Warframe Update 33.6.4 Patch Notes and Updates

Warframe Update 33.6.4 Patch Notes

Echoes of Duviri: Hotfix 33.6.4

Incarnon Genesis Changes:

A little over two weeks have passed since the Gammacor, Angstrum, Boar, and Gorgon Incarnon Geneses became available to earn on the Circuit. This has given you time to put them to work in-mission and share your thoughts with us and much of the feedback we’ve seen has consisted of requests to improve their Incarnon Forms.

So today’s Hotfix brings you tweaks to reduce the friction to charging Transmutation and to increase the fluidity between modes. Paired with some other general stat improvements and fixes, take them for another spin and see how they feel! 

The changes below apply to the base and variant versions of the weapons. Please note that we’re also reviewing the Anku Incarnon for our next Hotfix. 


  • Charging the Incarnon Transmutation gauge is now twice as fast!
  • Increased the explosion damage of its Incarnon projectile from 620 to 660 (Synoid from 760 to 800). 
  • Increased the Critical Chance bonus from Evolution IV Perk 1 (Critical Parallel) from 18% to 20% (Synoid from 6% to 10%). 
  • Increased the Critical Chance from Evolution IV Perk 2 (Survivor’s Edge) from 10% to 12% (Synoid from 4% to 6%) and the Status Chance from 6% to 10% (Synoid from 4% to 6%). 
  • Increased the Status Chance from Evolution IV Perk 3 (Elemental Balance) from 12% to 20% (Synoid from 6% to 10%). 


  • Now uses direct projectile hits instead of headshots to charge its Incarnon Transmutation gauge. 
    • The projectile must physically hit an enemy in order for it to count towards the charge, not the AOE damage dealt to them within proximity of the projectile. 
  • Improved tracking, speed and targeting of the Incarnon projectiles and added more ricochets off the walls to make it easier for them to land. 
  • Increased the Critical Chance bonus from Evolution IV Perk 1 (Critical Parallel) from 10% to 14% (Prisma from 6% to 10%). 
  • Increased the Critical and Status Chance bonus from Evolution IV Perk 2 (Survivor’s Edge) from 6% to 9% (Prisma from 4% to 6%). 
  • Fixed being unable to reload the Prisma Angstrum after switching to Incarnon Form. 
  • Fixed Angstrum’s Incarnon Form altering the ammo pool of the equipped Primary weapon. 


  • Changed the way Elemental Balance’s Status Chance bonus (we will be doing the same for Survivor’s Edge in a follow up hotfix) applied to be consistent with the Strun Incarnon: Now it applies to each projectile instead of being divided by the Multishot count.
    • Prior to the above change, Elemental Balance’s 12% Status Chance bonus would grant 7.5% – 9% per projectile. Now it grants 7.5% – 19.5% per projectile. 


  • Removed the initial charge delay on Incarnon projectiles fired and replaced it with an automatic trigger type. 
    • In other words, you can now hold the fire weapon input to continuously fire its projectiles as long as a charge is available. The former 1.2 second charge delay is its new auto fire rate. 
  • Adjusted projectile detonation times so that it better matches the fire rate of each variant (base version having the longest and Prisma the quickest).   
    • This goes hand in hand with the two above changes, with the initial charge delay removed and replaced with an automatic trigger there was room to establish a better rhythm for detonation while firing in auto. Instead of many projectiles taking a while to detonate, they will now roughly do so around the next auto shot fired.   

General Incarnon Fixes: 

  • Fixed the Evolution VI Incarnon Challenge (Complete a mission with an Incarnon Weapon in every slot) not completing for the Felarx, Innodem, Laetum, Phenmor and the Praedos when using weapons with Incarnon Geneses installed. 
  • Fixed the Lex Incarnon Genesis’ final evolution challenge (Get 5 Headshots with this weapon in Incarnon form in a single mission) considering headshots from all weapons. 
  • Fixed the Sibear Incarnon Genesis’ Evolution II “Thane’s Wrath” perk missing its UI icon.  
  • Fixed the “Incarnon Form” text missing from the bottom right UI elements for the Gammacor and Synoid Gammacor while in Incarnon Form. 

Overguard Changes: 

  • Player Overguard now protects against Arctic Eximus’ slow auras.  
  • Overguard granted by Styanax’s Intrepid Stand Augment Mod is now capped at 15k (at 100% Ability Strength), which scales with Ability Strength. 
    • Outside of maintaining the status quo (excluding Rhino’s Iron skin, which requires skillful timing to scale), the Augment allowed for infinite amounts of Overguard to be stacked effortlessly and quickly, which could trivialize challenging content and limit future design space. The survivability and team support element that players have been enjoying on Styanax is still preserved, just at a more practical level to encourage more dynamic play.
  • Overguard granted by Frost’s Icy Avalanche Augment Mod now stacks on cast (up to 15k, which scales with Ability Strength) instead of keeping the highest value from the original or recast. 

