • Mingjing carries onyx weapons
  • Magnolia uses Unity weapons
  • Frigga and Baron Weapons
  • Samir possesses dual electromagnetic star weapons
  • Xiaoyi uses the ice wind arrow weapon
  • Umi and the Mobius weapon

C grade:

The lowest tier, which includes weapons like Simulacra and Hilda with a Terminator, provides the least utility. They’re not as effective for an easy gameplay journey, so players are encouraged to target higher level units for a more streamlined experience.

  • Use Thunderhalberd weapon echo
  • Hilda holding a terminator weapon
  • White Spirit Nightingale’s Feather Weapon
  • Ene and Pummeler weapons
  • Pepe wears scar staff weapon

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Tower of Fantasy gameplay

Tower of Fantasy delivers an exciting gaming experience in a vast 3D world. Players will take on the role of a customizable character and explore an alien planet called Aida.

The game combines action and role-playing elements, allowing players to run, jump, climb, and even swim across an open virtual landscape. Players can use a variety of vehicles to traverse different terrains. A unique stamina system adds strategy, influencing special moves like sprinting and aerial attacks.

In combat, players can use up to three different weapons, each with its own set of attacks and abilities. The combat system follows a hack-and-slash style, allowing players to switch weapons on the fly. Dodging enemy attacks is crucial, and a well-timed dodge triggers “Fantasy” mode, which temporarily freezes time and provides a window for massive damage.

The game encourages exploration and teamwork, using a shared world concept where players can team up to complete missions, fight powerful bosses, or engage in player-versus-player duels. Blending a variety of weapons, elemental attributes, and cooperative gameplay, Fantasy Towers provides an accessible and engaging gaming experience for players seeking adventure in a futuristic world.

Tower of Fantasy plot

“Tower of Fantasy” unfolds a fascinating plot in the year 2653, when the discovery of Comet Mara reveals a powerful energy source called Omnium. The ambitious Tower of Fantasy was built to capture this energy, but just five years after the tower was built, an almighty catastrophic explosion destroyed the planet Aida.

The survivors, who carry “suppressors” to combat the radiation, unite under the leadership of the scientific organization Hykros. Opposing them are the mysterious heirs of Aida, who oppose the study of omnipotence and consider it a source of suffering.

The life on Aida mutates into horrific creatures, posing a threat to the survivors. Players enter a scene 50 years in the future and explore a ruined facility attacked by monsters.

With their suppressors depleted and rendered unconscious, they wake up in an Astra Sanctuary outpost in the care of Zeke and Shelly, memoryless, setting the stage for an intriguing journey of discovery.

In this post-apocalyptic world, the struggle between the heirs of Shikros and Aida unfolds, intertwined with the dangers of mutated life forms. The player’s journey becomes a quest for identity and purpose, exploring the mysteries of Aida and the consequences of her omnipotence. Alliances and betrayals shape the direction of the story as they explore the remains of civilization and face ever-evolving threats.

Memory loss adds an element of intrigue, and Tower of Fantasy’s plot invites players to uncover Aida’s secrets, face powerful enemies, and ultimately decide the fate of a world forever changed by the cataclysmic release of Omnium energy.

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