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Pathfinding Venom

Venomess is a unique playable character in Wayfinder, unveiled during PAX East 2023. This mysterious figure is the sixth Wayfinder to be introduced, with gameplay details, abilities, and equipment still being kept under wraps. The trailer shows Venom infiltrating a temple with her holographic companion Tox.

Traces of the temple seem to come from Eldren’s sword, hinting at the presence of Ness, a people with a shared history. The tense encounter reaches its climax when Venom narrowly misses Nice with her sniper rifle. Venom’s uniqueness is enhanced by her Nightshade sniper rifle, confirmed as her signature weapon. She also carries a jar of purple chemicals and gloves, indicating her focus on toxic abilities.

The trailer highlights her agile wall-traveling and propulsion skills. Venomess will debut in Season 1’s “Gloom Break” as Wayfinder enters Early Access in summer 2023. Anticipation is growing for a closed beta on May 10, 2023, which may provide more insights into this fascinating character.

How to unlock Venom in Wayfinder?

To unlock Venom in Wayfinder, you have several options due to her unique usability:

Material collection:

Obtain the materials needed to summon Venom. These materials can be dropped by defeating powerful late-game bosses (such as the Storm Twins, the original generation, and Maras the Deceiver). Additionally, you’ll need common materials to craft memories and ultimately summon Venom.

Free Battle Pass Key:

Collect free Battle Pass keys by participating in the game. These keys will give you access to one of the four basic components required by Venomess. However, the remaining components can only be obtained by fighting bosses in the game.

Paid Reward Tower Battle

Pass: Invest in the paid rewards tower battle pass. With this purchase, you get all four components required for Venomess, as well as other valuable bonuses. Before you can use them, however, you need to unlock these components by advancing through different tower floors, each containing different materials.

Premium Rewards Tower Battle Pass:

Premium Reward Tower Battle Pass for instant and easy access to Venom. With this option, there’s no need to do too much grinding, as you can instantly unlock and use Venom in the game.

Notably, this unlocking process will continue throughout the upcoming seasons of the game, introducing new classes, weapons, and items for players to experience.



Wayfinder Game is a new free online action role-playing product born out of the joint efforts of Airship Syndicate and Digital Extremes. In its dynamic realm, the shattered landscape of Aynor becomes the stage, surrounded by chaotic forces. When players take on the role of Pathfinder, they can wield unique powers to restore balance and fight against widespread chaos. Cooperative gameplay allows adventurers to form alliances, enhance their potential, and embark on immersive missions with customizable features while navigating a vast world to accumulate resources and master the art of crafting.

In this universe of magic and wonder, skilled arcans manipulate reality, while powerful warriors control the very essence of steel. Together they form a united front to thwart the ancient malevolent entity known as the Dark One and save Evenor from impending disaster. Evenor’s origins are rooted in celestial architects, who used primitive elements to bring structures into primordial dissonance.

Interestingly, the first inhabitants of this world were not humans, but descendants of the architects. Possessing immense power, they dared to rebel against their creators, ultimately leading to a cataclysmic conflict with an arc that shaped reality.

Whispers of this ancient war echo in the artifacts left behind: vast fortresses, greatswords embedded in Titan fossils, and mysterious wonders scattered across the land. Beyond the triumphant achievements of the architects, human understanding of this epic struggle remains limited.

The Architects gave Avanor to humanity, leaving behind mysterious structures known as beacons – towering structures infused with elemental energy, a power harnessed by skilled arcanists. Throughout history, magnificent cities have flourished around these beacons, such as the sprawling industrial estate of the Throne of Avar and the towering spiers of the Castle of the Seven Winds, each bearing the legacy of their architect’s influence.

Pathfinder game features

Unleash the internal pathfinder:

Immerse yourself in the role of a pathfinder and shape your journey to suit your play style. Accept the challenge and reclaim a world ravaged by hostile forces. Unity among Pathfinders is vital as you face these trials together.

Chaos Mastery:

Harness the power of the mysterious Dark Dagger to customize your adventure. Each experience is modified with unique challenges and modifiers, allowing you to determine the creatures you encounter, the bosses you face, the materials you collect, and even the fellow pathfinders who accompany you.

Command various pathfinding capabilities:

Embrace your chosen path in multiple capacities. From mastering arcane magic to engaging in deadly melee combat or utilizing arcane technology, find an ability that resonates with your preferred approach. Travel across a vast world with fellow pathfinders, curating your adventure to fit your vision.

Exploration and resource gathering:

Journey deep into the heart of darkness to discover new locations, creatures, and resources on a hunt and adventure. These materials are essential for crafting powerful weapons and equipment, awakening new Pathfinders with unique abilities. Maximize your knowledge by interacting with a variety of items and locations to enhance your mastery.

The power of unity:

Embrace the power of collaboration and let Wayfinders prosper together. Forge connections through world events, assemble skilled teams to carry out dangerous missions, and contribute enhancements to your apartment to strengthen your community. All aspects of social interaction, character development, and exploration are intrinsically linked to the collective spirit that unites Wayfinders.

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