Corrupted Jackal Undercroft Assassination Changes: 

  • The following changes have been made to address feedback that the fight feels a tad too challenging on the Steel Path. 
    • The Corrupted Jackal Asssassination mission will now appear at stage 4 and onwards in The Circuit to ensure players have had a chance to earn more Decrees before taking it on. 
    • Slightly reduced Jackal’s health and the number of grenades Jackal fires in phases 1 & 2.

General Changes: 

  • Wisp Prime’s cowl cloth has been returned to her helmet instead of her body as intended.
  • The Prisma Ohma is now tradeable! 


  • Fixed active Warframe Abilities (ex: Voruna’s Ulfrun’s Endurance Augment Mod, Equinox’ Maim, Gauss’ Redline, and Ember’s Immolation) getting deactivated and reset at the end of each Stage in the Circuit. 
    • This was caused in our attempt to fix the issue with being able to teleport out of the Undercroft and back into the Duviri landscape using Wisp’s Breach Surge or Wil-O-Wisp in the Echoes of Duviri update. We have reverted that fix in order to address all abilities being affected.  
  • Fixed melee weapons with projectiles launched from heavy attacks (Glaives, Gunblades, Edun, Argo & Vel, etc.) causing Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance to potentially miss its target. 
  • Fixed dual wielding Glaive and Pistol causing loss of function after casting Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance. 
  • Fixes towards being revived causing the camera to turn 90 degrees after Transference.
    • This is a workaround non-code solution to address the majority of the camera issues with reviving. A Code fix is still required to fix it in its entirety, which means that you may still encounter it in certain scenarios (e.g. Last Gasp). 
  • Fixed slow loading players being prevented from entering Deck 12 if another player began the fight during the loading process. Those players will now be automatically teleported to the fight upon loading in. 
  • Fixed the Prime Details toggle missing for Wisp Prime while her Dex Skin is equipped.
  • Fixed the flame VFX missing from Wisp Prime’s Helmet. 
  • Fixed Atlas’ Landslide not increasing the amount of rubble dropped from Petrified enemies by 50% as intended. 
  • Fixed being invisible after closing the game and rejoining the in-progress Orowyrm fight during the Kaithe stage.  
  • Fixed the new Captura Scenes released with Echoes of Duviri not appearing in Acrithis’ Wares. 
  • Fixed general control binding callouts appearing during The Duviri Paradox Quest instead of the intended Drifter ones. 
  • Fixed incorrect binding callouts appearing during the Drifter combat tutorial in The Duviri Paradox Quest if the “Melee with Fire Weapon Input” option is enabled.  
  • Fixed controls for the Ludoplex minigames (Frame Fighter, Happy Zephyr, and Wyrmius) not working when using Steam input. 
  • Fixed controls for Komi, Recover the Paragrimm’s Tomes, and the security cameras in Break Narmer missions not working when using Steam input. 
  • Fixed being able to fire weapons during Wisp’s Sol Gate ability after casting it and then immediately following it with Dispensary (Helminth). 
  • Fixed “HUD not initialized” dialog appearing when starting Exterminate and Mobile Defense missions from the Crysalith elevator. 
    • Also fixed the enemy kill count to not displaying correctly in Exterminate missions under the same start condition. 
  • Fixed stealth melee kills not counting towards the “Close Up Kills” Break Narmer challenge (Kill 3 enemies with melee). 
  • Fixed Grineer allies disappearing after dying and respawning in the “Junk Run” and “Prison Break” Break Narmer missions.
  • Fixed an error popup (“You must complete the Vox Solaris Quest”) preventing players from speaking to Eudico after returning from the Orb Vallis during stage 5 of the Vox Solaris Quest. 
  • Fixed the Wisp Prime Skin icon in the Arsenal appearing as a blank square. 
  • Fixed shields (from Sword and Shield Melee weapons) sitting backwards on Baruuk’s arm when his Doan Skin is equipped.  
  • Fixed the Protovyre Apex Syandana clipping into the Drifter Keeler Suit. 
  • Fixed offset issues with the Left Prisma Daedalus Shoulder Guard when equipped onto the Drifter Keeler Suit. 
  • Fixed the right Emblem offset being too far forward on all Limbo skins when equipped on Limbo Prime.  
  • Fixed several offset issues with leg attachments equipped on Kullervo. 
  • Fixed offset issues with chest attachments equipped on the Drifter Saita Prime Suit. 
  • Fixed offset issues with the Imugi Prime Shoulder Plate equipped on Gauss. 
  • Fixed offset issues with shoulder attachments equipped on the Nova Atomica Skin. 
  • Fixed being unable to equip the Balefire Einheri skin on Hildryn’s Balefire Prime. 
  • Fixed the Cognitive Relay Facial Accessory sitting weirdly on the Duviri Drifter. 
  • Fixed the Demolyst’s beep SFX at times slightly offset if in a far away room.
  • Fixed the Syam, Azothane, Edun, and Sampotes missing several SFX with various Melee Stances. 
  • Fixed an issue with the sample used for Sevagoth’s Sow SFX. 
  • Fixed the Bronco Prime not leaving bullet holes in the environment. 
  • Fixed a rare bug where Nihil’s health bar could go missing. 
  • Fixed several HUD script errors related to the Nihil fight. 
  • Fixed double spacing in the Wisp Prime Accessories Pack. 
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if Host returned to a town hub before Client managed to get into the open landscape. 
  • Fixed a rare crash when going from town to landscape and failing to connect.
  • Fixes towards being unable to chat link several Kavat and Kubrow Fur Patterns. 
  • Fixed being unable to chat link the 2023 Pride items and the Pride Celebration Color Palette. 
  • Fixed text appearing cut off in the in-game Market after opening a chat link. 
  • Fixed being able to equip Primary weapons in the Dojo after using the Shawzin emote. 
  • Fixed the Accessibility Color Palette not being available in the Customize HUD Colors screen if accessed in-mission. 
  • Fixed Kahl (summoned from Skaut’s “Kahl Beacon” Air Support) not shooting when commanded to hold position.


Warframe is an immersive and dynamic free-to-play action role-playing third-person shooter, developed and published by Digital Extremes. Its journey began in 2000 as a concept within the game “Dark Sector,” eventually evolving into a distinct entity in 2012. Set in a futuristic world, players assume the role of the Tenno, ancient warriors awakened from suspended animation to wage war against various factions in the sprawling Origin System.

Armed with powerful exoskeletal Warframes and an array of weapons and abilities, players embark on a diverse range of missions, from procedurally-generated levels to expansive open-world landscapes. The game seamlessly blends elements of shooting, melee combat, parkour, and role-playing, allowing players to continually enhance their Tenno’s capabilities through improved gear.

Warframe boasts both player versus environment and player versus player modes, supported by microtransactions for in-game items while offering the option to earn rewards through dedicated gameplay. With a rich history of development and persistent updates, Warframe has evolved from a modest start to become one of Digital Extremes’ most successful titles, captivating a thriving community of nearly 50 million registered players as of 2019.

In the ever-expanding universe of ‘Warframe,’ players are transported to a captivating realm of futuristic conflict and ancient legacy. As a labor of creativity and perseverance, Digital Extremes first conceived the game’s premise in 2000, weaving it from the roots of ‘Dark Sector.’ Overcoming initial challenges, the developers harnessed the momentum of the free-to-play trend to breathe new life into their brainchild, culminating in the emergence of ‘Warframe’ in 2013. With an intriguing narrative foundation, players become the indomitable Tenno, masters of Warframes and wielders of unparalleled power.

The game’s dynamic landscapes, ranging from procedurally-generated missions to expansive open-world domains, seamlessly blend action, agility, and strategic depth. As the Tenno’s arsenal evolves, so too does the game’s impressive roster of weapons and abilities. Whether embarking on thrilling cooperative quests or engaging in competitive showdowns, the universe of ‘Warframe’ thrives on the passion and dedication of its community, epitomizing Digital Extremes’ triumph in creating a richly immersive and enduring online experience.


Warframe Gameplay

Warframe offers an exhilarating gameplay experience that seamlessly blends the elements of shooters, RPGs, and stealth games within its captivating online universe. Players embark on an epic journey as Tenno, commanding biomechanical combat units known as Warframes, each possessing supernatural agility and unique abilities. Armed with an array of primary, secondary, and melee weapons, players traverse the Origin System, undertaking a variety of missions that span procedurally-generated levels and expansive open-world environments.

The narrative unfolds as players unlock the ability to control their Operator, a powerful entity with its own set of abilities, which can further transcend into the awe-inspiring Necramechs for devastating combat or engage in space battles using the Archwing platform. A notable addition to the game is the Railjack, a cooperative combat vessel that promotes teamwork and strategic coordination among players, enhancing the immersive experience.

The gameplay is richly diversified, offering an extensive range of missions, from battling enemy factions to executing stealthy infiltrations and defending key points on the map. As players progress through missions, they earn rewards, experience points, and valuable in-game currency. Customization is at the heart of the experience, allowing players to tailor their Warframes and equipment with Mods, unique upgrades that augment attributes and abilities. The game’s economy strikes a balance between free-to-play accessibility and player choice, offering the option to acquire items through both dedicated gameplay and in-game purchases.

While cosmetic items can be acquired through in-game payments, the core equipment, including Warframes and weapons, can be obtained through normal gameplay, showcasing a commitment to fair and engaging progression systems. With its dynamic gameplay, expansive content updates, and a thriving community, Warframe stands as a testament to the evolution of the online gaming landscape, continuously captivating players in its ever-evolving sci-fi universe.

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